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Pola Abdul
Full Name: Pola Abdul
Alias: Pink

Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Series: Battle Circuit

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description: Pola is a teenage girl with reddish-brown hair, lightly tanned skin, and bright green eyes. Her partner is an ostrich with pink feathers, a yellow beak full of teeth, peach-colored legs and feet with white claws, and a golden ruby necklace around the base of her neck.

Misc: Pinky is generally surprisingly gentle and well tempered when not on a job. As long as Pola is happy generally she is also, and she generally likes people, especially ones that pet her and offer food or shiny things. However, Pola and Pinky are fiercely protective of each other, so anyone perceived as a threat is going to be watched very closely at best, and more likely met with hostility.

Pola Abdul
Age: 16 Birthdate: March 19
Height: 5' 4" Weight: 110 pounds.

Pola looks like a pretty unremarkable teenage girl with a slender figure who is clearly a tomboy at first glance. She has a cute face with a lightly tanned complexion, a small nose, warm brown eyes and wears no makeup. Her burgundy hair pulled back in a ponytail with a tuft of hair still left to form her bangs. Her standard outfit consists of an orange jacket with white sleeves, khaki cargo shorts, and white mid-calf boots with golden yellow soles.

Pola is almost never without her closest companion, a female ostrich with bright rose-pink feathers, a yellow hooked beak which hides a set of teeth, saffron-colored eyes, buff-colored scaley legs with large taloned feet, a pair of powerful wings and a large tuft of tail feathers which are a lighter shade of pink, along with the primary flight feathers of her wings, and around her head, neck, and breast. She wears a black eyepatch on her left eye, a golden ruby necklace around the base of her neck, a light blue collar just a bit further up, a spiked anklet on her right leg and a golden cuff on her left.

Nothing Can Stop Me: Like most teenagers, Pola seems to think that she’s invincible, not appearing to be at all phased by the danger posed by their line of work to both herself and Pinky and continued success has only served to boost her confidence further.

No Matter How Much I Have, It’s Never Enough: Pola is also rather addicted to her work and the life it allows her. After losing pretty much everything at the tender age of eight, she now has the wealth to not want for anything, and it seems like she’s afraid that if she doesn’t keep chasing the next bounty, she’ll lose it all again somehow.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Pola and Pinky owe much of their success to how well they work as a team. Without Pinky, Pola would probably be dead or just scraping by as a street urchin, scrounging for scraps to keep herself going. Without Pola, Pinky would either be back with her spoiled and abusive original owner or worse, in some sketchy lab being poked and prodded, then discarded when she’s no longer useful. When it comes to a fight, they look after each other and help cover each other’s weaknesses. Separate them and they will be much easier to defeat.

Pola Abdul
Pola is a sixteen-year-old orphan girl from a dangerous futuristic world of aliens, dangerous criminals, and genocidal computer programs. When she was nine years old, her parents were killed by a colleague who went rogue while helping them work on a secret project called the Shiva System. With no family offering to take her in, she is placed in an orphanage, but soon runs away and ends up living on the street. At age ten she sees a jewelry adorned pink ostrich running from some men in black uniforms. Feeling sorry for the bird, she follows the ostrich, gains its trust with an offering of food, and together the pair evade the squad of hunters trying to recapture the genetically engineered ostrich which had escaped from its rather wealthy owner.

Pola finds it rather amusing that the ostrich has the most original name of Pinky, and they promptly form a bond with each other. Before long Pola realizes that Pinky’s bright pink plumage is just the beginning of what makes her special, as she is also able to fly, strangely has teeth hidden in her beak, and also seems to be able to understand when people are speaking to her. Initially Pinky can’t speak back, but Pola slowly becomes better at translating her rather expressive gestures and eventually, Pinky is gifted with an enchanted collar that allows her to speak. The pair stop a robbery, and after collecting the reward for capturing a wanted member of the Delete Gang, mutually decide to become bounty hunters in order to earn money to support themselves.

Pola is now sixteen, and still working bounties along with Pinky, the pair having become rather inseparable after all they’ve been through over the years. They’ve helped capture several high-profile criminals, with their finest moment being when they helped to stop the activation of an orbital superweapon that would have caused worldwide genocide if it was activated. They have also spent about four years in Neo Tokyo after the same man who killed Pola’s parents used his new experimental portal gun to send them to another dimension, having failed multiple attempts to kill them with some of his other creations. Now she’s made her way to Twisted City, hoping to find Katherine Lebedev, the woman who after a rocky start, eventually ended up being Pola’s adoptive mother in Neo Tokyo before suddenly disappearing from the city several months later.

Pola and Pinky have a similar personality, which is probably why they both get along so well. They are both very independent, rather enjoying the life of a free spirit and resisting anything or anyone who tries to tie them down. This is what made their connection with Katherine work so well, as she struck a balance of providing motherly support while still letting Pola and her feathered friend do their own thing for the most part. While Pola resents any figure of authority trying to tell her what to do unless it aligns with her interests, she does have a strong moral compass and will fight with Pinky at her side, for what she thinks is right, not really caring if she has to bend a few laws along the way. Pola and Pinky are both very social and enjoy meeting other people, though they are also very protective of each other and will react poorly to any perceived aggressive or deceitful advances.

Pola also has the typical teenager invincibility complex, not seeming to properly appreciate how much danger she and Pinky put themselves in by working as bounty hunters, and past success has only served to compound this. Lastly, while Pinky was rather pampered pet before they met, Pola went from stealing food so she wouldn’t starve, to pretty much being able to buy anything she wanted once the bounty work was flowing nicely. Now it’s like nothing is ever enough for her, as she’s always chasing a bigger job with a more lucrative payout even though by her twelfth birthday, she had more money than most kids her age could picture in their wildest dreams. At this point, she could put her wealth into various investments, retire and be set for life. But, she’s far too addicted to the thrill of the hunt and ever-increasing rewards to stop now.


Pola Abdul
Skilled Archer: Pola took up archery when she was eight. When she started working bounties, what was once a hobby became a valuable skill, and is pretty much the only combat ability Pola has that isn’t overshadowed by her partner. She carries a crossbow for the balance between ease of firing and power, and If the situation calls for it, in addition to normal arrows both sharp and rubber-tipped, she also carries a small supply of burning and explosive arrows.

Fighting Fowl: In the wild ostriches have been known to kill a lion with their kicks. Pinky has the benefit of increased intelligence, years of combat practice, and the ability to fly. She is surprisingly nimble on the ground for such a large bird, often stringing together kicks and pecks from her beak, even spinning on one foot for a sort of spinning heel kick. She can also attack from the air as she leaps or even flies. She’s been known to fly overhead of an enemy and rain down a flurry of kicks as she lands on her target. She can also grab an opponent with her feet and lift them into the air if they aren’t too heavy before suddenly dropping and driving them back into the ground with her powerful legs.

Flight: Through genetic engineering, Pinky is the only known ostrich that is capable of flight. Impressively she is even able to leap into the air with Pola on her back, and hover briefly before coming back down to the ground. She is not able to achieve sustained flight for extended time or distance however, as her wing muscles tire quickly from the rapid flapping. Instead, she opts for shorter bursts of flight with a brief rest in-between.

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