Mimi Valroon

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Mimi Valroon
Full Name: Mimi Valroon

Series: Original
Class: Pilot
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Uh... Human?
Age: 22
Birthdate: October 5th, 1915
Height: 5'6" (1.67m)
Weight: 130lbs (59kg)

Short Description: Mimi is a blonde woman in her early twenties. She's usually wearing clothing that identifies her as either a pilot or an engineer of some sort.

Mimi Valroon
Mimi is a blonde woman in her early twenties. One lock of hair falls to the right side of her face down to her chin, but the rest of what frames her green eyes is shorter, reaching reaching only to said eyes. Most of her hair, however, is pulled back into a messy ponytail. She wears a white blouse, usually, short sleeved, under soft leather overalls that stop just below her bust. Instead of suspenders, the overalls are held up by some thicker leather paneling and the two black belts are strapped around her waist. She wears a pair of mismatched gloves, her right made of the same material as her overalls and reaching halfway up her forearm, but not passing the first knuckle of her fingers. It has a black band around the wrist much like the belts around her waist. Her right, however, is a thicker black affair that looks more substantial than the left. This one fully covers her fingers and ends at the same place on her forearm as the left, but has further leather straps making their way to her elbow. Finally at her feet are a pair of thick leather boots, reaching nearly to her knees and held in place by four black belts rising up her calves. Oh, and we can't forget the goggles. They're usually on her head somewhere, be it on her face or on her forehead.
Mimi Valroon
Piloting: Mimi is an expert pilot. She's been flying planes since before she should have legally been able to.

Engineering: Before her grand adventures, Mimi needed to make sure she knew how to keep her plane in working order. As such, she worked and worked and... found herself getting as much into that process as she was into flying! By now, Halberd's many customizations were designed and implemented by Mimi herself.

Survival: Being stranded without fuel can lead one to pick up essential survival skills fairly quickly. But even before that, she was already excellent at navigation and orienteering.

Gunfighting: Mimi is a fairly good shot with a rifle and handles a pistol quite easily

Knifefighting: Things tended to go bad quickly in her adventures. Mimi has learned to knifefight by necessity, and has done so the hard way. This extends into swordfighting, as well, as she's learned to use her trusty machete as a weapon. Still, she'd not win any swordfights with a dedicated swordsman.

Acrobatics: It started with the trouble she got into in the Amazon, but she's slowly found, again the hard way, that one needs to be limber and agile on an adventure, as well as a good climber and jumper.

Hear the roar of the Twin Engines![1]


Mimi comes from an alternate Earth. In this other world, history was completely altered by the presence of a mineral crystal that, when electrified, has anti-gravity properties. While in the past it was a fun but ultimately useless trinket powered by static electricity for perhaps toys, with the proper harnessing of electricity it became much, much more. By the time of the Great War, everything changed. The war raged on for far longer, with perhaps just a lull in the 20s before going all out again in the 30s. Massive fleets floated not just on the oceans, but in the air as well. Alliances broke, reformed, betrayals happened. Nations fell, reformed, and rejoined the war later. In the end, however, the Allies still won, largely on the back of American Industry. Mimi was too young to fight, but after the war, this daughter of a general was quick to pick up a surplus night fighter and head off on her own adventures, exploring into the Amazon and across the south Pacific to the east indies. Before her adventures, she was already an excellent pilot and mechanic and a decent shot with pistol and rifle. She raced Russian spies to find the fabled City of Gold in the Amazon(it turned out to be mostly iron pyrite, unfortunately), survived months stranded without fuel in the Pitcairns, foiled a British aristocrat's plan to set himself up as a deity in Melanesia, fended off pirates near the coast of Australia, and narrowly avoided being captured by Japanese spies on Java. After that, she returned to America, where she decided she should have a nice vacation in Bermuda... Of course she flew there, and in the process crossed into the Bermuda Triangle... And then she found herself in Twisted.


P-65b night Fighter from the Great War
Based on the B-170 Roundel medium Bomber, the P-65 Crossguard is a night fighter. Compared to the B-170, the cockpit was pushed back to accommodate the radar and heavier forward facing gun, while the reduced interior space means the bomb bay is almost vestigial, now reduced to only having a bomb capacity of 1000 lbs down from 4000. In practice the bomb bay typically had a removable fuel tank instead of actual ordinance. The B-170 also typically held two wing-mounted bombs which the P-65 was also capable of carrying, but typically didn't in order to save weight. The B-170 airframe was chosen to create the P-65 due to its already exceptional agility for a medium bomber, in large part due to its cruciform wings. Other modifications included removing the tail and waist guns, though the dorsal turret remained in place. The resulting overall lighter weight of the aircraft, along with updated, more powerful engines, resulted in an exceptional night fighter during the Great War. While a B-170 had a crew of five(Pilot, Navigator/bombardier, Turret gunner/Engineer, waist gunner/radio operator, and tail gunner), the P-65 only had three(Pilot, radar/radio operator, gunner). The radar operator remained sitting beside the pilot in a tandem operation, and could take over as a co-pilot in a pinch.

Of course, the Great War eventually ended, and all that military hardware quickly became surplus. Surplus ripe for the picking by explorers, adventure seekers, and mercenaries alike. One of these was the young Mimi Valroon. Herself the daughter of a General in the American Air Corps, Mimi was too young to enlist herself in the WASP program during the war. Her personal surplus P-65b Crossguard is called 'Halberd', and has updated equipment to enable it to be flown by a single person if needed. The bulky military radar has been replaced by a significantly smaller civilian model useful for spotting landmasses and heavy rainfall, the freed up space now housing additional personal storage space easily accessible when landed. Other equipment has been miniaturized in the post-war years, allowing for additional free space within the cabin to the point where a bunk has been set up under the turret, which can be remotely controlled (with very poor accuracy) from the pilot's seat. Usually the turret is simply set to face rearward.


There are crystals from Mimi's Earth known as Varytitite crystals that, when exposed to electricity, counteract gravity and float into the air. This has been known of from lightning strikes for all of history, and small toys have been made of them using static electricity... but this world's industrial revolution brought forth powered flight. Generators, first steam, then diesel, create constant enough power to float entire vehicles into the air. At first, such vehicles were sailed the same as sailing vessels, but then propellers were invented to move them forward far more easily. This motion eventually evolved into airplanes, though most planes still use their engines to generate power to a Varytitite crystal for takeoffs and landings.


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