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Theodore Rabanne
Full Name: Theodore Rabanne (THEE-ə-dawr rah-BAHN)
Alias: Theo

Occupation: Busker
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: Lanky blond teenage guy

Misc: Theodore Rabanne -- "Theo" to his friends -- might look like an average kid. And to all outward appearances, he is. But Theo is a Stand-user -- he is able to manifest a part of his psyche as a swarm of golden metal spiders that spin golden threads. He refers to them collectively as "Spin Doctors". Though he is part of the legacy of the insidious vampire DIO, who both himself and his minions have made repeated attempts to take over his world, to install DIO as its true god. But here in Twisted, that's not important, because he's away from all that... Or is he...?

Theodore Rabanne
Age: 17 Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 6' Weight: ~150lbs

        A slim fellow who seems to be all legs! He is of a light complexion, and his hair is blond and straight, worn just long enough to pull into a short, punky ponytail at the nape of his neck. The bangs fall over large-set amber eyes, obscuring them at times. His upper body has some muscle tone, particularly in the shoulders, but is still rather slim, particularly his legs. Those legs, though, are quite long. But there's strength in them, usually visible unless his attire is particularly loose.
        He wears a threadbare green shirt with a denim vest over it, faded blue jeans, and battered hiking boots. The shirt is a short-sleeved t-shirt, with a heart made of black pixel-like squares on the front. His vest and jeans actually do not match, the vest being a darker color of denim than his jeans. On each lapel of the vest is a silver pin; the right side is a skull with an open mouth that sports fangs and seems to be threatening the viewer, while on the left is a heart with a lightning bolt shaped groove cut in the middle that gives the suggestion of a broken heart.
        The jeans are faded but still look to be in relatively good condition. He wears a belt made of braided-together leather strings; most of the strings are black, but there are a few bright crimson ones woven into the overall design. The belt is far too long, so it's been tucked into two belt loops on the other side. Yet it still reaches to mid-thigh. The hiking boots are ankle-length, a brown dark brown padded section around his ankle atop a lighter, dirt-brown rest of the shoe. The soles are thick, probably adding an inch or so to his height, and are a light, sandy brown.


  • "Spin Doctors" has no direct way to harm an opponent. They rely on Theo applying the strings in clever ways to be effective. In addition, Theo himself has no combat training, and is himself fairly weak when engaged in direct combat.
  • Theo's unable to use his Stand if his mouth is covered or he is somehow prevented from opening his mouth to release it.
  • Theo uses his life energy to create the strings that "Spin Doctors" creates. If he uses too much energy, he could injure or kill himself.
  • When his Stand is attacked, Theo takes damage relative to the percentage of spiders that are destroyed. Additionally, the spiders individually are not difficult to destroy; a normal person can stomp hard enough to destroy one.
  • "Spin Doctors" is a manifestation of his psyche, which means it's basically a reflection of his inner self. Because of this, it may manifest in response to suppressing his emotions. It may manifest to emote in various ways at someone that evokes an emotion within him, or to grab small items Theo wants but is denying himself for whatever reason, to accomplish small tasks that Theo wants to do but doesn't -- or shouldn't -- for whatever reason.

Theodore Rabanne

        In 1986, Theodore Rabanne's mother Olympia, on vacation in Aswan, Egypt, was merely one of the many women that caught the fancy of a vampire by the name of Dio. Though she didn't know it at the time, Olympia was lucky to escape with her life -- many such women caught by Dio's charms ended up as his next meal. Olympia escaped with more than her life, though; she found out later she was with child. When he was born she named him Theodore (ironic for a number of reasons). He decided as he grew older that he wanted "Theo" as a nickname, since "Teddy" was too childish for his tastes, and he thought "Ted" made him sound like an accountant.

