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Kaede (aka Lucy/Nuu)
Full Name: Kaede (aka Lucy/Nuu)

Series: Elfen Lied

Gender: Female
Species: Diclonius
Age: 18
Height: 5'2" (162cm)
Weight: 103lbs (48kg)

Short Description:

Kaede (aka Lucy/Nuu)
You see nothing special.


Created due to a virus that resides in her blood, Kaede is an extremely powerful creature with invisible hand-like "vectors" which she can use as both extra limbs and as razor-sharp weapons. Her murderous "Lucy" personality is buried beneath an innocent alternate personality referred to as "Nyuu" - one of the few sounds she uses to communicate in that mindset.

After being captured by TASK and forced to join its ranks, Kaede was given a collar intended to suppresses the Lucy personality and her powerful vectors. The aftermath of which has yet to be revealed.


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