The Council

The Hell Council is very similar in appearance to Twisted's Council. It is a group of higher powers that look down upon those inhabiting it's worlds and decides the fate of those creatures. While Hell is after all that horrific place where the damned go to spend eternity, it is also home to many forms of life both native and adopted. Likewise the members of it's Council aren't always the kind you'd expect in this sort of place. One dramatic difference between this Council and the one 'above' is that this one aims to unite all worlds under one rule, not seperate them to prevent contamination...

Due to a lengthy chain of events which recently came to a close, the hiarchy of Hell's Council has been dramatically shifted. It is not yet known how far the reprocussions of these actions will affect the worlds around them.

Senior Diablo
Despite giving the impression of a regal and polite gentleman, this demon is the most powerful being in Hell. At least, in the world it comes from. Satan, the Devil, Lucifer... these are all names he despises over it's proper name of Senior Diablo. This being has no deffinite shape or gender, but tends to prefer towering over everyone as the tall form portrayed here. He's also taken a mortal, Christian wife (more for the irony we think than anything) and has a son by the name of Pepito, the Anti-Christ. (Pepito! The Anti-christ! What a cute name.)

Diaduin Emepherea
Once seen only as a quirky child stepped out of her proper space and time, this errant goddess has had a long time to grow up. She has fostered an entire world, seen hope live and die a thousand times, and even been banished into the infinite void herself. Now, she has been called upon by her apparent daughter and the Devil himself to fight on the side of Balance once more.

The armies of Hell gather against the Twisted Council, and the Diaduin Emepherea stands in their midst...

After all his experiences on worlds of the past, Oblivion seems to have finally found his niche here on Twisted. Although not as malevolent as he once was, he has found some degree of purpose. In Hell, he serves as Lord of it's skies, Builder of it's armies, and one seventh of it's Council. This only serves to fuel his fascination with what he sees as an investigation of great potential: What happens when a pauper is made a king? More importantly, when power is given to the powerless?

While not seeking to corrupt directly, his armies consists of those given power, and chose to misuse it of their own free will. An act resulting in a smaller force of much more individually competant combatants.

Johnny C.
Originating from the same world as Senior Diablo, this homicidal maniac has spent time on both sides of the good and evil coin. For as long as anyone can remember, Johnny has been a tool. Luckily for him, his newly found position on the Council has made it nearly impossible for entities to gain control over him without his knowledge.

Irony having always been a factor in his existance would seem to still hold claim to him as his seat on the Council has also made him responsible not only for the Demon Cities of Hell, but also as a judge determining the eternal punishment for those damned. (Something history shows comes naturally to him.)

It is an intresting fact that to gain a chair on Hell's Council, one must kill an existing member and take their chair. However, where does one's soul go when it's already become a denizen of Hell? It is for this reason that the following former members are listed here until it can be determined precicely what fate has befallen them...

Alessa Gillespie
More is known about the form she inhabits than the being itself. She is a dark entity capable of drawing whole cities into a nightmarish reality where one's own fears and guilt can be used against them. She can command legions of chaotic fiends called Pyramid Heads which she provides to the Council as minions as well as a plethora of lesser monsters ranging from former humans with their skin pulled inside out to huge hulking demons who suffer as much from their own design as do the people they are created to destroy. Her motives are not known to anyone beisdes herself, and currently she's only referred to by the name and gender she holds at the moment. In some circles she is simply called 'Dark Alessa'.
* It would seem Alessa's life was taken at the hands of her confused servant Valtiel who was then quickly dispatched by Johnny C. The where-abouts of her body are currently unknown.

The Major
A enigmatic man known simply as'The Major' with an obsession with the idea of a war that would last forever. In life the Major was issued a special order by Adolf Hitler himself, placing him in charge of a top-secret project to perfect artificial vampirization to use the undead as a form of super soldier in battle. In death he's brought his knowledge and these procedures to Hell to perfect the ultimate form of torture for those most deserving of it. His obsession has also given the Hell Council a rather jaded perspective as he often provokes other Council members to try to recreate his perfect war within the regions of Hell.
* The Major's war was seemingly brought to a halt as a currently annonymous party saw to it that he was beheaded in the midsts of a battle with members of Twisted's Council. The reasons why are still unknown.

Hal Jordan
Even heroes find themselves being punished. A few more deservingly than others. Hal was once a Green Lantern. A well decorated hero who was forced to watch his friends and family die. After being refused when he asked those with the ability to ressurect them to help, Hal went completly mad. Calling himself Parallax he went on to unmake existance, killing countless lives in order to remake the multiverse and try to prevent every wrong doing. He was stopped shortly before he could achieve this goal by an arrow through the heart, shot by his own best friend. Now, seemingly stripped of his powers, he finds himself a member of Hell's Council. Punished for his actions, but praised for his goals, he is the perfect example of the Council. But can he be trusted to maintain Hell's order?
* Mysteriously Hal Jordan has vanished from the connected worlds of Twisted Street, his reasons currently kept hidden in the hands of his replacement Caliga Satanas.
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