"Twisted is a world of chaos and insanity! From the information I've been able to gather while I've been here and working for Concordance, I mean, The Council, it seems to be a giant nexus of dimensional portals, and will connect itself at random to other worlds or dimensions. Sometimes, it even pulls whole buildings onto itself, but often they come through damaged or misshapen then how they were originally. Twisted also will sometimes send parts of itself away! OH! And of course, there's Twisted Street, the street that runs alllllll across Twisted itself, bending, curving, and going every which a way, it's always made of black stone though, and other than that restaurant, it's the most stable thing there is on the planet!"

Places Of Interest

" I can't go look at things myself, because I'm not supposed to leave the Task lobby or The Council area, so a lot of my information on places are limited! If you go see things for yourself you'll probably get more information! Try to take me along with you, I'd love to go too!"

The Usual Restaurant
"The restaurant that some people sillyly refer to as the middle of Twisted, (there really IS no such place! He he he!) is the only thing that doesn't seem to ever move places. Task and I are still trying to find out why this is, but it seems to have something to do with the restaurant existing in several other dimensions as well, and it's the same in each one. So, we believe that Twisted is simply bringing in other pieces of the restaurant, but since they're al the same there is no actual change! It's very interesting from a scientific view, if you're a scientist, anyway! Oh, it's called the Usual Restaurant, and a girl named Aquariu owns it!"
Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium

"When you need a pizza in a jiffy, the answers not so iffy. Come down to our little shop and after your order you'll see us hop! Making pizzas is our game, just make sure you don't disdaine. But with deliveries, don't mind the mess because with Pizza Cats you get the best! Let us know you saw this ad and we'll give you a discount. Hey, I can't rhyme all the time, just when you pay..." ~Francine ^n_n^
Red Light District

Located in the Southern Portion of the City Ruins you'll find the home of Twisted's 'adult crowd.' No children here please. From night clubs to various gentleman's clubs like Happy's Eight Treasures. And if that's not enough excitement, the Red Light District is also home to The Cat's Paw run by the exotic and enigmatic Miss Lucinda, featuring live bands every weekend. If you can't find intrigue and adventure at every corner of the Red Light Distrcit, you've gone to the wrong place...
Peaceful Glade Cemetary

Given the multitude of worlds that intersect Twisted Street, it's no surprise that it features one of the largest cemetaries of nearly any world in existance. As the dedication on the gates reads, "To all the lost souls that where never laid to rest, this cemetary was created. May the gods, goddesses, and wizards of each world bring forth the bodies of those left behind. We offer this sancutary to those unburied and forgotten spirits never given a place to sleep. May they finaly find the peace they deserve..." It is truely something that must be seen to believe.
Eat or Die

Of the more outlandish places to eat, this is certaintly one of the most unique. The theme of the restaurant is ment to be cold hearted, much like stepping into an automated factory. Orders are taken and food is prepared without a hint of human interaction. Yet, despite the lack of soulful beings the place is popular and has quickly become well known for it's flavorful chinese food. When you want to eat out but don't want to deal with the disgusting meatsacks who surround you, this is the place to go. Sponsored in part by the Poop Cola Comapny.

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