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Full Name: Miwa

Occupation: Singer
Series: Pokemon

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Primarina

Short Description: As a Primarina, a Pokemon well known for its vocal prowess, it's not terribly surprising that Miwa has a history as a performer and more recently as a freelance vocalist. What is likely more surprising is that she has learned to sing in both English and Alolan (Hawaiian in the Pokemon World). She is very independent and has worked all her life to refine her singing, and while once she only used her special abilities for show in performances, she has more recently focused much more on training for real combat to be more able to defend herself or others. Otherwise, while she has already met someone who has grown to be rather special to her, she is still young and trying to find her place in the world, and finding herself in Twisted City is likely to turn her life upside down for a while.

Age: 17 Birthdate: April 14
Height: 6 Feet Weight: 184 Pounds

Miwa is a female Primarina, a Pokemon that looks roughly like a cross between a sea lion and a mermaid. Her body is pearly white from the top of her head down to her waist. She has a slender, triangle-shaped head and a cone-shaped muzzle, with a bubblegum pink sphere for a nose at the end. Her eyes are cerulean blue with a pink pupil and sky blue iris and framed by long eyelashes. There are three white spheres above her forehead with the middle one being larger, with a pair of pink starfish on either side. Behind this is a ruffled semitransparent fin that shimmers in blues and purples, with gentle repeating curves at the end like the edge of a fancy clamshell. Altogether the arrangement looks like a sort of tiara. Beyond that flows her waist-length aquamarine hair, pulled into a ponytail by two strings of pearls.

The upper part of her arms are slender, but they gracefully taper out to form her front fins, which have three thick digits. Her shoulders, upper chest, and back are partially concealed by a semitransparent frill like the one atop her head, which forms a tight 'u' shape in front before ringing around the back of her neck. There is a similar frill around her waist, along the hard break between the white of her torso and her long fishlike tail which is a bright royal blue. It has small pointed pink fins poking out from the hip area of her tail, and the end of her tail flares out into a sky blue frill, with her white tail fins just beyond that, making it look like the end of her tail has a little built-in skirt.

She doesn't generally wear much in the way of clothing unless inclement weather calls for it. She does however often wear some protective covers, socks of a sort, over her flippers for protection when she's likely to be moving around on land a lot. She also has a silver necklace around her neck, from which hangs a small Pokeball which is white on top and cerulean blue on the bottom, with an ocean wave pattern across the equator, and a round-cut pink sapphire for the button.

Vain: Miwa takes pride in her appearance, and thus she strives to always be seen at her best. She tries to avoid getting dirty, and would be quite distressed to find a blemish, or worse, a scar, upon herself.

Her Voice is Her Power: Like any Primarina, perhaps even more so being a performer, her voice is very important. It not only brings her great joy, as well as helping to pay the bills, but is also vital to her battle strategy and her signature aquakinetic attacks. She must always be mindful to avoid injuring her throat or vocal cords. A minor injury might weaken her abilities or make them painful to use, but to lose her voice entirely, even temporarily would be a severe handicap and potentially devastating for her.

Made for the Sea: While she is able to walk, or even run over short distances using her strong front and back flippers like feet, it's a lot more work for her than swimming. While her ability to ride atop or inside her water balloons helps mitigate this weakness to an extent, her water balloons can be popped or evaporated by an attack, causing her to fall back to the ground.

Weakness to Poison: As a part fairy type Pokemon, Miwa is more susceptible to the effects of poisons. Not only will poison type Pokemon moves deal double damage, but even man-made or natural poisons found on her own or other worlds will have increased potency.

Personality: Miwa is a friendly, generally positive Pokemon who loves both people and other Pokémon (animals too!). Nothing makes her feel more alive than the roar of applause at the end of a performance. She's been lucky to have worked with an amazing group of talented and kind people during her life and has learned a lot, but knows she will always have room to grow. Although she’s been on her own for over a year, she is still figuring out how she fits in the wider world and what she wants to do with her life. Another fear that she tries not to admit to any but her close friends, is that she is afraid of the dark. One of her hobbies apart from the obvious ones related to her performing arts is collecting shells and pearls.

