Hell Rules Policy

Last updated 04-04-09

The following rules apply only to characters who are “dead” or to those who reside in the regions referred to as Hell. Hell is defined as any location dealing with the afterlife or the paranormal such as ‘The Other Side’, ‘The Underworld’, or locations of demonic possession such as the UAC Mars/Phoebus/Deimos bases. Cemeteries, the area known only as “The Waiting Room”, Churches, or Johnny’s basement are considered neutral locations which are not covered by these or Twisted’s Rules. The denizens which preside over those locations are the final say in those situations.

While characters may specifically be created for the Hell regions, any character can find means of entering them if certain criteria are met, please speak to a member of staff before attempting any of these on your own. These include, but are not limited to

The use of Puzzle Boxes (aka Lament Configurations)
Hell Gates (Staff approved ones only)
Magical Portals (Such as those created using spell books or sacrifices)
The Hell Door in the Waiting Room (and passage on the River Styx)
Character death

Character death is an additional option which is allowed to prevent a character from falling from the grid all together upon it’s demise. While this is a part of what led to the creation of the Hell regions, this does not mean your character is immortal, nor does it mean that your character can not go on to a Heaven-style region. However, as a general rule of thumb, we will likely NOT be creating any Heaven-regions as such locations tend to cause great conflict amongst players and any locations worthy enough of being called a Heaven-region could just as easily be made into it’s own world rather than the end-all destination for the good natured souls of all of Twisted.


Hell has it’s own Council, much like that of Twisted. The exception is that Hell’s council members are not chosen by a council leader, but in fact are given their positions once the character has killed an existing member. Because of this the Hell Council members are considered to be some of the most powerful characters in Hell. This also means that if you should challenge one of them, do not be surprised if they pull off some amazing attack from which there is no running away from or dodging. In other words, CHALLENGE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK! These characters are in place for TP purposes and often their actions will lead to various characters on the muck being ‘pushed’ into the direction of larger RP events which normally don’t have any advanced warning behind them. Allowing non-staff onto the Council is therefore something which is not going to be an easy feat. It’s not impossible, but if that’s your only goal, you might want to reconsider the direction you want your character to follow.


The Cenobites are the police force in Hell. If someone who is alive enters the realms of Hell, they are immediately alerted. Their involvement is based solely on how much of a challenge the invading soul provides. In other words, a low-key, low-power character will probably be ignored but a well known or influential power-house will immediately be sought. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a high powered living character enters Hell and is not immediately hunted down, there is a very good reason for it. Living Souls in Hell are often also “volunteered” to become new Cenobites. This involves very uncomfortable and graphic scenes of torture and mutilation. Remember what region this is, after all. The best advice is to avoid Hell until you’re dead. If you wish to become a Cenobite or create an original one, please speak to a member of staff FIRST.


It -is- possible to escape the regions of Hell, and in fact this is often encouraged by the members of it’s Council. However, for a character which is not working directly for the Council or an equally high standing Hell Denizen this is very difficult. One must either have a very high understanding about the creation of portals and how to use them, or they must find an unguarded passage ICly and try to sneak out and remain unnoticed. Characters caught outside of Hell WILL be monitored by the Cenobites who will take the first opportunity to come and reclaim them if your character should brag about having been in Hell. Thusly, IF you escape be sure to avoid any portals to Hell. If a Cenobite drags you back you will be placed into the Labyrinth in the depths of Hell as punishment where upon you will be trapped until someone can guide you back out.


Being in Hell causes a character’s soul to taint. In other words they are around such concentrated chaos and darkness that it stains their souls and in extreme cases will causes a character’s alignment to shift. This taint can not be removed by any normal means. Characters who are in Hell for -any- extended amount of time should reflect this in their descriptions as this taint can be felt by ANYONE who can sense darkness or who can see into the astral plane. Deceased characters are ESPCIALLY vulnerable to this.


The deeper into Hell you go, the harder it is get around freely. The lowest regions are heavily guarded and only intended for use in TP events or by Council Members. In other words, if your caught there ICly - you will be punished.

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