2020-01-28 - Ponies and War

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Ponies and War

Summary: After literally running into SilverSight, Pride discusses war and technology.

Who: Pride The Arrogant, SilverSight
When: January 28th, 2020.
Where: Adachi Boulevard

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SilverSight is on the explore! He's travelling through the streets of the city to see what all can be found, occasionally checking his Pipbuck map feature to ensure that he doesn't miss anything. How it can automatically put the names of locations in the system just by being near them is still beyond him.


He'd been running all over this damned city, and avoiding their pesky truancy officers. You'd think there'd be some kind of law against harassing non-locals with pointless acts of confinement. Pride needed a *cover* before he could be bothered integrating himself into their school system. Leave it to these humans to nose their way into places they don't belong.

Sooner or later, someone might... disappear.

He'd hoped he could prevent any situations that might arise before his position was stable. This particular instance, the officer had been persistent. Something about young children being out alone. It didn't matter, to Pride. Though his thoughts held distracted him long enough to run head-first into the lab-coat clad horse creature.

"Wha--EXCUSE ME!" he calls out, immediately, and blinking as his gaze focused on the creature. "Sorry!"

SilverSight isn't all that big and everyone knows that ponies are made of soft fluffy candy, so it isn't entirely unexpected for him to be bowled over by a charging child! He rolls a few times and thumps into a wall, looking all swirly eyed for a moment. He shakes his head and looks up with a blink, "Ow. You should be more careful!"

"Sorry!" Pride repeats, bowing his head a few times. He'd seen someone do that once, so far. He assumed it was likely a cultural thing. Though once he was done he found himself looking over... yet another strange talking animal. He was beginning to think this was going to be commonplace. No matter.

A few more blinks later, and a gasp. "What are you??" he asks, now, curiously, as a little boy might sound.

"Are you a toy too? Like Alden?"

SilverSight stands up with a stretch and a pop of the back. A light shimmy and he seems back to normal. His glasses magically adjust on his nose and he looks at the boy, "Oh? Thats a first. Most people know what I am by now. I'm a unicorn pony." He points up at the horn on his forehead, "A magical creature from the land of Equestria... sort of. Long story with that."

"A unicorn pony?" questions Pride now, with another blink-blink. "Like the horses princesses are supposed to ride?" He'd read a book once, about that, but never expected such a thing to exist outside the realm of alchemical experiments. What use would a horse have with a horn? He himself pushes up to his feet, and brushes off his clothes. Which were very clearly in disarray with a healthy amount of dirt, leaves, and a little mud. He probably looks like he's been avoiding a bath, or something, based on just how young he is.

"I've never met a talking horse before..." he adds.

SilverSight snorts at that one, "I'm not a horse, but a pony. Big difference. And our Princesses are also ponies themselves. We can all talk, except those who are rendered unable to." He looks over the boy briefly, "You're clearly a young human yourself. Should you be wandering the streets alone?"

"That's a silly sounding place." the little boy giggles, but he tilts his head in consideration. It certainly sounded like a ridiculous place, if talking animals frequented. "Is it digital too? Aldren said his home was digital. But I still don't know what that means..." Pride admits, scratching the side of his head and plucking a leaf out of his hair in the process which gets a look, before being flicked aside. "And I'm looking for my Father. I only came here a few days ago...I'm hoping he's here, too."

SilverSight rubs a hoof under his chin, "Hmm. You won't get argument from me. Equestria is most certainly a silly place to be in at the best of times. But it's certainly not a digital location. I haven't met this Alden as of yet though." A small shrug is given, "The most common place most people meet up at would likely be The Usual. It's pretty popular and serves everything."

"The Usual?" Pride wonders, knitting his brows. What kind name was that? "Where's that at?" Though after a moment, he makes note of the labcoat again. "...are you an Alchemist, Mr. Pony?" he asks now, tilting his head. He doubted it. Animals didn't speak, let alone perform alchemy. "You got a long coat like my favorite Alchemist, Edward Elric! Only his is red. It's SO cool!" He says with a sudden burst of excitement. "Have you ever met him? I met him once!"

