2020-05-15 - Not Quite Human

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Not Quite Human

Summary: Vergil and Jack meet for the first time.

Who: Jack Hawksmoor, Vergil Madox
When: May 15th, 2020.
Where: Twisted Street and Park Ave.

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Vergil Madox is wandering the streets, he's been quite busy learning more new things about this world and was on his way back to the library, but of course its not twisted without meeting someone on the way back, though neither of them know it yet. the ooze is currently in human form, 5'9, black hair, brown eyes, very thin build and very casual short clothing. he whistles a toon to himself as a small bit of himself, in the form of an orange chunk about the size of a tennis ball flies through the air as he tosses it to himself and catches it.

Coming wandering across the bridge is a somewhat scruffy and almost disreputable looking man. Well, he's not wearing shoes, which is generally considered disreputable-looking in most quarters. He is wearing a slightly battered, clearly off-the-rack suit with pants legs that are a few inches too short, and a t-shirt rather than a button-down underneath. The clothing (and lack of shoes) is what makes him stand out. Otherwise? He's a rather ordinary-looking brunette.

Vergil Madox tilts his head at the man, he looks almost homeless... which is a good thing for vergil, those folks know plenty of secrets. he waves to Jack his brittish accent coming through as always. "ello! how are you?" he asks. "great day is it not?" he asks as he approaches. "wouldnt happen to be able to spare a second or two would ya?"

"Depends on what you need." He might look shabby, but as Vergil approaches...he doesn't have that faint lingering musty smell of a man who almost never showers. He seems just that bit too *clean* to be homeless. Maybe it's a look?

Look or not he's already engaged. "Relatively new, came in about two weeks ago. was wondering if you knew more about this place." he says. "I'm interested in new information.' the orange ball seems to disapear when vergil squeezes it as it does litterally meld into his hand and adds back to his mass. He then holds out his hand "Vergil Madox. Pleasure to make your aquaintance."

Jack Hawksmoor ahs, then reaches to shake hands. "Jack Hawksmoor. I can probably help you out." There's the slightest hint of a smile, faintly crooked, and perhaps a glint of red in his eyes. Or perhaps a trick of the light. "What kind of things were you looking to know?

Vergil Madox smiles "anything you happen to know is likely new, so have at it. I will of course awnser your questions in return for your information. I happen to beleive in fair trade even among those who do not expect it." he states as Vergil searches for that glint again quietly, though there's somthing of an oddity that Vergil's hand is somewhat cold to the touch. neither person are as human as they seem.

Jack Hawksmoor laughs a bit at that...his own hand might also be a little cold. "Ah, but how do I know where to start? So, do you at least know you're in Mabase City?"

Vergil Madox nods "I have been told where I am and that this place is an interdimentional hub, I've learned its called maebase and thats more or less it." he admits. he's learned more about where people came from then where he is at this point.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "And a hub that's a lot easier to enter than to leave. Everything kind of goes downhill to here," Jack muses. "Bottom of the pit, ya know."

Vergil Madox muses on the information. "well if we are at the bottom there is only one direction from here." he smiles optimistically. "what is it that you do around here?"

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head. "Up ain't easy." He doesn't answer the other question. "And last time people tried too hard they rewrote the local geography."

"Are you telling me?" Vergil asks "that the reason why there are uneven edges is that it is the byproduct of attempting to return to the original dimention?" he asks "If so that does put us in a spot of bother." he admits. "You have been here for a while?"

"Nah, it had something to do with messing with escape portals and screwing up. Before my time, thankfully. Point is, ya don't mess with portals." Jack's lips quirked. "Few months."

Vergil Madox nodded. "not much longer than me apparently." he nods. "excuse me for saying but you don't seem like the people I know from my world, there is an air of somthing differnt."

Jack Hawksmoor shrugs a bit. "I'm kind of unique," he admits. "But in any case, there are ways out of here, certain stable portals, but they probably won't lead to where you were."

Vergil Madox notes "no need to hide it, I am less than normal myself." he admits "yes, it is unlikely considering the number of portals to deal with." he says. "I think I will be fine to stay for a century or so before attempting anything rash."

"Less than?" Jack says with sudden amusement, turning his gaze on the man with studied curiosity, likely looking for what might be unusual about him.

Vergil Madox nods "a huge understatement I understand." he admits. "regardless it seems to be a way to interact that is more well taken than any other I have attempted." Vergil states "is your visage simply a mask of your true self?"

Jack Hawksmoor considers that. "Nah, this is the face I was born with." Pretty much no changes there. "Such as it is."

Vergil Madox nods "I am a shapeshifter." he admits. "saying it here is much less of an issue than my home I have found. a nice change of pace." he admits.

Jack Hawksmoor ahs a bit at that. "Not the first one I've met, likely not the last either."

Vergil Madox shrugs. "well, is there anything else you can tell me about this place?"

Jack Hawksmoor hrms. "Laws are about what they normally are, if you really want to beat on somebody use the arena. Don't fall off the edge?"

Vergil Madox chuckles, "all seem like sound advice though I am not the violent type. i avoid violence if possible." he states. "with as many abilities as I have I can afford to take the chance."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Oh, me too, although if I have to resort to it I'm pretty good at it. I'd rather solve mysteries."

Vergil Madox nods "Good to see a fellow informationalist." he says. "those who uncover life's mysteries are well rewarded with a fufilling life"

Jack Hawksmoor shrugs. "Half the time they're not life's mysteries, if you know what I mean. Thankfully..."

Vergil Madox nods from side to side. "understandable. I beleive if I am to make it to the library at a decent time I will need to be going." he mentions

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