Ash Tenou

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Ash Tenou
Full Name: Ash Tenou (Haw too pruh-nawns yor neim)

Occupation: Monk
Series: Warframe

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: A slender red haired teenager.

Ash Tenou
Age: Older than he Looks Birthdate: No Idea. Celibates on April 8th
Height: 5'5 Weight: 125lbs

You see nothing special.

Meddlesome Nature: Ash can't leave well enough alone; he has to see what's over the next hill and poke the proverbial hornet's nest with a stick. He is often too curious for his own good if left to his own devices not just with the location, but also with social situations.

Attention Grabbing: Even in a place where fashion is up in the air, hair can be any color, and paranormal abilities are semi-common, Ash has a habit of doing things his own way. Be it either the contradiction of looking as young as he does while having the body language of a seasoned fighter, or radiating the sort of mystical energy to cause magic users to take notice, or who he associates with. Ash either intentionally, or perhaps only seemingly intentionally, does things in a way that draws attention to himself.

Child Soldier: Peace is weird for Ash. It's a good kind of weird, since he's fought often enough to see not-fighting as a novelty. Unfortunately while he greatly values peace, and is often someone that will seek a peaceful solution, if it appears that fighting is the only answer, Ash will shed no tears over ending a problem with violence if need be. The larger problem is that, having grown up in war and experimentation in labs, Ash has the occasional problem when coping with gentler societies. Many social norms that would be easy to pick up by observation would be easy to mimick, but he will often be the one to chase after a thief, or resort to personal honor duels that may or may not resort in injury or death, rather than involve a wider response, and isn't really all that against bending or breaking laws that go against either his personal sense of honor or to help a friend.

Honor Bound: Ash is used to taking contracts from people he doesn't like for reasons ranging from 'They have tried to have him killed' to 'They make people's lives miserable.' However, when under a contract for even those sorts, he will execute what is agreed upon to the absolute best of his ability. With that said, he does not blindly follow a set of instructions and is apt to find creative interpretations that will sit better with his morals. However, if a more palatable solution cannot be found Ash will compromise his morals to follow through on his obligations unless prevented by some outside force.

Ash Tenou
Ash is a Tenno: a child soldier that commands the Warframes, suits of armor that allow the wearer to perform superhuman feats on the battlefield, which for Ash tends to favor classical ninja-like stealth and misdirection with a dash of flash step and stabbings thrown in. As a survivor of the Zariman Ten-Zero, Ash has been through a lot; be it saving his home system from an external threat that turns out to have really been made by the ruling class, to killing the ruling class themselves for being hedonistic to the point of sociopathy. He knows what war is, knows what war does to people, and has never regretted using his power to keep others safe. Unfortunately, his memory of things not-war are at best fragmentary, and only recently has he been in contact with peaceful settlements in ways that aren't strictly concerned with fighting. He wants to grow beyond the weapon he's become, and thanks to time spent wandering the multiverse he has.

He's made friends and started to grow used to the idea that not everywhere is all fighting all the time. Yet even when he was in his home 'verse, ash found thigns that interested him outside of fighting; fishing, and fashion. This isn't uncommon since while all tenno are soldiers (some more eager than others.) they all in their own way try figuring life out in their own ways. some are painters and craftsmen, others builders. Ash enjoys fashion. Then when he crossed over? He met Miwa and while he's not a GREAT singer, he can carry a tune paccably well and enjoys the more theatrical bits of setting her shows up.

Personality-wise: Ash is VERY much 'my word is my bond and I rarely give promises because of that.' Eager to explore, generally willing to give new peopel the benefit of the doubt since he is well aware that everything is its own shade of grey. Laws to him are more suggestions than hard 'rules that must be abided by.' He'll obey them, but usually will discard if they're inconvenient or outright seem designed to tie hands to prop up unjust acts.

In a perfect world? He would explore, poke about to see what there is to see, fish, swim, maybe see what other hobbies suited him. However the world is not perfect, so he seeks to train both his mind and body, and even if he will now try to avoid killing, he wants to be ready in case that call has to be made and won't hesitate or in general feel bad if that call has to be made. Until then? Enjoy life for what it is, laugh, love, and feel. For tomorrow we die.


Ash Tenou

Ash is still largely human, so still hurts, bleeds, and needs air, but being a Tenno marks him as a member of a relatively small group that are survivors of the Zariman Ten Zero and gained a connection to an otherworldly dimension known as The Void. This life experience as well as those that followed taught Ash the art of fighting as well as how to endure physical and psychological trauma that would debilitate normal humans.

The Void: Ash can tap into a dimension of exotic energy that both contains every type of power, and at the same time 'none.' This power is used to passively toughen and strengthen his body, and allows; short-ranged blunt-force shockwaves, momentary bursts to rapidly propel himself along straight-line paths, and chargeable narrowly focused energy beams. These beams can be blocked with armor, or energy barriers, however for a barrier to be effective it must block the entirety of an attack's energy since otherwise a set portion will always penetrate, even if that portion is rendered 'harmless' in the transition.

Other than passive physical augmentation Ash's use of this energy is dependent on both his body's ability to gather and hold Void energy as well as his mind's ability to focus so that energy can be put to use. While he can safely handle only so much at any given time, he is able to draw more than what is safe to handle at risk of physical injury, mental fatigue, or at the more extreme cases, risk his body detonating if it cannot be properly harnessed.

Focus Schools: While Ash's training is ongoing he has taken bits and pieces from the differing schools of Void Useage and incorporated them into a personal methodology. These bits and pieces range from empowering whatever weapon he wields with void energies, to focusing his mind to heal himself or anyone he can physically touch. Additionally there are less combat oriented 'just because I think it would be neat' effects Ash can create such as changing the color of the energy he can emit, amplify his or another person's voice, or even creating a flame-like 'aura' as a personal light. On a less combative but more practical scale with focus he can charge any small device by holding it, or even power larger constructs if he focuses. All this is dependent on his ability to focus and his connection to the void. If either are disrupted his ability to perform is removed.

Gun and Blade: Ash is able to use with the same degree of skill as trained soldiers almost any gun, sword, or other weapon that is realistically useable by someone that is his size. It is worth noting that his skills vary and he has preferences in what he will carry; bow, ballistic type gun, throwing knives, swords, or a throwing bladed disc that can return to the wielder's hand unless it is embedded or otherwise held with more force than Ash would be able to exert if it were attempting to physically remove it.

While Ash is often content with normal weaponry, some items in his Arsenal defy conventional explanation or are otherwise specialty gear. Ash can choose to either add any single of the following effects to an existing weapon by way of special ammunition or coating as appropriate to the weapon type.

The following effects can be applied to most non-unique weapons Ash wields if he has time to prepare: Acids strong enough to eat through many types of material, toxic gas that can range from mildly irritating to fatal, a slow field that also subjects targets to extreme cold, explosive, electrical, or extreme heat either by way of open fire or more technological means such as microwaves.

Mobility: Ash can sprint, slide, and climb as well as can be expected from a reasonably athletic young man. This allows him to find and exploit gaps in crowds or other obstacles that normal people would either miss or be unable to squeeze through.

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