Pride The Arrogant

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Pride The Arrogant
Full Name: Pride The Arrogant
Alias: Selim Bradley, Selim Bradford

Occupation: None Currently
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Humonculus

Short Description: A kindergartner of dark hair, and eye


Pride The Arrogant
Age: 350+
Physical Age: 6
Birthdate: May 17th
Height: 3'7" Weight: 35lb

A small, fair-skinned boy of about six years old, maybe older, maybe younger. His small size makes it hard to distinguish just how old he might actually be, and his short cut hair only serves to embellish upon his youthful features. His hair is cut in a rather stylized, standard little boy's cut, something a mother might decide force upon a child against their will.

It's an oily black color reaching down his neck, that appears to suffer from a perpetual ruffle, or cow-lick with bangs that come just past his eyebrows and no further. His eyes are big, and wide, inquisitive and full of youth, they hold deep dark color that actually appears purple in some lights. His nose is small, button-like, indicating his youth with pair of thin lips beneath it.

His thin neck tapers into his small, scrappy shoulders, with small limbs that still got a ways to grow yet. His build otherwise, is fairly lean, healthy, and as active as a boy of his few years might be. Overall, he's a small, scrappy little boy, with a bright glow in his features.


Philosopher's Stone: As much as strength as it is a weakness. The core of his being, should it ever be destroyed or weakened, so would he. It contains several thousand souls of innocent people he's either devoured, or granted by Father. As long as one soul still remains intact, so will Pride.

Container Body: His body is as real as it can be, but doesn't function like his brethren. It's weaker, being smaller, and more fragile. It also doesn't bleed. Should it ever be shattered, he would be rendered into an minuscule infantile form and be required to 'grow up' unless a suitable replacement is found.

Youthful Appearance: He looks young. Very young. This causes some people not to take him completely seriously.

Apathy: He is Pride incarnate. He sees all non-humonculus as inferior creatures, and functions on a level of apathy in regards to most of them.

Light and Dark: Complete darkness will render his powers inert, as shadows cannot exist in complete darkness. The same can be said about light, and too much bright light is known to even harm his shadows.

Carbon Fiber: He cannot cut through it with his shadows. They just bounce off.

Pride The Arrogant
Amestris. The Alchemical Capital of the world, or so the propaganda would have you believe. A country that exists in a universe in which humans have developed a sort of magical science called Alchemy. The world itself is early 20th Century, with semi-steampunk advancements, specifically in the area of prosthetic replacements and automobiles. Though the study of Alchemy overshadows the regular sciences.

Having been formed over 350 years ago, Amestris stands in the very center of conflict with several outlying countries such as Drachma, Creta, and Aerugo. Skirmish fights are common along the borders, but otherwise Amestris keeps to itself and for very good reason. Those 350 years ago a man with golden hair arrived from the Eastern Desert to teach the people Alchemy.

That man was later revealed to be Father, a humonculus created by a former Xerxes Slave, who eventually went on to be known as Van Hohenheim. Father consolidated the primitive peoples of early Amestris, and formed them into a government. Then he focused their sights on expansion, until the country itself was nice and round, eventually growing to consist of 5 major cities in each cardinal direction.

This is where Pride begins. Created in an experiment by Father to separate his sins from himself, Pride was the first humonculus. For a long time it was just the two of them, controlling the budding government of Amestris, Pride was put in charge if making sure the humans did what Father wanted them. He was given a container body, and tasked with acting as the adopted son of many former government officials, or high ranking military personnel. Where ever he was needed, he was put into place. Eventually there were more, next came Lust, then Greed. Eventually Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, and then finally Wrath.

Pride was in charge of them all. As time went on, his duties became more and more focused on preparing the country for the Promised Day. He slipped from the eyes of his siblings and began working covertly with Father, and Sloth in order to set the stage for the future and build the country-wide transmutation circle. He was eventually partnered with Wrath, to pose as the son of the Fuhrer, Selim Bradley, where for the next couple of years he'd be posted. At least, until the Elric Brothers began to snoop.

At first, they were barely a blip on Pride's radar, but they were sacrifices the moment they attempted human transmutation. However, it wasn't until Edward Elric received his certification as a State Alchemist did things begin to... get interesting. The youngest alchemist, who managed to get their certification? Unheard of since Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. What drew the attention of the State was his ability to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.

