2020-05-03 - Into the Realms

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Into the Realms

Summary: Finally, Gemma and Felicity open a gateway into the Realms. And of course their newer, less magical friend comes along with.

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: May 3rd, 2020
Where: The Realms (Off Grid)

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The Realms are alive! No ruins wait for the girls here. No, what awaits is a garden but not one like Mimi would have seen before. It's grown wild and lush and full of colors. Iridescent light shimmers on broad, leaves that hang from large trees. Tall grasses brush against their knees and a smattering of flowers lay at their feet. Toadstools and vines can be seen and the sound of water moving in the distance fills their ears. Ahhh and the birds or...something like birds fly around in a beautiful twilight sky, the pink, orange, and purple hues blending with the last vestiges of blue. This doesn't look real. In fact, it could very easily pass for a surrealist painting, with the high saturation of color and whimsical shapes the plants take. One look at this paradise and Felicity lets out a sharp cry of joy and tears off running through the grass like a maniac. "It's here! It's all here!"

Mimi Valroon shrugs again. "If you say so." She doesn't sound like she doesn't trust Gemma... no, she sounds like she's just going along with it. It's what Mimi expect will be her response to a LOT inside the Realms. Her heart, too, races as she witnesses the clear magic going on... all this is new. Magic was all tricks and exploits of physics in her world. Unless you count varytitite. She's still not sure what to make of it only seeming to exist in her own Earth. She looks to Felicity, about to say something when her hand is grabbed and she's pulled through! She looks around in wonder at all that's around her and stumbles backward just a half step. No, not enough to fall back through the portal again, but she does tighten her grip on Felicity's hand just a bit all the same. She's seen a lot of lush rainforests in her travels... they were all nothing in comparison to this.

Felicity twirls around like a silly schoolgirl, arms out-stretched and head turned towards the vibrant sky. "It's marvelous! Oh, it's sublime!" She laughs and laughs taking in its glorious splendor. This is exactly what she's needed. She turns to Mimi, "Mimi! Watch." Felicity reaches down to pick up a flower, blows one it and the petals scatter to the wind soon turning into colorful spectral butterflies, then eagles, and then galloping horses that whoosh by before dissolving into golden pixie dust. "Try it!" She commands, flashing a grin.

Mimi Valroon makes a quick secondary but unsuccessful grab for Fee's hand again when she goes off spinning looking at the sky, but the aviatrix manages to recover her composure fairly quickly. No one saw that, right? >.> <.< She takes a breath to calm her nerves and carefully reaches down to pick up one of the flowers... Except instead of just blowing, she takes a deep breath in first. Oops. She nearly inhales a petal before coughing it right out again with all it's freaky psychedelic effects! "...Uhhh... That won't have a poor effect, will I?" She's not going to forget that time her hand brushed that frog in the Amazon. If Svetlana hadn't been watching over her, who knows what Mimi would have done on that 'trip'?

Gemma giggles like a schoolgirl, nearly high on the magic and the elation of being in the Realms again, with her friends. "Oh, Mimi, really," she says after a few, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "You'll be perfectly fine, aside from your ego. You should know that you can do anything you like here. Should you wish for a prince, or a sword like Felicity, or be weighted down with golden jewelry, it'll be so for everyone to see, at least while we're in here. Why don't you have a bit of fun with it? What is it that you want?"

"Yes, " comes Felicity's voice as she makes her triumphant return. "You really oughtn't overthink it! You must let your desires run free!" She motions grandly and, it should be noted, that the Felicity who returns is not exactly the one that left one. She has returned in shimmering armor, a winged helmet on her head and a cape billowing behind her. She's found her niche once more as a valkyrie warrior. "Oh Gemma! We simply MUST show her EVERYTHING!"

Mimi Valroon breathes out a sigh of relief. "Anything I like at all?" Her whole she's been working towards the things she wanted more than anything else. And she'd made it! She's an expert pilot already, she knows how to protect herself, and how to repair and upgrade her mechanics... The thought of just... wishing and gaining some sort of magical power at all is a foreign idea to her, and she's frowning as she attempts to think of whatever it would be. Jewelry? Bah. A sword? Far from her style... And what's the point of some magically constructed prince? "I don't know," she admits. "Seeing what comes up is kind of the point of adventure to me..." She of course also does a double take as Fee's outfit has completely changed. "Look, it's easier said than done, Felicity..." Alas, Mimi isn't the most creative person when it doesn't come to customizing Halberd.

Gemma sighs. "What are we going to do with you, Mimi? If you can't even have a little bit of fun with it!" She grows a little more serious but there is a soft smile on her lips and a faraway look in her eyes. "I know someone like that once, who said that everything they wanted was right in front of them. At least we can still go on an adventure, there is much to see here, right Fee?" She says, paying no mind to her extravagance.

