"You've chosen information on Task! Task is the strong arm of The Council, enforcing their laws and doing what they say! Mostly, their job is to catch Mal-Travelers that have been polluting the dimensions that haven't yet been contaminated by denziens from other worlds! They also are in charge of documenting new dimensions that spring up on Twisted, including planets and buildings. Though, they don't do a very good job, since Twisted is always changing around, but they give me all of the information so I can process it along to the proper records! In the course of their duty, they can do whatever they want to apprehend a Mal-Traveler, including destroying them! Although The Council frowns upon it officially, they don't reall care at all! Shhhh, don't tell that I said that!"

Task ranking system:

Angel - The low rank in TASK, so named because they are to the epitmy of good and what is right on Twisted. Angels job is the basic one. Make sure people aren't breaking the laws of Twisted (The Council) and deal with Mal-Travelers. They're allowed to pursue Mal-Travelers into uncontaiminated dimensions, but must never expose themselves to others in that dimension. Instead, they must wait till the Mal-Traveler is alone, and find a way to strike without alerting the natural inhabitants of that dimension. Destruction of land, property, and other places is also not allowed. Angels often will inform a Gremlin or higher up rather than puruse a Mal-Traveler through into another dimension, less they endanger not only losing their job, but also their freedom and being placed in the tender loving care of a Keeper, or simply sealed away if they're not deemed useful enough.

Gremlin - Gremlins are the middle rank of TASK, so named because while they don't always follow the strictest of rules, they'll still do what they're told and get their jobs done, albeit a bit messily. They share the same responibilites as Angels, but have a bit more freedom in what they can do while pursuing Mal-Travelers. If it will only expose a few people of an uncontaiminated dimension to contamination, they may engage in battle in order to apprehand the Mal-Traveler. A few people can equal anything from two to five people. This means the Gremlin can't ever openly fight with a Mal-Traveler in a populated city, unless they receive permission from The Council or a Crow. This permission is more often than not given to a Gremlin, depending on their past record and trustworthyness. Such more open battles are always reviewed by a Crow or Gegoshi in order to determine if the Gremlin acted in the best possible interest of Twisted, and kept dimensional contamination to a minimum.

Crow - The high rank in TASK, so named after the symbolic aspect of crows that take souls into the afterlife. Crows have unlimited restraint in how they go about dealing with Mal-Travelers, where as always The Council prefers there to be no death, destruction, or contamination of and on other worlds and dimensions, it is left to the Crow to rely on his own personal judgement. Only a select few hold the Crow title, and one can only be promoted to it by The Council.

Keeper - Keepers are those that have been given the task of ensuring that the more deadly members of TASK, and sometimes those of Twisted itself, do what they're told and don't get out of hand. Each one holds the -key- as it were, to locking away their captive on a moments notice. Thus, the Keepers keep the Gremlins and lower ranks in check, making sure they don't make things worse by starting unncessary fights, or simply contaiminating dimensions. Keepers in general are very strict with their so called underlings, and have no remorse in removing their freedoms as punishment for any mistakes. Afterall, whoever their keeping is only being let out on the terms that they do as they're told. Keepers are above Angel and equal in rank to Gremlins.

Well known members of Task:

Satyrn [Rank: Crow]
"Satyrn Tarn is a saiyan who crash landed on Twisted after being caught in a dimensional storm! Her ship was destroyed and soon came upon The Council. She immediately took up the job of working for them when she found out she could hunt people down and fight them! Oh, I mean, capture them! She's really, really vain and won't ever play games with me, it's very sad. She asked me a lot of questions about saiyans when she first showed up, but I didn't know much about them! She loves working for Task though, and she even refused a position on The Council offered to her because she wanted more freedom to hunt down Mal-Travelers!"
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