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Killer Bee aka Cammy White
Full Name: Killer Bee aka Cammy White

Series: Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (looks 19-21)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 101 lbs.

Short Description: Blonde, Blue-Eyed, Street Fighter

Killer Bee aka Cammy White
Your eyes fall upon a strikingly beautiful young woman with long blonde hair done up in two braids that fall to just below her shapely rear end. She is, in a word, perfect. Almost unnaturally so, her face the perfect blend of 'cute/pretty' and classically beautiful, her large blue eyes striking and shining like a pair of flawless jewels, yet they seem almost without a true humanity in them. Her most distinguishing feature is a scar on her left cheek, inflicted by Vega, the spanish ninja and killer in the employ of her former master, M. Bison.

Perched atop her head, strangely, is a small silver cap that matches the rest of her outfit. Her body is perfectly curvy, slim and impossibly sexy, hints of subtle muscles visible through her thin clothing. The only thing covering her body is a light silver leotard that hugs her sexy body like a second skin, straining at her impressive breasts and covering her slender yet muscle toned arms... ending in a pair of red gauntlet-like armguards.

The only thing separating it from a normal leotard is that is does nothing, NOTHING to cover her firm sexy rear, acting more like a thing that's connected to the rest of her body. It is, luckily, an amazing ass, leading down to equally mouth-watering legs, perfectly toned, and seeming to go on forever with silver body paint in the shape of lightning bolts, covered from the knees down in a pair of tan leather boots.

A hole is cut in the back of the uniform, exposing a portion of her back, and, strangely, a black tie falls between her breasts. The only down side to this enticing sight is that, if you don't happen to be in Shadaloo, she's probably here to kill you

This is Cammy White, Bison's Zero Doll.



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