The Council

The Council (sometimes referred to as The High Council) is the only government like entity that exists in Twisted. Made up of nine rulers from different dimensions and races (though it is comprised mostly of High Elves), The Council makes sure the dimensions aren't being polluted by people moving from one world to the next. How can a single organization prevent such things from occuring? In truth, they cannot. However, they do their best to stop dimensional travelers from going to worlds that are not infected with off-dimension people, thus attempting to preserve them and let them proceed in their natural development. To help with this, The Council has created a group called Task, who are sent to round up people that have shifted dimensions and are causing a disturbance. What exactly a disturbance is seems to be up to The Council to decide. The Council meets in a large building floating just above the middle of Twisted Street, where they occasionally meet to try and discuss how best to deal with rising problems in Twisted itself, and hold court on traveling offenders, commenly known as Mal-Travelers.

Age unkown, species unknown, although she does coincide with a number of other beings found in other dimensions, none seem to have the same capabilities and functionality she does. True form, unknown. Concordance uses a number of different bodies in different dimensions, maintaining a multiple set of minds in each different dimension she maintains and seeks to send order too. Further details on that subject are restricted. Weapon of choice is a long scythe, she also wields numerous types of magic, including the ability to lock down paranormal abilities, such as magic, time travel, science, technology, etc, although she often delegates these to me so she doesn't have to deal with it. The true leader of The Council even if everyone has a vote, anyway. She's also very distant and has never shown much emotion in her conversations. She formed The Council after Twisted was created, and gathered the members from various dimensions and put them into service.

Age unknown, though she is young according to Concordance. Species Guarlesia, she was created by Concordance for restricted reasons and subsequently sealed with a 100 seals before she could even awaken to full life. Her weapon of choice is a long sword with runes along the blade, use uknnown. She never leaves Concordance's side and never sleeps.

Age unknown, species Devourer. Abomination eats existence itself, including souls and people, he often chews away on the fabric of reality and has had many dealings with the spiritual side of magic, including necromancy, ressurections, soul transfers, and soul creation. He was the last Council member chosen by Concordance, much to the disparage of the other Council members because he's disgusting and what some of them termed as evil. Nonetheless, he is an asset to The Council in times when such needs of his abilities come into play.

I'm not a Council member, I work for The Council under contract! I'm a Synth prototype model 3.0, versions 1.0 and 2.0 both escaped before they were finished and disappeared into realms unknown or have been destroyed. The Core research branch known as Syntha Tek has finally finished a successful model, me! I'm the latest and greatest model to be put out and can be used in a variety of ways from personal computer, to compaion! I'm able to speak any language I hear if I can here it spoken for an hour, and understand any written language in the same time! I'm amble to access resources from other dimensions as long as my user has been granted such access' from The Core! I'm also behind my scheduled maintanence by about three months, which is why I can tell you all of this, normally my portocols stop me from talking about it, but, hey, whatever, right?

Nancy Dark
Nancy is the newest member of the Council. Imprisoned at a young age for fear of her powers, she was recently released following the deaths and disappearences of former council members Borik, Seflit, Myra, Iloken, Lalorien, and Harpanic. Nancy has the ability to pull people and places from other dimensions to wherever she happens to be standing and has been known to open doorways to other worlds with enough concentration. Her duties currently consist of identifing uncorrupted worlds and locking them from Twisted, actively searching for new Council members, and welcoming newcomers to Twisted. Although, she hasn't been performing well on this last duty.

Species: Elf. Harpanic comes from a magical dimension where elves are the only known species! Her looks are most certainly more exotic than beautiful according to my research of such appearances, but don't tell Myra I said that or he'll set me on fire! Harpanic looks down on most other species and has to constantly deal with Myra asking her out on a date!

Species: Planet! Myra is a planet of fire, obviously from the planet Myra! He recently was murdered by a person named Caliga who has threatened The Council a number of times! However, he has been brought back to life! Swearing loyalty to Concordance and The Council once again, Myra has re-taken his seat out of desperation to get a date with Harpanic! He has yet to succeed though! Myra is a planet made up mostly of fire, which explains a lot of Myra's tempermental mood swings!

Species: Elf. Iloken is a warrior elf, specializing in swordsmanship. Her and Seflit came from the same dimension, but Seflit was killed by Crux Caedon, so now she's by herself on The Council! She is generally reserved and non-confrontational, but releshises a straight on sword to sword fith whenever one comes available!
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