Felicity says, "Not here it isn't," Felicity says in reply to Mimi. "It's imagination you lack, that's all." She says with a sniff. She can't even begin to comprehend how Mimi lives so contentedly with things as they are but she isn't about to start in on her now. There are far too many things to do now. There is too much to see! To Gemma, however, she replies by raising her sword, "AS my lady commands, thus it shall be!" But where to begin? The world is theirs to conquer again but...there is always the possibility they could run into some of the more irritating inhabitants - centaurs or shape shifters. "Lead on. Towards true north, milady, " she says still playing a part."

Mimi Valroon firmly plants her hands on her hips. "Well, seeing what there is to see is my desire, so it clearly is working!" No, she's not serious. Her temporarily overconfident expression falters just as fast, however, at Fee's criticism. "And so what if I lack in it? You two simply think differently than I do, having had experience here already. I'm sure if I were the age you two were when you first came in, I'd be a bit more 'imaginative', but forgive me for actually being successful in my young adult life!" She pauses at Fee's knightly behavior, waiting a moment after she's done to say, "Are you a viking or a knight?" to suggest she thinks Fee might be a bit mixed up in her archetypes.

"Ladies, let's not fight on this beautiful day or I shall have to leave you behind and visit on my own," Gemma chides as she knows full well that Felicity's moods can quickly turn sour. It may be that being back in the Realms is enough to keep her spirits high, or she can turn around and bite, one never really knows with her, but Gemma has no desire to find out. "We're here to have fun, aren't we? Also, I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't judge our origins and status. I promise you it is far from being only riches and parties, you have no idea what kind of pressure we've had on our back growing up, how much of a relief this place once was. It was the only place where we could be free, where we could be ourselves."

Gemma is right about the effects of the Realms on Felicity's mood. She seems impervious to any slings or arrows at the moment. She didn't really take Mimi's teasing as anything more than that. It certainly hasn't taken the gleam off her armor. "Yes. We were not afforded the same freedom to make of ourselves what we wished. Means or not, there were RULES governing our every action. Its only because of the Realms that we didn't go mad and hang ourselves form the school tower." She smirks and slings arm around Gemma's shoulders. "We turned out quite fine! Come!" She waves to Mimi. "We mustn't chatter endlessly when there is so much yet to DO!"

Mimi Valroon looks the pair with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, I meant that... when someone's younger, your dreams run a bit more wild is all... and I can see when someone has access to a place where those dreams can become reality so quickly, well..." She clears her throat. "Um, anyway. Yes. Sorry. Let's go do! ...as you said. More or less."

"Let us go to the river then! I wish to see if Gorgon is there. And then, maybe she can take us on a tour. I hope you don't struggle with seasickness Mimi. No shame if you do, I've had my moments, especially when sailing from London to New York, ugh, that was dreadful. I felt it a bit the first time we sailed around the river as well, though never to the same extent," Gemma chit chats as she walks towards the river, her own arm around Felicity's waist.

Felicity scoffs, "Nonsense! Mimi is a world class aviatrix. What's a bit of water? Mmm?" And just like that, the pilot is back in Felicity's favor. In truth, she's never really been out of her favor...at least...not for a while now. When someone's moods are as mercurial as Felicity's, you just come to understand that your standing is in a state of constant flux and only she can decide where the needle points. "Do you really think she might be there? I thought she'd given up her bonds." Then again, Gorgon has always been a mysterious creature whose motivations are always a secret to all but her.

A little path opens up before the girls and as they stroll it seems as though the brush move aside for them. Here, Gemma is regaled as the priestess who brought about a great change. She restored the magic to its rightful place and in doing so, the world seems to hum in harmony with her life pulse. The air smells sweet, like honeysuckle but also spiced like cinnamon. The breeze that blows through is a soft caress and it beckons them further down the path. As they walk, the clustered branches and bushes spread out a bit more until it opens up to a clearing where a large body of aquamarine water cuts a swath through the land. They've arrived.

Mimi Valroon admits, "Water is worse than air, that's for certain. It's the more... pure randomness of it. But I've not once thrown up! ...other than that one time I'd had far too much to drink, but I can't really blame the water on that." She follows along looking at the arm around Felicity's waist as she walks behind the pair, then asks, "Gorgon? Like... Medusa?" She watches as the plants move aside for the two, half expecting and indeed ready for them to move back into place directly in front of her. No, she still thinks in a manner like she's in the normal world, not one where everything moves and changes to your whims.

"Medusa was a gorgon's name, yes, but that was in Greek mythology. In the Realms, there used to be many gorgons, but this one is the last of her kind and simply goes by Gorgon. She used to be tied to this ship that wandered around the Realms on the river. It is no longer the case, but she still steered it last I was here," Gemma says. As the vegetation parts and makes way for the landscape ahead, Gemma puts her hand above her eyes to spare them the glare of the sun, spying along the river and spotting not too far off the beautiful ship, its sail flowing in the wind and the wing-like gangway resting on the riverbank. Someone can be seen walking on the deck but it is too far to see who even though Gemma feels fairly certain it is indeed whom she hopes for. "Look, it's there!"

