Lucy Lacemaker

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Lucy Lacemaker
Full Name: Lucy Lacemaker
Alias: Lucy

Occupation: Alcoholic
Series: Satellite City

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Orange
Gender: Female
Species: Kivouachian

Short Description: Small, crazy catferret alien.

Lucy Lacemaker
Age: Over 7 billion years Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 89 cm, 2.9 feet Weight: Heavier than she looks

A small creature, about three feet tall when standing on her hind legs, Lucy resembles some kind of white and red-furred cat or ferret with long, floppy ears and a grin with far too many teeth, not to mention the strangely raptor-like claws on her hands and feet.

Lucy Lacemaker
Basic Overview

Lucy is not of Earthly origin, instead coming from a highly-compressed universe that existed before ours called the Kivouack. Having been raised in unimaginably harsh conditions in a heavily Darwinist society where violence and murder were considered social norms, Lucy is still trying to grasp concepts of Earthling culture often taken for granted. She would be considered insane or psychopathic by human standards, but takes pride in living up to ancient Kivouachian ideals of using violence and cunning to dominate others... or used to, as her murderous ways have softened since coming to live at the Croft Estate.

A combination of a deep depression and a strange relationship with the first half-Kivouachian hybrid called Hyzenthlay have dulled the fierce edge of Lucy's bloodlust, making her more prone to terrifying yet ultimately harmless pranks over actual murder attempts. She can still be thought of as a bit of a bully for enjoying the intimidation of weaker creatures, and will still express her more violent tendencies on those of less fragile constitution (i.e. other Kivouachians, people with similar regenerative capabilities). However, she can be surprisingly helpful or even friendly to those who display enough spine to stand up to her, taking on a mentor-like role for those who show potential for great strength or intellect. She is also known for her spectacularly heavy drinking habits, putting away enough alcohol to kill a normal human a dozen times over, which helps her forget how little meaning her life has now.

Full Backstory

When she was born, Lucy killed her littermates and ate her father, instantly marking her as someone with a bright future in Kivouachian society. She spent her younger years in the Kasino, a slum located at the edge of the Kivouack capital city, the Underbirth, where the misfits and downtrodden of her kind lived in constant fear of being rounded up and served as a delicacy to those of the higher classes. Her keen intellect soon saw her befriending another youth named Ludwig, who shared her endless thirst for knowledge as they killed their peers and illegally sold their body parts on the underground market in exchange for both status and information.

Eventually, they caught the attention of Fontaine, the man who had created this equivalent of the black market, and he eagerly took the two of them on as apprentices. While Ludwig worked directly under Fontaine, Lucy was sent to Sombra, the oldest living Kivouachian and one of the Kivouack's highest ruling class. It was from Sombra that Lucy learned of law and order, the art of balance, and the meaning of justice, and eventually became a highly respected political figure in her own right. She was placed in charge of handling legal cases, acting as judge, jury, and executioner for all crimes committed under her watch, and became famous for her thorough consideration of each case and brutal efficiency in carrying out punishments.

Furthermore, Lucy was the Voice of the Court, and it was her duty to ensure that every politician wishing to debate laws and legislation be heard fairly and to prevent undue disruption under threat of decapitation and humiliation. During this time, Lucy also took many lovers, the most notable of which being Celia, a member of the Kivouack military force called the Yolsh. Celia was the first person Lucy failed to dominate, thus learning humility and submissiveness in a relationship that lasted thousands of years. However, their love ended during the Mandus Conflict.

Who exactly Mandus was is unclear, but he was not a Kivouachian, rather something much more powerful and seeking to bring an end to the Kivouack. The battles with Mandus were never made public knowledge in order to prevent the spread of panic, but Celia was killed on the front lines, and Lucy's capacity for love died with her. In a boldly controversial move, Lucy sought out Mandus herself, disappearing into the anarchic wilderness of the Madness Frontier outside the protection of the city. When she eventually returned, her left eye had been severely damaged beyond regeneration, but the most surprising thing was that she declared her loyalty to Mandus, claiming he was a beautiful creature devoid of cruelty or evil.

At some point after this, Mandus destroyed the Kivouac, causing the event that we know as the Big Bang which created the Universe. The stars, galaxies, and nebulas that fill the void are but shattered remnants of the Kivouac, eternally scattering. Miraculously, Lucy and a number of other Kivouachians survived this event, and after a few billion years, many of them settled on the planet that would eventually come to be known as Earth. Although they were not many, their presence constantly helped shape human history, providing the basis for countless myths and legends. Lucy herself became known as Loki in Norse culture, and was responsible for such incidents as the Great London Fire (caused by accidentally igniting some rum she was brewing in a bakery) and collaborating with Ludwig to orchestrate World War I, though she tried (and failed) to stop World War II from occurring.

