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Full Name: Liyara (Lee-Yar-Ah)
Alias: Daughter of Lux, Grandscion of Hoondarrh - the Red Rage of Mintarn, who lives Eternal.

Occupation: Elementalist
Series: Forgotten Realms

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Lawful Good*
Gender: Female
Species: Dragonborn*

Short Description: A red-haired woman with gold horns who dresses in flowing clothing.

Miscellaneous: Things marked with an asterisk are, in fact, untrue.

Age: 23* (Not True) Birthdate: Flamerule 30th
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 123 lbs.

Liyara appears to be a young woman in her early twenties, and would appear human if not her gold horns and the vertical pupils in her vivid yellow-green eyes. Her hair is a deep red, and she will invariably be wearing something with a bit of flow and flare to it, and that teases a lot of leg. She has observed that humans like that sort of thing.

Weapon: Rhythm Blade Dagger

The Rhythm Blade is a defensive weapon with an edged magical guard that wraps around the hand to use for parrying. In Liyara’s hands, it’s almost as good as a shield would be in a fighter’s.

Liyara’s Rhythm Blade is an incendiary dagger that grants her additional power when using it to channel, everyone guessed it, fire magic.

Armor: Imposter’s Githweave Robes

Liyara wears a specially woven suit of “cloth” armor that has similar properties to chain mail, and has the added benefit of being able to appear like any set of clothing she wants, be it a ball gown or a suit of platemail. It doesn't provide more or less protection, however.

Artifact: Enshrouding Candle

What good is a skill to take advantage of dim light if you’re not always in dim-light? This artifact turns all light within ten feet of Liyara into dim light, even if it was bright or dark before. The artifact automatically activates if Liyara enters combat, but she can also manually turn it on if she wants, as either a light source or a dramatic effect.

Enchantment: Nystul’s Magic Aura

All abilities that detect creature type will detect Liyara as a Dragonborn, and all abilities that detect alignment will detect her as Lawful Good.

Flaw: Magical Racism

There’s racism, and then there’s D&D racism. While Liyara understands that all types of intelligent life have at least some value, she feels non-draconic creatures are just… Lesser beings. Now, if she were a Great Wyrm Ancient Dragon, perhaps that would actually be true; but she’s not. And so she has an unjustified hidden disdain for those around her, even if she does so enjoy their drama.

The flip side of this is that she has sympathy for Dragons, Drakes, Dragonborn, and other Dragon-Adjacent races like Kobolds.

Flaw: Narcissistic Pride

If Pride goeth before the fall, Liyara has a LONG way to fall. Believing she's better than others of her kind is not unusual, but Liyara knows that she’s better, and that just reinforces the sense that she is the center of the world.

She also takes great pride in having crafted the perfect blend of draconic beauty and what humans consider attractive. She regards her form as particularly beautiful.

Flaw: Avarice

While Liyara may be brilliant, she is ultimately born of dragons, and it is very difficult for her to keep from hoarding wealth. Often times she will snatch up something valuable or shiny from its resting place and not even realize it until she feels it in her pocket later.

Even though she is aware enough to try and conceal this urge, Liyara does not always succeed, and so she has had to fabricate a dozen or so reasons why valuable artifacts would be safer in the hands of the Tolarian Academy.


"I always tell the truth!"

"Even when you're lying?"

"Oh, especially then."


Liyara's mother was a dragon. As a result, Liyara has very impressive control over fire in all its forms. She is a talented Elementalist, a rare fork of what most people would call a sorcerer, who deals only in a single element. Because she deals largely with the magic inherent to her bloodline, Liyara's magic can be practiced outside the weave without difficulty. She loves observing humans and their dramatic lives, but doesn't much care for them on a personal level, usually. They're distasteful, and give stupid names to things. Apparently when they're in charge, they name their planet 'Earth'. How creative.


  • Dragon-Breath: Liyara can expel a large cone of fire from her mouth. While this attack is not her most powerful, it is certainly one of the largest area attacks, covering nearly a quarter of a football field in a blazing inferno.
  • Fiery Blood: Liyara is extremely resistant to her breath element, in this case fire. She takes dramatically less fire damage, and is not flammable. Unlike most of her kind, any injuries that draw blood from Liyara deal fire splash damage in the area around her.
  • Instinctive Flight: Liyara’s Dragonborn wings are too small to truly carry her in prolonged flight, but she can fly several feet above the ground for a short while, so long as she lands before too long.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Liyara is exceptionally cunning and charismatic, making even her Ancient Red Dragon ancestors appear to be a bit dimwitted. While nowhere near as powerful, Liyara is beginning to approach the intellect of Great Wyrm Dragons, a fact that she is quite proud of.
  • Elementalism: Liyara is a skilled Elementalist, albeit only in wielding her particular element: fire. She has a great deal of control over flames, and possesses a rather potent arsenal of incendiary spells that she can use at will, along with a few that have a limited number of uses per combat scene. She also possesses a small amount of shadow-magic, taught to her by her ex-husband, Korrin, but she finds it distasteful, if useful.
  • Incantations: Liyara also possesses a limited number of spell-like abilities, most of which are geared around enhancing her fire magic further. The most notable of these is "Elemental Escalation", which allows her to double the temperature of her flames several times in combat. She has a few defensive incantations as well.
  • Drawn Shadows: In dim light, Liyara can draw the shadows in around her and combine them with her fiery haze to make her more difficult to see, and also harder to hit. This helps compensate for her very… un-stealthy nature.
  • Persuasion: In a world where dragonkin are often hunted, being able to talk your way out of problems is a very useful skill. For Liyara, it's more than useful, it's downright necessary.
  • Tolarian Headmaster: As the Headmaster of the Tolarian Academy of the Arts, Liyara has devoted her life to studying the Arcane. Even though she only chooses to dedicate herself to the use of fire magic, Liyara has a very in-depth knowledge of all magic, and of the workings of her universe. Much of what she knows applies to all universes, but perhaps not in ways that are immediately apparent to her.
  • Action Economy: Taught to her by a former student of hers with a feathered red hat, this skill allows Liyara to recognize and use her action point. Using an action point allows her to step out of the moment and make an additional action of some sort, be it to make a biting meta-commentary on current events or even make an extra attack. The young man said it was "a clever use of game mechanics," whatever that meant. This skill may only be used once a day.

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