Background: For as long as she can remember, Miwa has been the companion of a man named Kaleo Akamu. Kaleo is the owner, as well as one of the founding members of the ‘Kailani’ musical theatre troupe. The troupe commonly traveled around the different islands of the Alola region, and sometimes other regions beyond in the Pokemon World, performing shows. Once Miwa was integrated into the show, they tended to have their shows near the ocean or a large lake so that she would have a place to swim. When this wasn’t possible, they would set out pools around the stage for her to leap between. As a Popplio, she was usually more comic relief than anything else in the show, but she always strived for more and practiced hard to perfect her water ballet. As she grew more confident and graceful, she also eventually evolved into Brionne and finally, Primarina and the fans of Kailani really were taking a liking to her.

Now fully evolved, Miwa really came into her own. Her graceful aquatic dance reached new heights, and her voice really struck a chord, judging by how much louder the cheers and applause from the audience became, it was clear the group had a star on their hands. For a time, Miwa was content, but that didn’t last long. As she listened to people talk about the songs sung by the other performers in the troupe, she decided that if she truly wanted to express the meaning of her songs to the audience, she would have to learn to speak their language. It was not an easy task, only made tougher by the fact that people in the Alola region speak both Alolan and English. Eventually, with lots of help from Kaleo and her other castmates, Miwa learned to speak and sing in both languages. At first, she usually sang pre-written songs or ones that Kaleo wrote for her to sing, but eventually, Kaleo taught her how to write her own music. It created a bit of a sensation, as no one had ever heard of such a thing. Miwa soon became one of the most famous Pokemon in Alola, if not the world.

After riding high on the excitement and fame for a while, Miwa began to get tired of the constant attention, more frequent shows, and grueling travel schedule that came with it. She wanted to get away from it all for a while, just have some time to herself, and enjoy life as it came to her. She explained her feelings to Kaleo, and though it saddened him to lose her, both because she had been with him for so long, but also because she was such a big part of the show now. Still, he reluctantly agreed to let her go. He loved her too much to force her to continue performing against her will, and ultimately, he hoped that eventually, Miwa would come back someday when she was ready.

Since then, Miwa has gotten quite comfortable living on her own, and has done plenty of adventuring, met all sorts of people, and seen lands she couldn’t have dreamed of. She has also grown a lot stronger. Where once she really only used her various attack abilities for show as part of the performances, she has trained with the help of her friends, to use her abilities in the defense of herself and others. Now it would seem an errant portal she thought was just an ultra wormhole, has sucked her in and brought her to the city of Twisted. What new adventures await the siren of Alola?


Aquakinesis: The signature ability of the Primarina species is the ability to control water through song, forming balloons of water ranging as small as a fist or as large as an elephant, and controlling their movement. Miwa can make these balloons sturdy enough to support herself or others atop or within them, or make them volatile, exploding when touched. She can also control the shape of the balloons beyond just simple spheres.

Water Type: Like most water-type Pokemon, Miwa can store a lot of water within her body and expel it through her mouth. She can control the pressure also, from a light spray or stream of bubbles, to a powerful firehose like torrent. She often uses this ability to keep herself from drying out when on land on a hot day. She can also lower her internal temperature and create anything from a blast of freezing wind mixed with shards of ice, to an ice beam which freezes nearly anything caught in its blast.

Dazzling Gleam: Miwa is able to draw power from the moon itself and focus it into a bright orb of light which she launches at her target. She can also use the power to instead fire many weaker beams of light in all directions, creating a disorienting light show.

Siren's Song: Miwa can use the combination of her singing and a captivating dance to lull others to sleep with a powerful lullaby. This tends to work best on animals, other Pokemon, and the weak-minded. It can still work on others, but there is much more of a chance they can resist its effect.

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