Eventually, while helping Ludwig in his efforts to gene splice Kivouachian DNA with native Earth animals, Lucy and several other Kivouachians both from ancient times and born on Earth came to live with a human named Sullivan Croft, who owned a large estate which became sort of a small settlement for their kind. It isn't exactly clear why this decision was made, though some theorize that Sullivan is the descendant of a human woman Ludwig once shared an intimate relationship with, thus making him tolerated as a sort of liaison with modern human society, allowing them to keep tabs without having to risk direct contact with the outside world.

After all this, Lucy felt directionless. She had lived for billions of years, seen the fall of one universe and the rise of another, helped shape the history of an entire sapient species, but what was the point of it all? To paraphrase her words, when someone only has ninety years to live, every word on the page of their life is golden and meaningful, but when that page is neverending, stretching into infinity, those same words mean less and less. She had no drive to work toward any particular goal, because her clock will never run out... or that's what she thought.

One of Lucy's most important contributions to the attempted rebuilding of her society was discovering the genetic formula that led to the first successful hybridization experiment, creating a half-Kivouachian red squirrel named Hyzenthlay. Although Lucy at first expressed a desire to kill and eat the creature for her weakness, their relationship slowly developed into a cat-and-mouse game of intimidation and dominance. However, it took a sharp turn once Hyzenthlay discovered her purpose from Ludwig, growing enough of a backbone (metaphorically) to not only stand up to Lucy verbally, but even strike at her. Despite angrily clawing Hyzenthlay's face in response, Lucy was impressed enough by the step the squirrel had taken to begin treating her more as an apprentice than a toy, seeking to help her grow stronger still.

Of course, that was all shot in the foot once Lucy fell into a wormhole and found herself in Twisted. It doesn't much matter here that she looks like a demonic catferret, so why bother hiding anymore? She can just indulge herself a little, while away the time with all these interesting new faces and maybe find some new scratching posts or drinking buddies. It's not like she doesn't have time to kill, and hell, this whole "mentor" business doesn't seem so bad after all.


Lucy Lacemaker
Immortality: Kivouachians have a unique cellular structure that gives them the ability to control the length of their telomeres, meaning they cannot die of old age, or indeed most conventional methods. Fire, strong acids, and other things that can damage their DNA are effective methods of dealing with them, as long as they aren't allowed to escape and recover. Destroying their brain is the simplest and most reliable method of killing a Kivouachian, though their body will remain alive but inactive until destroyed by one of the previously mentioned methods. Electricity has also proven an effective method of incapacitating them, as their regenerative capabilities offer no resistance to attacks on their nervous systems.

Regeneration: As further elaboration on the above, Kivouachians possess natural regenerative abilities that allow them to heal ordinary wounds in a matter of minutes, even things like severed limbs or decapitation. Simply reattaching lost body parts is as simple as popping them back onto the body where they belong, though fully regrowing them can take hours or even days. Decapitation, specifically, is non-lethal to their kind unless the brain itself is destroyed, and is more akin to knocking them unconscious as their mind loses connection to their body. Lucy in particular is known for having especially strong regenerative powers, able to stay conscious even while decapitated and thus reunite her head and body under her own power. The one thing her regeneration can't seem to fix is her damaged eye for reasons unknown, which causes her to have difficulty focusing her vision.

Transformation: Kivouachians' unique genetic structure allows them to rewrite their own DNA on the fly, allowing them to re-create parts of their body. For example, it can be anything from simply lengthening their claws or teeth, to something as complex as breaking down their body into a small swarm of insects, though the latter is something semi-unique to Lucy. However, as mentioned above, things like fire and strong acids can damage their DNA on a cellular level, thus weakening or negating these transformational advantages altogether.

Inexhaustible: Though they still eat and drink like any other living organism, Kivouachians do not require sleep or suffer from fatigue. The only time they need to rest is when they have suffered extensive bodily damage and need to conserve energy for recovery. They are also practically immune to toxins and diseases, which allows for the infamous drinking habits practiced by Lucy and her friend Shuck.

Natural Weapons: In her default form, which she rarely deviates from, Lucy possesses numerous sharp needle-like fangs and claws like small daggers on her hands and feet, easily able to rend the flesh from any hapless victims. She also has a fondness for opening up her chest cavity like a large, second mouth, using her ribs as teeth and innards like grappling tentacles.

Brilliance: Lucy's main advantage that allowed her to survive and flourish in the Kivouack was her genius intellect, serving her unending thirst for knowledge well. She picks up on new concepts incredibly quickly and has what might be considered a photographic or encyclopedic memory, demonstrated by such feats as her perfect recollection of the contents of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and William Shakespeare's entire library of works.

Omniglot: Having existed since long before the dawn of humankind, Lucy has had ample time to study and become fluent in all forms of human language.



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