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Full Name: Calwa (kɑˈlu ə)
Alias: Son of Nanaki; Grandson of the Great Warrior Seto; Calwa of Cosmo Canyon

Occupation: Monk/White Mage
Series: Final Fantasy

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Sanuye

Short Description: A quadrupedal ember orange-furred beast with a spiky black mane and a flaming tail-tip. Often compared to a cross between a wolf and a lion, his form is built for speed, stamina, and precision.

Age: 45 Birthdate: [ ν ] - εγλ 0504
Height: 4'2" Weight: 450 lbs.

Four legs. Fur. Tail-flame. And glasses?

Dark red to light orange colors span this quadrupedal creature's pelt and tend to shift depending on how the light hits it. His toned appearance confounds most with the seeming mix of species he must possess, although he is no true hybrid at all. His larger thinner chest and smaller-around belly are similar to those of a cheetah's or a greyhound's body while his musculature seems closer to that of a leopard. One solid look at his face would show a resemblance to the structure of a wolf's, but with a larger nose, nose bridge, and upper lip cleft seen in panthers and lions. His tail is also like that of a lion's, although the tuft of fur at the end is replaced by an ominous flickering flame that casts mysterious shadows across his strange form as it moves about. His ears are pointed like that of a canine, as well, and a pair of armless spectacles sit on the bridge of his nose in stark contrast to the otherwise lack of clothing.

His mane is definitive of himself. A sharp-looking blade of fur juts from the base of his head to the spot between his shoulders, similar yet shorter than that of a horse's mane and altogether more stiff and vertical, and is a midnight black color that shows a faint blue or red, depending on how the light shines off of his fur. His headfur, the extension of his mane up between his ears, seems unkempt. Part of his short bangs hang loosely in front of his face, although a good portion of his head-lining mane haphazardly tussles about in a tastefully youthful manner. He may at times bear saddle bag-like courier satchels attached by harness used for carrying things. If not for the glasses on the creature's face or a familiarity for his kind one might confuse the individual with some type of beast-of-burden.



Calwa is the youngest of four, son of Nanaki, grandson to Seto, protectors of the Buga Tribe, guardians of Planet Gaia, and serve as arbiters of cosmic balance. Centuries after the events of Meteorfall and Geostigma instigated by the extraterrestrial threat JENOVA, the people living on Gaia have moved on. Generally pacifistic unless necessary, the shy bookworm Calwa eventually took up a job as a courier delivering various items either intracity or even cross-continental.

However, one day he was tasked with moving an important artifact to a client whose identity was made to stay a secret. Unknown to Calwa, this object was sought by the mysterious Black Hand organization and various agents were sent to eliminate the courier and retrieve the item. These encounters became more frequent and Calwa was unable to complete the delivery while being actively hunted. During an ambush in New Corel, Calwa leapt from a building during gunfire and the target building vanished leaving him to tumble from the sky. He was rescued by another of his kind named Chiffon and the two became partners for an adventuring enterprise in the mysterious realm called Neo Tokyo. That all changed one day, sadly, when the two were separated. It would seem the Black Hand were far more dangerous and tenacious than anyone could have figured.

They eventually reunited far outside the City of Mabase where the culmination of much abuse and torment was discovered. Calwa was captured by the Black Hand and endured much punishment for his keeping their prize away from them for so long. Despite Chiffon rescuing him with help, the Black Hand managed to escape with the potentially dangerous artifact: The Icon of Weapon!


The Natural and the Learned
  • Cosmo Candle: The fiery tip on a Sanuye tail is tied to the Eternal Flame, Cosmo Candle, which provides them with extremely long lives (often lasting a couple thousand years), resilience against harm, and much faster recovery in healing. This fire is special and can, for a time, burn underwater. It may diminish to be nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, but it never fully extinguishes. Uniquely fueled, it radiates warmth and light yet never fully seeks to spread or harm that which it touches.
  • Run, Run, Run: Sanuye are natural runners. If space on land allows them to get up to speed, they can cover distances that are extreme clocked in at times that may seem unnatural. Furthermore, they have nearly endless running stamina. Ancient legends tell of the beating feet of the Sanuye people in their running causing Gaia to turn to bring the planet through Day and Night.
  • Listen to the Planet: The Sanuye people have a natural cosmological tie to their planet, Gaia, and instinctively know how to listen to its many voices. This is what guides them in doing their part to keep the planet healthy and safe. This sense, however, extends to other terrestrial and celestial bodies, too, although unfamiliar, new, or strange ones may have voices or problems that are alien.
  • Parkour Expert: Able to get from Point A to Point B in a complex environment despite heights or threat of environmental hazard in as quick and efficient way as possible without the use of assistive gear.
  • Koh'bikeh: This is the Monk-like Martial Style taught to him by his father, Nanaki, based on the adaptation of fighting styles of friends witnessed during the Meteor Crisis to work for one of his type of shape of form. It is based on agile movements and shattering precision strikes that make use of all major bodily extensions and facets. There exist abilities tied to these deep levels of training and focus that enhance the self with healing and speed or purge the body of impurities and impediments. Meditative Ability comes with this.
  • White Magic: While not referred to as such where he is from, this is the learning of helpful magical abilities that heal or empower allies or, rarely, allow White-oriented Magical Attacks often aligned with the element Holy. These knowledges were once ready to anybody that used crystallized pieces of Planet Gaia's Lifestream, Materia, but Materia use fell out of fashion after the Meteor Crisis. Such abilities can still be learned, but they require intense training and study and cannot simply be 'swapped out'. They become stronger through use and practice.
  • Lore and Legend: As a bookworm in his free time, Calwa often reads as a form of educative meditation. Locations, buildings, people, history, animals and monsters and fiends and cryptids; he tries to become knowledgable about many things that can help out his adventure partnership and courier career.
  • Partners, Always: Due to the nature of his partnership and relationship with Chiffon, Calwa will always behave with improvements across the board when the two are paired together. This effect is even greater if his partner is in major danger.
  • Limit Break: Howling Moon: When one is pushed and pushed and pushed even more to the very point of their personal limitations, a few find the strength to draw on power deep within (or even without) to aid themselves or allies through various means. Howling Moon allows Calwa to throw himself into battle with full ignorance of all distractions. His physical speed is greatly increased (Haste) and his attacks become much much stronger at the expense of not being able to use other abilities for its duration (Berserk). He becomes a blur of red on the battlefield. This was taught by Calwa's father.
  • Limit Break: Cosmo Memory: When one is pushed and pushed and pushed even more to the very point of their personal limitations, a few find the strength to draw on power deep within (or even without) to aid themselves or allies through various means. Cosmo Memory allows Calwa to pull helpful energy from the Cosmos itself in order to smite all nearby foes with a tremendous non-elemental strike and engulfing explosion. This was taught by Calwa's father.

Reuben Kee - Ascension to Cosmo Canyon

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