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Jon Delcroix
Full Name: Jon Delcroix

Series: Original
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description:

Jon Delcroix
Standing 6 feet tall you see before you a man in his early to mid twenties. His features are somewhat rough looking but with amazingly roguish good looks, seems he's the scoundrel type through and through. His hair is solid white and it goes down to the small of his back like a avalanche. However a few bangs hang down to shade his face and to hide his eyes on more than one occasion. His body is thin but possesses enough musclature to show he is anything BUT a beanpole or a scarecrow. His eyes however are odd, they're sky blue in color and seem to burn with a intensity and a passion that is undeniable, like the heavens before the fury of the storm is unleashed upon the earth. His clothing seems to show he has a very chaotic personality. He's wearing a long sleeve white button up shirt with the first four buttons undon showing he's also wearing a black undershirt. Also clad in a pair of black dress pants that don't seem to be too tight but fit just right. On his hands he's wearing a pair of black leather gloves with the fingers cut off, looks like the biker style. Finally in the terms of his normal attire he's wearing a pair of black boots with silver buckles on the side of them. Over it all he wears a black trench coat. Probably another fashion statement considering the weather and all.
Jon Delcroix
Hand to Hand, Ranged weapons (throwing knife, bow and arrow), Melee Weapon (two sword style), Hunting, Tracking, Foraging, cooking, Survival, Two weapon defense, Melee Weapon (whip), History, Trap Sense (he can find traps). Knowledge of Ruins.

Flaws: Natural Born Loner, Cocky, Arrogant, Problems with Authority, haunted.




Jon life has been rough to say the least. He grew up with his mother and father in Guardia woods, living from the land and enjoying a hard but worthwhile life. But that changed when a wild animal attack killed his mother and left his father to raise his son on his own. And Jon grew up, learning how to live, fight, and survive in the roughest situations. But all that pride that Jon's father felt was not enough to keep him from dying of a broken heart..causing his son to make his own way. Which he did, by taking the weapons his grandfather used as a soldier in the army during the war with the Mystics, the longswords named Vengeance and Sunrazor, the young man took to the road. Finding a nitch in the role of woodland expert and occasional tomb raider Jon travels hoping to find a place to rest...and belong.

Time Line Explination: He was born in that timeline. He is a native of it. He knows nothing of Lavos, FATE, or anything like that. To him...the world he was born into is the world he knows.


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