2019-12-21 - Lucy and Pola

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Lucy and Pola

Summary: Sum it up in a sentence or two.

Who: Pola, Lucy Lacemaker
When: December 21st, 2019
Where: Mabase City Police Department

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Pola and Pinky shared a pizza at the mall before going on a bit of a tour around town. They eventually find their way to the police station, wanting to check out this bounty board that Rayne mentioned, and by this point Pola is holding two large brain freeze slushies she picked up from the 24/7 mart. She is sipping from one herself while holding the other out for Pinky, who instead of using a straw just bites away at the slushie with her beak. "Well, I think this is the place." Pola says as they arrive at the parking lot and Pinky slows to a stop before eating more of her slushie

The police station isn't what one would call super busy, but there are a fair number of officers inside... apparently dealing with some small fuzzy white-and-red creature. There's obviously some shouting, and a lot of gesticulating from the catferret thing, though it's unclear what exactly is going on from outside.

Pola decides it would be a little silly to ride Pinky right into the police station, but still wants her company, so she hops off and they enter together, with Pinky right behind Pola. They are immediately greeted by the shouting and the strange catferret thing. Pola blinks, Pinky tilts her head curiously. "What is going on here?" Pola asks with a bewildered tone and expression.

By all appearances, it would seem they're arguing about... legal procedures.

"You can't just kill them, that violates their rights, not to mention due process of law!" one officer, appearing to be the chief, says.

"Don't fuckin' tell me about due process, I've been a fuckin' judge since before yer universe even existed! Let me va fuck in vere so I can sort 'em out! A few decapitations'll give 'em a sense of /real/ consequences!" the creature shouts back, needly teeth bared in frustration.

Pola steps forward, though Pinky doesn't trust the catferret thing very much, and takes position partway between the thing and Pola. "How can you really be sure enough they did what they are accused of? And what if it's not something bad enough to deserve being killed?" Pola asks. "I might be a bounty hunter, but I wouldn't want to be the one who decides what happens to the people I bring in. I have even had some jobs where the person I was given a bounty for turned out to be a veritable hero of man and the person who gave me the bounty job was the true bad person by comparison."

Lucy slowly turns her head to fix Pola with that heterochromatic glare, cross-shaped pupils narrowing as they regard the girl and her ostrich. "A child and a bird. Oh, I'm sure you know all about punishing criminals, don't you dearie? More van someone who's done it since before va Big fuckin' Bang, which is still a stupid bloody name for it by va way. Too on the nose, no panache at all. 'Uman scientists, the most borin' fuckin' people in existence."

The rest of her body soon follows, tail lashing about behind her. "Finkin' too small, you are. Start givin' 'em rights and vey don't fear va law, just encourages 'em to keep breakin' it. A law wiv no bite may as well be no law at all."

Pola glares back at Lucy, not appearing to be afraid of her, though Pinky ironically looks a bit more nervous, despite being bigger and stronger. "I think I just said that I don't know enough to judge people, I was asking how you can know who is truly guilty, and if their crime is severe enough to warrant cutting their head off. Are you a mind reader? Can you peer into their soul and see everything they did and why?"

"Vat's where va fuckin' trial comes in, innit? Reviewin' va evidence brought before va court, determinin' guilt, and /ven/ cuttin' veir bloody 'eads off. Va ones in here what 'ave been convicted for serious crimes, and I know vere are plenty, need to be made examples of so va smaller time ones don't go gettin' big fuckin' 'eads and finkin' vey can just prance about doin' whatever vey fuckin' want."

Lucy Lacemaker says, as her player forgets to tag her speech with her name.

Pola sighs and shakes her head. "As much as I'll agree that some people are so horrible that they deserve to lose their head, I do remember one of my classmates last year writing a paper about how having the death penalty doesn't reduce crime, especially murder, in fact the opposite is true, and they had credible sources too I'm pretty sure." Pola replies while Pinky steps a little closer to the girl, still eyeing Lucy warily.

Lucy snaps her jaws at Pinky, though her grin suggests she's just trying to mess with the bird. "An' vat's where va second part comes in. You don't just kill 'em, you stick veir 'eads on pikes an' contort veir bodies for furniture, so ovver criminals know vey won't get dignity in deaf. Dispels all vat nasty 'honor among fieves' nonsense, I'll tell you vat much. Source: I'm literally seven billion fuckin' years old an' I 'ave longer personal experience wif it van any of you 'ave been alive."

Pinky puffs out her neck a bit and lets out a low growl, snapping back at Lucy. Pola puts her hands on Pinky's back gently, hoping to calm her down a bit. "I'm sorry, but that's just gross. Who would want furniture made from dead bodies? And people haven't done the whole heads on pikes thing for a few hundred years I think..."

Lucy sniggers mischievously at the bird's reaction, then tilts her head at Pola. "Yeah, and it's a cryin' fuckin' shame, innit? Alvough I do keep forgettin' 'ow fragile your kind's genetics are. You do all vat... decayin' business an' all. An 'eadless Kivouachian would last centuries, millennia even, before any noticeable wear and tear would occur. Just one more reason we're better van you simians, I suppose."

Ooh, the casual racism.

Pinky continues to glare at Lucy, finding the creature quite annoying. Pola isn't feeling much better about her either. She sighs and shakes her head. "At least I'm not the one trumpeting how great I am in a police station no less, and getting all worked up that I can't have things the way I want them. I don't think I'd even want to live for seven billion years anyway, seems like it'd get pretty boring. Maybe that's why you're the way you are now..."

Lucy winces at Pola's words, her grin turning to a scowl. "You don't know a fuckin' fing about me, cunt. A hundred years if yer lucky, vat's all you simian /fucks/ get, and every single one of you wastes it. You might get fancier toys every few years, bigger towers and faster machines and deadlier weapons, but you're va same primitive monkeys you were a million years ago."

She narrows her eyes, her fangs in full, vicious view now. "Imaginary friends in va sky, some worfless idea of 'honor', or just fuckin' each ovver up for a banana, it never changes. Kivs never 'ad any illusions."

Pola keeps a straight face even though she's pretty happy with herself that she appears to have gotten under Lucy's skin a bit. She shakes her head at the next bit Lucy says about mankind. "Well, some things may seem like a waste to you, but everyone has the opportunity to choose their own path in life, and if they don't it gets chosen for them most of the time. My parents are gone, and the rest of my family didn't want me. I could have just spent my life wallowing in my own self pity, but I didn't, I decided to clean up the streets and help people, maybe making a little money while I do it, and whether you think my life is a waste or not I don't care, all that matters is if I'm satisfied with my own choices, and I very much am!" She exclaims firmly, then looks to Pinky. "Come on Pinky, we don't have to stand here and let this toothy ferret insult us, let's get out of here." With that, they both turn to leave.

Lucy snarls at Pola and Pinky, snapping at them as they leave. "Yeah, fine fuckin' job you're doin' too! Every criminal you bring in, two more take veir place. Keep feelin' self-satisfied for doin' fuck all, just like every one o' these arseholes." And then she turns back around to continue arguing with the chief once the girl and her bird are gone. This may last for a few more hours...

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