Twisted MUCK Rules and Regulations

Last updated 05/31/09

For additional rules specific for building, or about regions such as Hell, please see the appropriate pages for them.

Given that Twisted is a multiverse setting (multiple worlds and timelines intersecting) our rules have been adjusted to be as fair as possible given the types of characters and events which occur here. These rules are not set in stone and may be adjusted due to circumstances. Our staff is more than willing to help players when confusion over the rules occurs so please don’t be afraid to ask.


CANNON - Anything established as part of a previously released character, world, or story.
FEATURED CHARACTERS - A character from a specific established series.
FINGER INFO - A list of information describing the characters. Can be set in the PE under IC settings.
PLAYERS - A player is defined as the person or persons controlling the characters.
PLAYER EDITOR - A menu of configuration options accessed by typing PE
RED PORTAL - Worlds that are locked from interacting with the rest of the multiverse.
USERLIST - A command which displays online characters.
WIZLIST - A command to show the names of all members of staff and if they are online.
HARASSMENT - Examples of what are considered harassment on our muck are as follows: twinking, powergaming, sexual harassment , inappropriate or offensive comments, (i.e. racial slurs, vulgarity), and/or general rude behavior


This section has to be broken up into three divisions. Although we’d like you to read over all three, please at least read over the section that most applies to the sort of character you would like to play. You can not play as a character already on the muck, so please check our userlist before creating your own. Please take other players into consideration when creating a character. If your character is going to be a rude, overpowered, loner then your probably not going to get to participate in much.

Please note, non-staff members are held at a 3 character limit on our game. If you want to make someone else, you need to sacrifice one of your current characters first.


If you choose to play a character from a specific series, that character is referred to as a Featured Character or an FC. FC’s are expected to be played as close to their original source material as you can. Characters powerful enough to destroy a city in a wave of a hand (for example) need to be brought before staff before it’s creation. Failure to do so could lead to termination. It is also very important that you check our userlist and speak to anyone else also involved in the same series as you wish to be. This will avoid unnecessary conflicts between players later and may actually improve your characters’ interactions with our worlds.

Featured Characters also have to adhere to what we call Series Wiz. These are members of staff who’s duty it is to make sure players stay true to their characters when their characters are non-original excluding situations where a character has logically and realistically grown beyond the original template. Series Wiz also oversee cast of various series to make sure events remain realistic as well, especially when dealing with interactions between multiple series. This helps in situations where “the earth’s mightiest heroes” meet another person or group with the same description and cause conflict or when a new character joins an existing cast and has trouble becoming comfortable with it. Series Wiz are not police, they are merely guides and mediators. Feel free to contact them for support or general brain storming.


Red portal characters are those who are created to live in worlds considered “prohibited” by Twisted‘s governing council. These worlds can not freely interact with players from worlds other than their own without risking involvement of TASK. While this may seem like something to avoid, it does generate RP for all parties involved so please feel free to consider it. Characters of Red Portal worlds need to be approved by a member of our staff before creation. Please feel free to ask anyone on the wizlist for more information.


Any character that doesn’t fit into the above categories is considered to be original. Original characters normally only need to be approved when they are overly powerful (just like FC’s.) You can not create an OC for a specific group (like TASK, the Council, the Senshi, or Hell) without speaking to members of that group first.

Creating an original character from a featured character is prohibited without staff consent. For example, if someone where to change the gender of Mario or claim to be an alternate version of Mario where he was really a bad guy is against the rules unless you get a staff member to approve the idea first. We realize this is a hassle for all parties involved but speaking from experience, this will help reduce unnecessary drama further down the road for you.


There are characters listed in our userlist that have their series set to "LOCKED", these characters have been restricted for various reasons and can not be played without an application/approval process. You can view this list at anytime by typing [userlist locked] If you wish to pick up one of these characters, please speak with a staff member who will fill you in on what details we'd need to begin the process of allowing someone to take them. We will never add a character currently being played to this list, however if a player drops a character we feel needs to be locked, we may add it to the list afterwards.

This is the official Twisted MUCK character policy last updated 03/30/09.

