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Jackson, Rex, and Buster
Full Name: Jackson, Rex, and Buster

Series: Original
Class: Guard dog/Pet
Threat Level: Civilian
Alignment: depends on which one you talk to
Gender: Male
Species: Cerberus
Age: Adolescent
Birthdate: December 17th 1235
Height: 4' at the shoulder
Weight: 320lbs

Short Description: 4'tall cerberus with different personalities.

Jackson, Rex, and Buster
The trio are indeed a Cerberus. Instead of being full grown however, they are more like an Exceptionally large dog. They stand 4 foot tall at the shoulder. the body seems bulky and powerful and seems a kin to that of a Rottweiler. The chest and shoulders are wider than would be normal to support the three heads. Black fur covers the entire beast all the way from head tothe tip of their large tail that almost touches the ground as they walk. The three thick necks branch out from the chest, each adorned with a spiked collar and a nametag. Rex is the right most head with his kind sky blue eyes that break the monotony of the midnight black fur that covers his canine features. he seems to be the emotional one of the three. His biggest goal in life is to become someone's pet and be loved. Jackson in the middle is the smart one of the group having taken the master's teachings seriously. his light brown eyes and floppy ears being theprominent defining features to tell him apart from Rex and his third brother Buster. All Jackson wants is to learn new and interesting things. Buster is very much the bruiser, his red eyes and Rottweiler like markings make his visage look extra menacing. He wants to do the job he was created for, being a guard dog and looking after something special.
Jackson, Rex, and Buster
Speed: Being a 4 foot tall dog, they are able to chase down most anything the only problem being that for such a large dog. keeping such mass going is a tiring affair and so their endurance suffers as such.

Enhanced Senses: A dog's sense of smell and hearing are better than that of a human allowing for the tracking of scents and the hearing of noises that human's can't for example a dog whistle still works on a magic dog. As a Cerberus however they have the ability to smell magic from items and people as magic has a specific scent, whether the magic is good or bad however is unable to be discerned. the more powerful the magic the stronger the scent.

Sorcerer's Apprentice: just living with a powerful magician can help you learn a little about magic. Jackson knows a few spells, however these spells have a tendency to backfire or miss their intended marks as much as they work.

Teleportation: how they ended up in twisted and how a dog is able to interact with objects without biting it considering a lack of thumbs. there is a limit to how big the item to teleport is though however, as well as the fact that sometimes either the wrong object gets teleported or the item is teleported to the wrong place.

Charm person: This is a spell that works on a single person that manifests itself in making them irresistibly cute. The spell however does not work on people that already know him and those who are absolutely heartless.(a.k.a. those who have no capacity for sympathy for anything but themselves. Additionally, like most charm spells, the victim gets to try and resist it through sheer force of will.)

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The Three brothers are a part of a created Cerberus race. These Creatures are in all intents and purposes Large three headed dogs with human like intelligence. When fully grown they can reach over 20 feet at the shoulder. A Cerberus can only be summoned/created by either powerful magic users or gods. A Cerberus has three heads and therefore three minds. each one develops independently of the others and has the capacity to have its own personality. Each head cannot read the others' minds. Each head has full control of the body. In cases of confusion or conflict between the heads where each attempts control the body shuts out new input and stays still until conflicting orders are resolved. each however also has the ability to relinquish control to the others, allowing one to do the work. This also works if one or two of the heads become unconscious. The remaining head is able to get the "group" out of the situation at hand. The Cerberus as a creature was created for the sole purpose of guarding valuable items. Certain, more boisterous magicians create one for the sole purpose of having a unique pet. There is one fatal flaw with the Cerberus however. Any music can put all three heads to sleep, no matter the situation at hand.

A Powerful mage in the old days where knights and castles were common, had a magical item that he believed needed guarding and deiced to create a Cerberus. A Cerberus that in fact, arethe three brothers in question. What he did not account for is that as a created species, one cannot simply create a fully grown Cerberus. What he ended up with was a Cerberus puppy. A Cerberus puppy, like a human baby is no where near the full size, nor at full mental capacity. Your average Cerberus starts at 1-2 pounds much like a new born St. Bernard. The other thing is brand new Cerberus puppies like any other newborn animal, are too cute for their own good. Disappointed in his results for a guard dog he thinks to erase his mistake and get rid of the tiny pup. Thankfully cute works on a majority of people. The mage could not bring himself to be rid of them and so decided to keep them hoping to use them for their intended purpose when they grow up.

Through their puppyhood however they became more than simple house pets, they became family. They learned about the world around them but were told to never leave home because the world outside was dangerous. They learned their master's language and became conversational companions. as they grew however they like most children break rules, and on several occasions while the master was out, they would sneak out themselves. the world out side was nowhere near as dangerous as the master had made it sound. Jackson, the brains of the three, began to focus more intently when their master was doing magic, becoming more and more interested. the other two however could have cared less. One day when the master was out again, Jackson had the idea to use a teleportation spell to get them into the cabinet where all the food is kept. who knew that hand gestures were so important in spell casting?

As expected, the spell went array and the trio ended up somewhere else entirely. A very twisted place.


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