SilverSight checks the device on his left foreleg, "The Usual is east of here." He looks at his labcoat a moment before shaking his head, "I'm afraid I've never heard of this Edward, nor am I an alchemist. I'm a scientist, of a sort, specializing in various forms of technology. Mostly that which comes from my world, but I have the only examples of it here. Probably for the best."

"Alchemists *are* scientists!" the little boy says with matter-of-facto, while giggling. "They're the BEST! I wanna be one when I grow up, so I can help Father!" Though he seems to nod a little at that explanation. "Do you have computers there? Alden says they can hold whole libraries! But that's silly, too." A pause. "...do they really?" Pride asks, in a stage whisper.

SilverSight has his doubts about alchemists being considered science... but he'll let it go to not crush the poor boy's feelings, "The regular Equestria hasn't developed much in the way of computer technology, but mine did. And they can certainly hold a lot more information than a single library."

"Really?!?!" the little boy gasps, eyes getting big and wide. "That's so cool!!!" Pride says, "We didn't have anything like that back...home..." He trails off a little as his voice takes on a bit of a somber tone. "I didn't even hear about them until Alden tried to explain it..." He giggles. "He didn't do a good job of it. It's even MORE confusing! But he tried..."

SilverSight sits back and holds up his forelegs so that the device on his leg can be seen, "Well you can take a look at this. It's sort of a mini-computer, but still holds a whole lot of information." The device is securely attached, so no removing it, but he'll happily show the boy the screen, showing in particular the 'notes' section which shows a whole bunch of different digital logs he's acquired, as well as his own personal journal he's been keeping. Much of the information won't make much sense either, but the point is that there are a LOT of words to read.

The technology was all kinds of fascinating. The way it lit up, like a strange miniature lantern with a window. The amount of data however, within the small, square shaped(?) device seemed impossible. "Woooooah..." Pride's eyes seem to almost grow even bigger, and brighter as he stares at the bright thing. "Coooool! And it has a whole library?! Can I touch it?" he asks, in a very little kid kind of fashion, hand outstretched already. "We didn't have *anything* like this..."

SilverSight's Pipbuck is indeed a mostly square shaped device, with a screen that's mostly green text on a black background. A few buttons and dials are usable, "Sure, you can poke around at it if you like. Just don't try to take it off. It requires special tools to remove it without hurting it or me."

The little boy does just that, he immediately takes the foreleg into one hand and begins to slowly go through the device with his free hand. From an outside perspective it might appear completely benign. A young child simply skipping past all the words to get to the pictures. If there were any. Though the look in his eyes seem far more attentive then he'd originally played off. "Wow!" he says, after a moment of flipping through things. "Do you think I could get one? This'd be really cool to show my father!" Pride says, a big smile playing across his face. "He'd think it was really cool too."

"Oh..." A flash of disappointment crosses Pride's face, as he sighs a little. He takes a step back. "It's still really cool though! Do you think I can find another computer?" He asks now. A momentary glance at the pony's device was enough to understand the concept. Fascinating as it was, it did little to serve Pride's purposes at the moment. He'd *need* to find another one. He needed to know all he could about this world. How can you rule over the humans, if you know nothing of the kind you'd find here? "How'd you find yours?" he wonders now.

SilverSight hmms, "I'm sure there's a store around here that would sell computers, though likely nothing like my Pipbuck here. As for where I got it, I grew up in a place called a Stable. Not a typical horse stable, mind you, but this was a massive facility built inside a mountain designed to protect a population from a war. The ponies who grew up in the Stable were provided these to help with our daily lives. Outside the Stable, they're very rare to see except on others who venture from them. Or such ponies have been killed and their Pipbucks taken. It happens."

"Ohh... is there a lot of war in your world?" Pride wonders, absently brushing some dirt from his vest. "There's been a lot of war in mine... But my father does everything he can to keep the people safe! There was a big war a long time ago... between Amestris and Ishval! Amestris won, because my father lead us to victory with the State Alchemists!" He rattles off very suddenly, eager to discuss the exploits of his father. It was an amusing thing, these stories of Wrath, but it all fit together in the mold that made Selim so innocent. Inside, Pride chuckling. "He protects everyone! Maybe he can help your home too!" the little boy says, though it was highly unlikely.

