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Felicity Worthington
Full Name: Felicity Worthington

Series: Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Class: Victorian Heiress/Adventurer
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Rather Self-Aligned
Gender: Female
Species: Quite human, thank you!
Age: 22
Birthdate: March 1878
Height: 5ft4
Weight: 115lbs

Short Description: Misplaced from late 1800s London, England

Felicity Worthington
A striking and alluring young lady, roughly in her early 20's. Her white-blonde hair is pulled back in messy but chic low ponytail, her long bangs framing either side of her pale face. Here, Felicity has traded her Victorian corsets and fineries for a more practical and modern ensemble, but never at the expense of fashion! Oh, Heaven forbid. Today Felicity sports a tailored jacket with 3/4's sleeve fashioned in the likeness of the classic redcoats worn by the British army. It is fitted and comes down just past the waist, and clearly boasts a more feminine silhouette than the original uniform ever did. She contrasts this rather posh jacket with pair of skinny, distressed jeans tucked into a pair of pristine black riding boots. Underneath, she wears a low-cut rich black top of a flowy fabric. Over all, the ensemble is typical of Felicity's taste - which is to say the height of fashion and money, but with a modern and cheeky edge. To be sure, anything Felicity wears will be sure to showcase her stunning physique, highlighting her slim figure and feminine curves for the world to see. Yet, for all of her imperiousness, something in the way Felicity carries herself...perhaps it is a glint of mischief in her sharp, cool grey eyes or perhaps it is in her charismatic smile....but something belies a rather brash and unruly nature. She is no fragile china doll. She is fierce, and gone a little wild. It would seem Ms. Worthington remains a creature untamed, which lends an air of unpredictability to her commanding presence. It can be quite a volatile combination, to be sure. In any case, despite her displacement, Felicity carries herself with a cool, confident air and is always ready for a bit of fun and excitement to help satisfy her restless spirit. She usually comes armed with either her silver bow strapped to her back or rapier at her side - often times both.



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