2019-10-25 - The City Can Hear You

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The City Can Hear You

Summary: Lucy laughs, Mimi freaks out, Rainbow Dash complains. The city has a thick skin, thankfully.

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Jack Hawksmoor comes wandering into the Usual, looking a little tired and rather thoughtful. He claims a table near the bar, dropping into the seat and pulling out a phone, which he peers at.

Mimi Valroon, for her part, is already at the bar. She's drinking a glass that is definitely dark and fizzy of some sort, but only those that venture close could identify it from the myriad of options it could be. She looks over as the man enter, looking at the phone for a moment before frowning and looking down into her drink again. Just another reminder of how backwards her world is compared to... where everyone else came from.

Jack Hawksmoor considers, then lifts a hand to the flygirl. "Hey," he greets, tucking the phone away after checking whatever it was checking. (To be fair, he's not used to civilians having them either...)

Mimi Valroon winces slightly, having been caught. She looks up again, and says, "Oh, uh, hi. How are you today?" She's pretty sure she's met him before, but can't remember the name of the guy for the life of her.

"Not bad. You're..." He tilts his head. He's met her, but... "The pilot."

"And I'm Lucy! Pleasure to make your acquaintances, doves~" That would be the high-pitched ol' auntie-like voice of the white-furred with red polka dots creature vaguely resembling a cat ferret thing, currently popping up out of god damn nowhere as she hops up on one of the barstools and orders the heaviest drink the establishment has. "Any idea where the hell this is, perchance?"

Jack Hawksmoor has been called a few things, mostly by people with British accents. Or Jenny. Dove, however, is a new one. The nondescript man tilts his head slightly. "Jack Hawksmoor," he introduces for Lucy's benefit, inadvertently bailing out poor Mimi and her memory.

Mimi Valroon looks a bit more releived at the fact that her name isn't remembered, either. "Mimi. Well, you may well feel better in knowing that I don't remem...ber..." She's lost her train of thought. The freakish(well, to her still unused to non-completely mundane animals mind it is) creature hops up and orders a drink. Well, at least Jack answered her unfinished question, anyway.

Lucy Lacemaker snatches up the glass the moment it's given to her by the barkeep, and she downs the whole thing in two gulps. "Tastes like cold piss! I like it." she remarks with a toothy (VERY toothy) grin, then turns toward Mimi and Jack, her eyes rolling about for a moment before settling into focus. There's a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she continues. "That's quite alright, li'l doves, nobody has to answer the fuckin' question 'til they're good an' ready."

Mimi Valroon is clearly moderately freaked out by Lucy. The grin does not help. "...The... Usual... Restaurant?"

"Mabase City, and you fell through a hole in space," Jack says, finally, studying Lucy. Not humanoid, but not stranger than a pony. He's adjusted.

Lucy Lacemaker rolls her eyes again, though this time it's voluntary. "Well I fuckin' know vat! Said so righ' onna sign outside, it did. Wha' I wan' to know is-" And then Jack answers more helpfully, and Lucy regards him with a grateful nod. "Fank you sah! Never 'eard of a fuckin' Mabase City, but an 'ole in space, now vat's an odd occurrence. Common 'round 'ere, is it?"

Mimi Valroon says, "Well, I mean, uh, I think it's how we're all here?"

Mildly, "This place is the bottom of the hole. There's ways out, but they might not lead you somewhere you want to go." A pause. "Not meaning they're deadly dangerous, just that they probably aren't where you came from." And wouldn't, thus, make Lucy any better off. Jack shifts position, half standing to lean against the bar.

Lucy Lacemaker orders another drink, just as she will continue to do for some time yet. This establishment will learn, oh boy will it ever learn. "I see, some kinda dimensional nexus, eh? Crossroads of sorts? Fuckin' 'ell, I fought I'd seen it all. Guessin' somefin' like me's no uncommon sight eiver, considerin' I 'aven't been shot yet. Was right in the middle of decapitatin' Winifred when suddenly I'm in a fuckin' park full o' fuckin' 'umans, couple of 'em give me a stare but they all just go 'bout veir business."

