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Dias Flac
Full Name: Dias Flac

Series: Star Ocean 2
Class: Swordsman
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Gender: Male
Species: Expelian
Age: 25

Short Description:

Dias Flac
You see nothing special.
Dias Flac




Dias' family was killed by bandits at a very young age. He has since spent his entire life training his skills, becoming the best swordsman in the world, so that he would never again lack the power to protect the people he loves. He Joined Claude and Rena in their quest to save the planet of Expel. However, their endeavor failed, the last thing they could do was to kill the people who destroyed Expel, and save the 'planet' of Energy Nede. The Nedians were so greatful that they traded their 'planet' to ressurect Expel, and send the party back there.

Dias' Character is based on the same general idea that was used to create the characters in Chrono Trigger. Dias is based on a cliche, that of the brooding swordsman. He fits the general cliche pretty well. He's used to being looked up to as a hero. His swordsmanship is superb. He doesn't talk if he doesn't have to. Like Chrono Trigger, a cliche character is forced into a plot that brings up all sorts of things. Powerful magic, space travel, Physics, and so-on. So, unlike the average swordsman, he'd likely have some concept of what's beyond the sky, and not be weirded out by concepts he's already encountered.

Time line Explanation: After saving the universe from the wise men, the heroes were warped back the the ressurected Expel. Dias wasn't there. He woke up in the end of time. It probably had something to do with the energy blast powerful enough to crush the universe. Hmm.


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