Felicity leaves the history lesson to her friend. She's not so interested in old stories, she wants to make new ones. Like Gemma, she's spied the ship there docked and waiting. It's even more impressive than she remembered. Grinning like a mad woman she says, "Last one to the ship is a ninny pants!" She breaks into a fearsome run, tearing down the slope of the hill towards the ship. They can participate or not but Felicity's need to exert herself must be satisfied with or without them. "AHOOOOY" She calls boldly to the figure onboard.

Mimi Valroon opens her mouth to wonder at why the sails are fully opened when the ship is docked... But then decides against. No, in a magical place like this, the owner likely decided the ship looked far more dramatic with its sail billowing, and thus... it works? Is that how this place works? Maybe Mimi is starting to understand this place... but she's really not sure. No, she'll just wait behind her friends. Wait. Last... "H-hey! I said not to-" And she's off chasing the just a few moments ago knightly speaking Felicity. What was it she said not to? Whatever it is, it's forgotten. Gemma had best hurry as well or she'll be the ninny-pants!

"Felicity!" Gemma half chides, half laughs, but she won't be left behind and tears off after her. Gemma can hold her own running, but it was hardly a contest at Spence where most girls could hardly stand the thought of doing anything other than be silent and pretty. Here though, she's hardly the most athletic of the three and she is still sore from the last fencing lesson Felicity gave her and so despite her best efforts, it turns out that she is the ninny pants indeed when she finally gets to the ship. Bending over to catch her breath for a minute, she finally unwraps but her pride isn't the worst for wear as she is too happy to confirm her suspicion that it is indeed Gorgon on the ship. "Gorgon, it's been too long," she says beaming but still a little winded.

The large figure, who is a color somewhere between green and grey, slowly turns its head in the direction of the commotion. Her expressionless face doesn't appear to register any recognition yet it obviously aware of the newcomers. Taller than a normal human, the statuesque Gorgon towers above Felicity by a good 4 or 5 feet. Like Medusa, her hair is a tangle of snakes all which move of their own accord with a hypnotic, fluid grace. Gorgon blinks her yellow eyes, taking in the trio and...remarkably...offers something like a smile. "Mossssst hiiiigh. You have returned." Her eyes slide to Mimi taking in the stranger with an impassive air. She does not know this woman but if she is in Gemma's company, she is not concerned.

Felicity, not one for subtlety, has to ask, "What are you doing still skulking about here. I thought you were free to go wherever you wanted." "I am," she replies in that same syrupy, low, tone as always.

Mimi Valroon realizes she might have erred arriving before Gemma... but in the end it's apparently not so bad. At least she didn't beat Fee here. Mimi eeps and slinks back slightly as Gorgon's gaze reaches her. Well, it looks like the... humongous, snake-haired woman doesn't seem to see her as a threat. And Mimi just now realized that she shouldn't have met her gaze if the old Greek tales were to be believed. Well, apparently that wasn't true. Or is an ability that Gorgon only uses when she feels threatened. Mimi, other than that non-verbal exclamation, remains silent until she's introduced, clearly somewhat intimidated by the huge woman, even if she's clearly on friendly terms with her friends.

"Gorgon, I'm so happy to see that you are well," Gemma says and climbs on the ship without further ado, throwing her arms around the big creature. "Mimi, come, there's nothing to fear. This is Gorgon, she is somewhat of a guide around here. Gorgon, this is my friend Mimi. We met in another world, she pilots an airplane. It is like a ship but in the air, with wings and all made of metal. I can't say I was incredibly fond of flying at first, but I got used to it. She helped us find a door the door back to the Realms in that other world."

Felicity offers her arm to Mimi in a "gentlemanly" fashion, then proceeds to board the ship as well. Once there she takes to helm, surveying the waters ahead and looking for signs of life...or anything interesting at all. She leaves the girls to their catchup, her mind already on her next conquest...though she's not out of earshot.

Gorgon's eyes linger on Mimi a few beats longer than would be comforting, her gaze searching the young woman. When she does, all the snakes seem to follow suit, bobbing around her face and poking out their tongues as they hiss with curiosity. "I would not think a ship capable...to take to the skiessss.... but there are many strange worlds beyond thesssseee." She nods towards Mimi which is the closest to a cordial greeting anyone has ever gotten from her. A pause. "I am pleased to see you well, mosssst high. Will you sssstay long?"

Mimi Valroon takes the offered arm from Fee and walks up. She stands there as Gemma introduces her, but then the subject turns to airplanes and... Like a ship but in the sky? "Well, there are proper skyships where I'm from, as well, but an airplane is something different... An airplane truly soars on its wings, while a skyship just... floats there from the varytitite, pushed along by wind or engines." But she then goes a bit more quiet again as she's not longer being addressed. Again. But she's okay with that. She's the stranger here.

"I don't expect I'm here for an extended stay no, but I do intend to visit more often now. The purpose of my travels was to find Felicity and now that I have I'd like to enjoy myself a little, and I've missed the Realms too. It just feels like home, despite the terrible things that happened. Has much happened since I last saw you? I have been here every now and then but most of the time I left again almost right away so I wasn't able to come see you."

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