She downs another drink. "So fuck it, may as well take advantage an' see if I can find a good pub. Fis place does tabs, yeah?"

Mimi Valroon looks down at her drink, wondering if she should toss it out. Then she remembers its not alcoholic. "...Well, I suppose I should expect similar out in the void," she mumbles.

Lucy Lacemaker is on her fifth drink now. Where'd the third and fourth go? Down her gullet while you weren't watching. "Wha' do you mean by vat?" she asks Mimi, curiously raising an eyebrow.

"I haven't seen anything quite like you, but there are enough non-humans around that, yeah, people won't waise an eyebrow." Jack doesn't ask about the decapitating part. he doesn't want to know...

Mimi Valroon winces slightly, then says, "I mean... I should expect the unexpected. Things-People!- I've never seen before. Just... anything, really." She pauses, then adds, "I mean, if this is the stable part of this world..."

Lucy Lacemaker settles back in her seat again, downing yet another glass of straight... absinthe? Is that absinthe? "Oh. Boring. I fought maybe you knew somefin' I didn't." she disappointedly mumbles, then shrugs and lays her head on the bar. "It's nice to get out o' the 'ouse though. 'Aven't gotten a chance to go to a decent pub in fuckin'... 'ell, centuries. Or maybe vat was when Shuck an' I tried to make blackstrap rum an' accidentally set 'alf of London on fire. I forget. Caught an earful for vat'n, heheh."

"London probably wasn't happy about it," Jack says, casually. And...apparently Lucy's immune to the effects of alcohol. Noted.

Mimi Valroon says, "Uhhh, no. Not unless you count flying." She considers that her best talent, afterall. She pauses, then says, "You set London on fire?"

Lucy Lacemaker titters as she recalls that far-off event. "Oh, yes! It was a fuckin' fright when it 'appened, didn't know if we'd even make it out alive. Can't remember why we did it in a bakery though, somefin' 'bout the yeast I fink? Vey called it va Great Fire o' London after, funny enough. Wasn't va first or last time London'd nearly burnt down, haha!"

Rainbow Dash floats in, nodduing a greeting to anybody she knows, landing on a barstool and taking a seat there. "Yo, cider please and some curly fries..." she asks whom ever is behind the bar.

Mimi Valroon blinks and watches as the small, pastel pegasus overs in. She then looks to the fanged, lazy eyed cat-ferret-thing and asks, "I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?" She's getting hit by too much weirdness right now. Why are these two so much stranger to her than that guy with the elephant head she saw twice?

"Ah, yeah. Back when they built everything in wood and built stuff way too close together. Sadly, it didn't take much." He lifts a hand. "Dash," he greets, cheerfully.

Lucy Lacemaker laughs outright this time, showing way too much of those long, needle-like teeth. "Oh, I know! Everyfing was built like shit back ven! Not vat it's much better nowadays, o' course." She also waves to Rainbow Dash as the pegasus comes in, though her gaze lingers. "Right, so, 'umans I expected, but a rainbow fuckin' pegasus is new to me. Not a Kivouachian, I can tell by va eyes. Where're you from, ven?"

Rainbow Dash Yo's in return, grabbing her drink with a wing and taking a gulp. "Human cities are SO smoggy...yuck...totally dries my throat out." she wipes her mouth with the back of a hood, glancing at the faces she hasn't seen before. but hey, she's from Equestria and Neo-Tokyo. She knows all about strange.

"You realize the city can hear you, right?" Jack says in his quiet, New York-tinged tones. He sounds amused, though, rather than upset.

Rainbow Dash hmms? not sure if Lucy's talking to her? "Who...me? I'm outta Equestria..."

Mimi Valroon blinks and looks back to Jack now. Hey's she's looking at a normal(looking) human again! Normalcy? Maybe? "...The city can actually hear us?"

