Gemma Doyle

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Gemma Doyle
Full Name: Gemma Doyle

Series: Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Class: Priestess

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 21
Birthdate: June 21st 1879
Height: 5'8"
Weight: I'd rather not say

Short Description: A tall and lanky young woman with red gold hair and startling green eyes turned up at the corners. She has fair skin sprinkled with too many freckles to her taste. Her hair may be pulled up in a messy bun or cascading down to her mid back depending on her mood of the moment and she wears a somewhat gunge chic attire, usually a skirt, leggings and a loose top/jacket with Converse. The finishing touch is a peculiar silver amulet depicting the crescent eye.

Gemma Doyle
The tall and lanky young woman ahead is, unlike her own assumptions, far from unnoticeable. Her fair and freckled skin, mane of fiery hair and startling green eyes have sometimes gotten her unpleasant attention in her Victorian era and so she can carry herself a bit awkwardly, her shoulders slightly stooped as a way of making up for being more often than not taller than other girls her age. She is by no means a femme fatale type, but boasts a decent profile, straight nose and good jaw. On most days, a silver amulet hangs around her neck depicting a moon crescent topped with an eye. The rest of her attire is somewhat grunge chic and often comprising of dark leggings, a skirt, a t-shirt and a loose plaid shirt or a jacket along with a pair of Converse or ankle boots. She wears her hair either down or pulled up in a messy bun depending on her feeling of the moment, changing at times throughout the day. There is something in Gemma's gaze which suggests that she is an independent thinker wise beyond her years though the upturned corners of her eyes betray a hint of playfulness and an ability to hold her own in pettier exchanges. She is often seen looking rather serious, but her features light up around those she cares about and her warm smile gives away the depth of affection she is capable of.

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Born in the late 1800s and raised in India until her 16th birthday, Gemma first idealized England and its depictions in her grandmother’s letters while she grew up. During her early teens, her relationship with her mother with whom she was always close soured and she resented her for not allowing her to go to England as her older brother Tom had been allowed to do when he came of age. Everything changed when she turned sixteen as that very day her mother took her own life under strange circumstances. It was also the day that Gemma first came to know she had powers, having witnessed the traumatic event in a vision as it was happening.

Shortly after, Gemma finally gets her wish to see England and is sent to attend the Spence Academy, a finishing school for young ladies where she befriends her roommate Ann, an orphan and scholarship student sponsored by distant relatives who intend to make her their governess once she graduates, and eventually Felicity and Pippa, although begrudgingly. Together, and with the use of Gemma’s powers, they discover The Realms, a world inhabited by fantastical creatures and where the magic is alive. However, over time they also discover a much darker side of it, and the story behind The Order’s demise, a secret society of sorceresses that were eventually forced into hiding after one of their own, Circe, betrayed them by offering a blood sacrifice to the evil creatures within The Realms.

Through their adventures in The Realms, the girls come to learn about good and evil, power, choice and loss. Gemma must carry the great responsibilities that falls upon her shoulders, being the only one who can access The Realms and restore the peace as well as decide if and how to share the magic with its inhabitants. Though she postpones any decision making on the matter as long as she can, angering some of the creatures that could be her allies as well as giving plenty if time to the dark spirits to endanger both worlds in the process, in the end she makes good on her promises and gives back the magic to the lands so that anyone in The Realms may draw on it, although it still flows in her veins.

Shortly after things settle in The Realms, Gemma and Felicity graduate Spence and officially become young ladies. Ann manages to secure employment as an actress and follow her own path instead of the one that was laid out for her and Felicity follows her mother to Paris, a place where she feels she may be able to escape her demons as well as allow herself to explore her sexuality in a place that is reputed to be less judgmental than Victorian England. Gemma decides to cut her season short and move to the United States to attend university and learn to fend for herself.

Four years later, Gemma more or less accidentally makes her way to Twisted. Ever since her friend Felicity disappeared, she has been relentlessly looking for her, traveling different worlds in the hopes of finding her. The mischievous creatures of The Realms responsible for Felicity’s disappearance having been no help, the past three years has involved a lot of trial and error, but Gemma is not one to give up so easily, especially without knowing the kind of predicament her friend might be in.


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