        Olympia raised the child as best a single mother could. It was a typical childhood for the most part. Until Theo witnessed a car accident shortly after turning 17. It was a typical hit-and-run; a pedestrian was crossing and a car ran a stop sign, hitting the pedestrian and didn't stop. Theo tried to render aid, but his Stand manifested. Which was a little freaky for him, since "Spin Doctors" comes out of his mouth. Imagine if you will, a seventeen year old boy freaking out over someone getting possibly killed right in front of him, only to suddenly have golden spiders start coming out of his mouth. He did fix the person's injuries. And then he ran. Not back home -- he couldn't tell his mother that spiders just came out of his mouth and fixed a person's injuries. She'd never believe him -- not only because it was IMPOSSIBLE, but because he was about the right age for "eighth-grader syndrome" anyway. He just ran away.
        He stayed gone for about six months, before the Speedwagon Foundation located him. They had quite a chase trying to catch him, since he thought they were police, and had to employ a Stand-user of their own to track him down. But once he'd been "caught", things were explained to him. On the bright side, they said, the golden spiders were called a "Stand", and he wasn't the only one that had them. SPW had a plethora of information about Stands, since they'd been cataloguing weird things for so long.
        On the down side, they had to break the news about his father -- Dio, an insidious vampire that had attempted twice to take over the world. They weren't automatically placing him on lockdown, but they'd be keeping an eye on him. Not only because they didn't want Theo to follow suit with his father's treachery, but because the minions of Dio were everywhere, and might just try to kidnap him for his connection with Dio. So he'd need to go into protective custody.
        A week later, exactly that happened. One of those minions did indeed kidnap Theo. Though he didn't need much in the way of rescuing. However, in the ensuing chaos, something exploded, and through some means, Theo found himself dropping into Twisted.


        Theo is very much not what one migh expect from the son of a powerful vampire. First off, he's completely human, not a half-vampire (none of Dio's many children are; this is probably because Dio was using someone else's body, which he had hijacked by attaching his own head to). He is quite the opposite of his father in personality -- Dio was a controlling and domineering man who would suffer the company of almost none save those who agreed to serve him, and had designs on taking over the world. Theo wants nothing to do with this "leadership" garbage. He doesn't tend to do well in command, as it makes him nervous. In a crisis, he would rather have someone to look to for leadership and orders. Though if he doesn't have to lead/command others in a crisis, he does tend to keep his head if he knows what to do. Otherwise he kind of loses it and panics.

        Overall, though, there are some similarities between himself and Dio. Theo is generally unfailingly polite when approached non-aggressively, but tends to appear detached and a little aloof under normal circumstances. Though unlike Dio, it's not because Theo places himself above others. It's because he knows he isn't like them, thanks to his Stand. He doesn't make friends lightly, but Twisted may be the place where he can. Here, where a teenage boy with a mouth full of metal spiders that spin healing strings isn't the weirdest thing out there, is probably going to do WONDERS for fixing this problem of being a little distant.


Theodore Rabanne
        Theo is in possession of a "Stand", a manifestation of his psyche made from psychokinetic energy. His takes the form of a swarm of small, quarter-sized golden spiders that look as though they're made from twisted-together cutlery. They have no power and are not venomous; their 'bites' do little more damage than a strong pinch. However, Theo can see through their eyes, they can travel several city blocks before they lose the ability to manifest. They move in ways that spiders can -- up walls, across ceilings, etc. -- they are small and flat enough to squeeze into small spaces easily, and can accomplish small utilitarian tasks (flipping light switches, turning on small appliances, etc.) easily. They are collectively called "Spin Doctors" (and if anybody cares, it's probably categorized as a long-range swarm/colony support Stand).

        However, their true usefulness comes from the golden strings that they produce from their mouths. These strings are made of an organic compound that can fuse with living tissue when so directed. This means that they are able to "stitch up" wounds and injuries, replace lost tissue, and even reattach severed limbs (provided the limb does not die completely first). They can do little for illness or blood loss, however. Other uses for these strings: they can be spun across a person or object to reinforce it or act as armor; they can be spun over an area of floor or walls to detect when someone has stepped on or touched it; they can act as a communication medium when placed in the mouth and around the ear.

        A Stand is usually invisible to people without some sort of ability that makes them open to psychic phenomena -- though this means magic users, other psychics, and any sort of ability that counts as "paranormal" can qualify for this. However, even people who can't see them can generally "perceive" them. Psychokinetic energy, which makes up Stands, is very much like electromagnetic energy. Thus it can give people nearby feelings of being nervous, or being "watched". People near to a Stand's activation or manifestation may smell a slight scent of ozone, like the electric scent of a thunderstorm. People with particularly sensitive senses of touch may even be able to feel the air currents in an area disturbed by a Stand's presence.

        While himself not a great combatant, Theo is flexible and agile, and also has fairly good stamina for a human being. This is, of course, well within human capabilities, but noted here because it's significantly above human "average". He's also a talented dancer, and has a fairly decent singing voice.

See Theme_Music for help with this section.

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