"Liiike I give a ssshit." Lucy slurs a little, finally feeling the effects of the alcohol after... how many glasses now? She's lost count. Everyone else probably has too. "Never 'eard of Equestria eiver. Sounds like a fuckin' feme park. 'Orses everywhere! Pettin' zoo, carousels, uh... wha' ovver rides use 'orses again?"

Okay, not immune to alcohol. Just heavily resistant. "In her own way," Jack said. He shrugs. "She's used to it."

Rainbow Dash regards Lucy for a minute, then leans on her elbows at the bar, back to the bar. "Oh sure, yeah, we all live in petting zoos and live on sugar cubes. It's a heck of a place.

It takes a moment for Mimi to realize that Jack is talking about the city. "Oh, uh..." She glances back to the other two, then back to Jack again. "...Well, uh... yeah, I imagine... 'she' has thick skin by now? I mean, with all the people that want to go back home to what's... normal to them. Especially when they first get here, I bet."

Lucy Lacemaker chuckles at Rainbow's answer, though it's unclear if she believes the pony or not. "Sounds like it. I should visit one day, always loved pettin' zoos. You look too colorful to eat though, probably give me some indigestion..." She trails off into some mumbling, continuing her drinking spree in the process.

Rainbow Dash pffts. "You'd never catch me. I'm just part of your imagination anyway, ya know, like a pink elephant.

Jack Hawksmoor laughs. "Don't taunt the drunk person, Dash." The pegasus is, after all, quite real. To Mimi, "Yeah. That and every city in existence gets insulted sometimes. Not everyone likes cities, not everyone likes all cities."

Lucy Lacemaker raises one of her long, bright red claws. "Not drunk. Not finished drinkin' yet. Anovver one, barkeepsie." she mumbles, though she's noticeably slowing down now.

Rainbow Dash says, "She talks like a racoon I know....."

Mimi Valroon tilts her head slightly as she considers. "Yeah, I guess so. I've got nothing against cities, though I've certainly spent a lot of time away from them." She finishes her own drink, then slides off her stool. "Well... I think I'll be taking my leave for the night, though. Um, have good nights, everyone?" She then pauses as she looks at the flying pony before saying, "Clear skies," with a slight nod. That said, she starts making her way to the exit.

Rainbow Dash says, "See ya," to Mimi as she leaves, waving a wing."

Lucy Lacemaker waves lazily at Mimi. "Yeah, 'ave a jolly evenin' yourself, dearie. I'll just be 'ere drownin' meself in alcohol. 'Aven't been able to indulge like this in... in... fuck, gettin' foggy..."

Rainbow Dash doesn't understand the whole getting drunk thing. Must be something humans and racoons just...do. She shrugs, taking another gulp of cider and watches as Lucy seems to be hitting some kind of limit.

Jack Hawksmoor is also not drinking. Of course, nobody's seen the guy with no shoes eat or drink anything. He waves to Mimi, then turns back to the non-humans. "You're drunk," he points out to Lucy. "Somebody's gonna have to carry you to a bed at this rate." Is he offering? Obliquely, possibly.

Lucy Lacemaker blinks blearily at Jack, first one eye and then the other, out of sync. They even drift apart slightly. "Sorry mate, I don't... *urp* swing vat way..." She hiccups, then orders another drink, "for the road" as she puts it.

Rainbow Dash says, "Heh..well, Jack, better ask if the road wants one?" She floats up, laughing at her own joke. "Seriously, who gets to say that?""

Jack Hawksmoor laughs a bit. "That was a genuine offer to get you safely to a place you can sleep it off." They're not even the same species!

Lucy Lacemaker waves a clawed hand dismissively at Jack. "Nah. I'll just find a bench to pass out under, did it fer... *hic* longer'n you've been alive, guarantee. Nuffin' gonna 'urt me, not 'round 'ere. 'Less ya got some fuckin' serial arsonists wha' like settin' small furry creatures on fire..." She trails off into more mumbling, then faceplants into her latest glass, spilling it all over the bar.

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