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Dr Arryl Leyland
Full Name: Dr Arryl Leyland

Series: Original

Threat Level: Street Sweeper

Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description:

Dr Arryl Leyland
Before you stands a tall, unkempt man in a long white lab coat, stained with blood. His hair is grey and a mess, his face is unshaven and covered in stubble. Resting on his nose is a pair of round glasses. Typically he stands with his hands in his pockets, and his coat unbuttoned. Beneath his lab coat he wears a long sleeved black sweater and a pair of white slacks. Holstered on his belt is a small stun gun. Tucked into the right breast pocket of his coat are several cutting tools, scalpels, and the like.


A mad scientist who specializes in mind control. Dr Leyland's first appearance was on Neo Tokyo where he was hired by Kain R. Heinlein to create an army of controlled werewolves, called Gevauden Units, as well as a multi-world teleportation device for a nefarious scheme that was brought to an end by Terry Bogard. Sometime afterwards he resurfaced again, this time enslaved by the Alternate Kingdom of Zeal and forced to turn his skills to the employment of the Mad Queen. After the fall of countless worlds by the Kingdom of Zeal, a vast treasure-trove of knowledge and beings of remarkable strength was stolen and claimed. Leyland was last seen trying to find a way to use that power to escape while taking some of it for himself...

For a brief time Leyland was also Johnny C's psychiatrist[1].


  1. Johnny's new psychiatrist
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