Knowledge of Hell


Hell is what's commonly referred to as the “Underworld.” This region of souls exists outside of the mortal realms and is only connected to Twisted Street due to it's nature. The Underworlds are a mired mix of locations from various worlds which inevitably connect to one another through the various magical and demonic channels it's denizens use to sneak around the shadows. Twisted's Hell is no different at first than Twisted itself. Various worlds connected at a focal point with a governing council set in place to decide what’s best for the realms affected.


The council itself was put in place secretly by Senior Diablo and it's members are constantly at war amongst themselves over who is the rightful heir to the center chair. It's for this reason that the center chair is never occupied and the total number of members MUST be kept at an odd number. There is no “leader” for the Hell Council to watch over them. It is interesting to note however that not only was it founded by Diablo, it's members brought to the Council by Diablo, but that he also acts as the Council's voice in most matters. Yet, he still claims to not be in control of the group, nor does he claim to ever want to be. This may, or may not, be a part of his plans.


Hell casts it's own aura of chaotic darkness which taints anyone who should pass through it. This taint extends down into the very soul of those affected and can never be removed by normal means. It perverts magical abilities and inverts alignments. This is primarily a device to prevent souls from escaping but in some cases it can actually strengthen or weaken the abilities of a lost soul in various ways that can not be easily measured. This effect becomes more and more permanent depending on how long one is forced to reside in the regions of Hell making it nearly impossible to escape undetected. Those who can detect magical auras normally sense this taint automatically and in some cases the extremely powerful presence can cause madness to an untrained soul.


Upon Twisted Street it's Council has specific rules set in place to prevent passage to worlds which have become connected to the street that have not matured enough as a society to be able to handle the responsibilities of a multiverse. This is to prevent smaller, undeveloped worlds from being destroyed by the inevitable mergers that Twisted's Council claims to be trying to bring to a halt. In Hell, however, it's believed that the worlds should be encouraged to merge so that one group or entity can watch over all worlds as a whole to maintain some sort of cosmic balance. This belief further casts suspicions on Senior Diablo and the rest of the Hell Council as such an arrangement would put them in a position of total control and not a balance at all. Ironically, this is why Diablo claims the Council is so necessary. He claims that having them at war with each other prevents them from mistreating those who reside under their watch.


Originating from the Hell of the world which Johnny the Homicidal Maniac heralds from, this manifestation of the devil is rarely shown as actually evil, and is always eager to share important information with others because it “amuses” him. In fact, more often than not he does so because the information he provides typically pushes people into doing exactly what he planned from the start. His powers, although demonic in nature, also come off as a force of nature itself as his very existence is part of the magical, if not biblical, balance of life. He was created to watch over Hell and arrange appropriate punishments for those sent into it's domains. He is a smooth talking, shape shifting, entity with plans that far exceed anything a mortal soul could fathom. It's for this reason one should never play Chess with him.


The Goddess Alessa comes from the world of Silent Hill. She was created out of faith thanks to a group of misguided cultists who believed the world was created in chaos, and that only from chaos could paradise truly be created. They believe that the impure should be punished and horribly disfigured and in fact are convinced that the worse the punishment the better to usher in the age of their dark goddess. The entity they created was in fact so powerful that not only was it's soul ripped in half creating two separate entities, but it's presence was echoed into a parallel world where another version of the original Alessa Gillespie was created in her image, once more creating yet another Silent Hill. Due to this there are large numbers of her creations, horrible twisted souls who believe in only torture and violence, scattered across Hell. Many of these where formerly souls sent to Hell for various reasons and it's to this end that many more of them are forced into menial tasks such as maintaining waiting rooms and cleaning streets. They are Hell's workforce.


Much like Alessa's creations, the Cenobites where once humans who where tortured for their deeds in life and changed into horrific monstrosities who only believe in pleasure caused by extreme suffering. This makes them the perfect candidates for keeping law and order in the realms of Hell, preventing souls from escaping out of fear while having the power to drag even the strongest of creatures back to Hell if fear itself wasn't enough to keep them in line. The Cenobites are the polar opposite of Twisted's TASK sharing in many of the same duties and expectations. The only difference is that those in the highest of positions within the Cenobites are feared by even the Hell Council as generally they posses the greatest level of abilities in all the multiverse. Luckily this means nothing to them as they serve Leviathan, the God of the Labyrinth below Hell with infinite loyalty.


There's no point of a power struggle within the ranks of the Cenobites. As each one has the ability to create more from captured souls, each one must obey the orders of the generation before it. This means that if there where any desire within the organization beyond the quest for knowledge and suffering, one would have to kill all those of the generation before it in order to gain any position amongst the ranks. As it stands only the most powerful Cenobite stands at the top, Xipe Totec also known as “The Flayed One” or more commonly “Pinhead.”


The God of the Labyrinth and the unconscious force behind the Cenobites. Leviathan represents fear and order amongst the chaos. It has no name, no voice, no defined shape. It's appearance is typically that of an inverted Lament Configuration (the puzzle boxes which provide passage in the realms of Hell). As this “God” is more of an abstract idea than an entity, it could be argued that it is actually nothing more than a big-brother-type image designed to cause blind worship. Only Xipe Totec and Senior Diablo are believed to know for sure, and neither one is willing to speak of it.


Buried directly beneath the center of Hell in a chamber that can only be accessed by those deemed worthy rests the grandest of libraries. Within carefully chosen beasts and monsters are forced to monitor each and every world in the multiverse and catalog everything which occurs. This library holds knowledge of every possible reality, every book, every document, all as punishment for those who seek to know the secrets of the universe as they can never reach the library no matter how hard they try. It is from these texts that Senior Diablo receives his vast knowledge of everyone he meets.

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