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Full Name: Morgana

Series: Original

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: female
Species: Siren vampire
Age: 1000+ years
Height: variable
Weight: variable

Short Description: A dark haired beauty with black fathomless eyes.

At first looks the siren looks very much as one would expect a mermaid to look, until one looks closer and realizes, that she is with out a doubt something all together more dangerous.

Her hair is inky black, a spill of darkness that flows down over her shoulders and chest to sway around her back and waist Her skin is pale as moonlight and holds that same gray green tinge as the moon itself. Morganas eyes are as dark as her hair so dark that there is no white to be seen, iris and pupil battling for which will be darker. Lips as red as blood, soft and enticing until they draw back and show a mouth full of sharp jagged teeth, very similar to those of a barracuda.

As the eye moves over her upper body she is sleek and strong, well formed as any beautiful woman would be. Her torso flows into the curve of would be hips but is actually the beginning of her tail. Powerfully built with wide spread fins. The scales are smooth and dark, shimmering with all the colors of black pearls.

Morgana swims exceptionally well. She can dive to great depths, and sense motion in the water up to 100 yards away. She has exceptional vision in the darkness (similar to feline ability) with a third,clear, eye lid to protect her eyes when in the water. Siren song, will effect all but the very strongest, it has no gender bias, effects emotions and desire and will cause target to willingly come to her. She has a powerfully strong embrace and sharp, retractable finger nails that act as hooks to help her restrain her prey once it is close enough to be fed on. Morganas hand grip and bite force can exert nearly 4000 pounds of pressure,rivaling that of a white shark though she can not lift the same. She does not have any particular fighting skill but relies on strength and agility when battle is necessary. Being vampiric she has all the usual strengths there of. She regenerates quickly and is nearly immortal. The vampiric ability adds to her speed and strength. She also feeds on blood as well as flesh. Morgana has the ability to morph her tail to human looking legs, that are exceptionally powerful, making it possible for her to ,jump and kick quite well as well as running fast when on land.



Our story begins in the ancient realm of Duat, in the land of Nox. A land full of life and people, there was magic and magical beings of many kinds, including Mer-folk. Unfortunately the king and queen of Nox were tainted by a dark presence, a vampire. The dark being turned the king and queen who in turn turned many of their people. The madness and blood lust of these newly turned spread through the land. With the land's heart, its royal couple tainted, the land itself slowly became tainted. Blood was spilled like water and the taint grew till it filled even the seas, turning the waters back as old blood. Every creature was touched by the taint of the blood, even the innocent Mer-folk. Soon the seas boiled with their hunger, they fed as sharks, on every living thing, including each other. Time passed, ages of this unquenchable hunger and savage feeding. The land died, nothing left but ruin, the seas died, and in time only one remained. A singular female, once lovely and bright, A beautiful mermaid, now a terrible beauty with a voice that could entrance and draw prey to her, ever hungry for flesh and blood. Memories of what she was and the horrible knowing of what she has become weigh heavily on her soul.

While Morgana languished in the barren lifeless waters of Nox, starving, a whirlpool formed in the waters near her lair. Driven nearly mad with hunger she sought to end her suffering and life. She threw herself into the swirling waters. The whirlpool housed a portal which swept the Siren into the land of Twisted.


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