That day it became clear he would be a sacrifice. His brother followed soon after it became apparent of his... condition as a soul trapped inside a suit of armor. Their track record followed with disarray all across the country, disrupting on-going operations in mining towns, Leore, even Ishvallan slums, all in their quest to find a means to retrieving their lost bodies. They even ruined the Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker, who's research into Chimera creation lead him to transmute his daughter and dog just to save his career. Chimera were weak constructs, made through the joining of animal DNA through transmutation. Many experiments even lead to combining human and animal DNA to create a generation of soldiers during the Ishvallan War. Most of them are dead, while some had joined in Greed's little attempt at rebellion in Dublith. They too, died.

It was all in futile attempt, anyway. As they, like many others, will be destroyed when the Promised Day comes. And a new era of Humonculus Superiority will begin. Or that's what Pride thought, that Father would take upon the power of God and usher in a new era, but as time went on the persistent Elrics would not give up their goal. They kept digging, deeper, and deeper. Until Father had to get involved, after the death of Greed. Greed failed in his duty, and was reintegrated into Father as a result.

Greed would be reborn later, within the Xingese Prince Ling Yao, who proved himself yet another thorn in the Plan. Each passing moment lead to further disruptions, until Pride himself, had to step in. The plan was supposed to be simple. Kidnap the younger Elric, by manipulating his soul seal, and use him to lure Edward back to Central City. The tenacity of the older Elric was unexpected, causing a blackout as he did on an overcast night. Pride simply decided to bide his time, until that Lion/Human Chimera attacked. It was quite shocking to see how quickly the creature resorted to attacking the form of a small child.

The rest is blurry, as the next thing he knew he was waking up in Nowhereto Park to the sound of children on a nearby playground...

Personality: Pride is the physical embodiment of Father's pride. He is by every definition of the word, arrogant, prideful, and considers himself the most superior creature in the room at all times. As an active member of the Humonculus, Pride's sole duty is the execution of Father's plan. Which means he is the second in command, after Father. He's ruthless, conniving, cunning, and mocking. He will seek out any, and all advantage he can find to better combat his enemies and keep himself alive. This leads him to be reckless, in that he considers all other forms of life as vastly inferior to him. Which causes him to underestimate his opponents at times, but his vast amount power with his shadows make him a formidable fighter despite this.

When not acting as Pride, but putting on the guise of his alter identity, Selim Bradley, Pride is a much different person. He's polite, and thoughtful, inquisitive, and excitable in the subject of his particular interests: Military Service, and Alchemy. He'll speak for many hours on just how cool Alchemists are, as well as show a deep familial loyalty to his Father and Mother. He's also incredibly friendly, and easy to get along with, always looking to make friends where ever he goes.


Pride The Arrogant
Shadow Control: Pride is a living shadow. He exists as a shadow, contained within a physical body that appears to be a child. He can use his shadows to attack, spy, and defend himself. He's also capable of using them to force people to perform a task. They appear mostly as tendrils, but can expand and retract to cover wide surfaces. He can also communicate, and spy through them. They can cut through any substance besides carbon-based metals.

Philosopher's Stone: The core of his being. This blood red gemstone contains thousands of human souls, and renders him nearly indestructible, and effectively immortal. It is everything that allows him to exist and use his powers.

Amestrian Military Training: Being recognized as the son of the Fuhrer, and many other government officials in Amestris's past, Pride has mastered many Amestrian military tactics. Including the use of Morse Code, Tactical Information Gathering, and other military and political protocols. In the absence of the Fuhrer, and Father, he is effectively the leader of the Amestrian government.

Absorption: One of his less dignifying powers is the ability to devour others and gain their knowledge, and powers. For example: If he devours another humonculus of Father, he takes on some of their personality traits, but also their powers and weaknesses. Their souls become part of his Philosopher's Stone.

Second Identity: He is Pride, but he is also Selim Bradley, son of the Fuhrer King Bradley. A happy-go-lucky youngster who dreams of one day serving in the military like his Father. This is the face he puts on in public. He's also adept at hiding his malevolence from most types of sensor. This may not be so easy on the Twisted Road.

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