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Samantha Carter
Full Name: Samantha Carter

Series: Stargate

Gender: Female
Species: Tau'ri
Birthdate: December 29, 1968
Height: 5’5”

Short Description:

Samantha Carter
Standing at 5'5, Carter is the image of military training. Slender and very well toned, her dirty blond hair falls to the middle of her shoulder blades. Duel colored eyes peer from a very normal, yet beautiful face, Seafoam green and brown, glinting with intellegence, and mischief. In her clean and pressed BDU's, this small but fiery women looks ready for almost anything. She's got knives on her forearms, hilts pointed towards her hands for easy access, and a guns strapped to the outside of each thigh. Heckerler and Koch vp-70z if you know your guns, and they look well taken care of.



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