"Radiation?" echoed the small boy, tilting his head. "That's bad right?" The concept of this type of energy had been studied, but not afforded to any known practices that Pride was aware of. Such were the troubles of non-alchemical based sciences. The automail engineers, and car mechanics. The very *human* sciences. "And you're from there?" he says after another beat. "Wow... that sounds terrible. Amestris isn't like that at all. It's the greatest country in the whole world!"

SilverSight nodnods, "Radiation is very bad. It makes a person sick and can kill quickly. I honestly don't mind having left that world behind to live.. here now. It's much safer."

"Amestris is safe too. Soldiers are always patrolling around, and making sure everyone's safe!" Pride says, smiling. Then... it fades. "...I miss it. A lot." He says, now hugging himself a little. "I--I just hope I can find my Father here. Maybe he came with me." he adds, though the tone in his voice gives way to the idea he's not entirely convinced of this anymore. Pride had to admit to himself, that the probability was less then none. He was likely alone in this world, if Alden's words were to be believed. "Oh! I never told you my name, Mr. Pony! I'm Selim! It's very nice to meet you."

SilverSight is pretty alone as well. He's the only pony around that he's aware of. At least the kid has other humans to bond with, "It's good to meet you as well, Selim. My name is Silver Sight. I do hope that you find your father soon." He ponders for a moment, "I believe I heard about a welcome center for new arrivals to the city, though unfortunately I don't know it's exact whereabouts. But they could help you there."

"Welcome center?" asks of Selim, furrowing his brows as he places a thoughtful hand on his chin. "What do they do there? Besides say 'welcome!'" he asks shouting the last word and throwing his arms up in a dramatic bright show of welcoming. Then drops his hands, giggling. "Do you think they know where my father is??"

SilverSight does smile to the dramatics, but he shakes his head, "I'm afraid I don't know all the details since I haven't been there myself. Though I should probably check it out myself. It's no fun leaving home behind." He thinks about it a moment, "Well I bet your father could possibly be there looking for you too. It'd certainly be a good place to start."

Selim nodnods, himself, now. "Then I should find it." he declares, nodding his head. "I'm the *best* at finding things." It was true, he found the Elrics. Gluttony helped, but only slightly. He would find this place, with ease. "When I find it, I'll come find you again, and tell you where it's at!" the boy tells the pony.

"Johnathon Bradford, or I call him Dad. Or Daddy." Pride lies, there was no gain in fully revealing Wrath to these creatures, or his position. Not yet, anyway. "He's a very important soldier in the Amestrian Military." He also wasn't aware of what sort of information can be found in a world with boxes that contain libraries. Better safe then dealing with insolence. "He saved his whole platoon from Ishval invaders! He was a hero!"

SilverSight nodnods with a smile, "Sounds like a pretty good father to me. I barely remember mine, to be honest. Life's really rough in the Wasteland outside the Stable and I definitely took a knock or two to the head. So a lot of my early memories are pretty fuzzy."

"Oh, I'm sorry." the little boy offers, with slow nod of understanding. This world sounded more and more undesirable as the creature went on about it. Not the sort of place Father would have interest in. No matter what sort of technology it may have. The inhabitants didn't sound...useful if a single war reduced them to this. Present company excluded. "Your world sounds just awful, Mr. Pony--Silver Sight. Nothing at all like mine." A little thoughtful scratch of his chin. "...I wonder how many other places are like that..." Pride innocently mentions, a furrowed expression on his face.

SilverSight hmms, "Well I know of at least one other that was pretty roughed up. I'm not sure the full extent of the damage, but I believe I recall hearing that it was later destroyed entirely."

"Oh..." Pride nods slowly, then places his fist in his hand. "Okay! So I'm gonna go find the welcome center!" He says to Silver Sight now, looking off towards the road. He'd been safe so far. So he was sure the officer had given up looking for him by now. He looked back at the pony creature, and smiled. Then waves. "I'll find you later, okay, Mr. Silver Foot--Sight?"

SilverSight reaches a hoof up to point at his head, lowering the glasses, "If it helps you remember, my eyes are silver. It's where I got the name. But I do wish you well in the future, Selim. Go find your dad."

"Thank you! Byyyee~" And the little boy runs off. Another leaf probably falling from his hair as. Pride's hunt for information continued.

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