Due to events involving players abusing our character creation policy, we have been forced to redefine the policy regarding character termination. This policy is intended to promote role playing and to discourage squatting. Any issues regarding this policy should be taken up with members of staff and not other players. Modifications to this policy from this point forwards will be publicly announced.


Character has received three or more warnings from staff over violating our rules
Character has gone a month without use and has no finger info set
An overpowered character was created without staff consent
A FC hasn’t been used in a month and has no logs to prove otherwise
Character has been caught doing anything in a sexual manner towards an underage character


Any situation in which a character goes against it’s established limitations without just cause, anytime a character illogically avoids any negative repercussions in a scene, anytime a pose becomes one-sided with no possibility for another character to fairly react to it, or whenever a characters uses knowledge they can’t possibly have learned on their own is defined as Twinking. We do not allow this on Twisted MUCK. Should one of these situations occur and the players can not deal with it on their own, staff should be notified immediately to deal with the situation.


If a character is created with god-like powers and/or abilities (immortality, invincibility, being indestructible, etc…) then they MUST be approved by at least three members of staff before being used in a scene. If a character with this level of ability is created without approval staff may ask for an application or terminate said character depending on the severity of the situation. If an application is requested that character must cease being used until one is provided.


Idling, squatting, or camping. These are not permitted. It makes the player base look dull and uninteresting and discourages people from logging onto the muck. We understand that there are circumstances which cause players to fall idle, however. This is why if a character is found to be two or more hours idle they may be booted offline without warning. If you should find this happening to you, please do not post complaints about it to our staff. Simply don’t let it happen again.


While we don’t require scene logging we strongly request it. The reason being that simply having a character signed onto the muck does not count as using them. Having logs proves that a character has been used, shows it’s growth as a character, and can be used to settle conflicts. Twisted MUCK has a LiveJournal page specifically for sharing logs between players and the public. Please take advantage of this.


If someone is bothering you in any way, whether or not it be personal or character related, your first step is to let them know it upsets you. Perhaps they’re not even aware that they’re doing anything wrong. If the problem continues or cannot be resolved, please contact an Arbitration wiz. There’s always the option to “p #ignore” someone or just simply not go near them if they continue to be a problem! Remember to always log the situation for records before or during your approach to any arb wiz, or any wiz for that matter. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable on this MUCK and we’ll strive to see that it remains a fun environment.


Under no circumstances will staff ever release any personal information about any players or other staff members. In correlation, never reveal any other players personal information or character alts. It’s just common courtesy. If anyone is found to be doing this, you will be approached by the wiz core for punishment.


TwistedMUCK is a consent-based role playing environment. This means that unwelcome actions are prohibited. While this does mean that someone can not force your character to undergo actions you do not approve of, this does not mean that your character is invincible without your permission. There are things that can not be avoided, and there are situations where events will happen that you have no control over. If you get into a gun fight, for example, and a gun is put to your head and fired you are probably not going to get out of it without some kind of head trauma. If you wish to avoid your character getting hurt, stay out of fight scenes and stay away from characters who are literally player killers. There are very few actual player killers permitted on the muck, and they are more than happy to let you know who they are if you ask. Remember to look at people’s descriptions when you interact with them.


As a general rule of thumb, sex (also referred to as TS) is not permitted. While we do have characters who use heavy swearing and we occasionally see characters who have caused graphic violence in TP events, TS is generally frowned upon. However, we are not going to monitor what goes on behind closed doors. If you insist on partaking of TS or various sexual activities please do so in a locked room and off of the main grid. Do not attempt to force such actions onto an unwilling party. If you are caught in such a situation or if you are found engaging in anything sexual with a character who is considered a minor you will IMMEDIATELY be removed from the MUCK with no chance of coming back. Likewise discussing such actions on our public chat channel is also prohibited. We have a mature chat channel which you are free to bring such conversations upon if you insist on having them. Please speak with a member of staff about how to do so.


Because we have Hell on our muck as a location, there are some interesting alternatives other than simply removing your character from the game in the event of it’s demise. Primarily there are two options, keeping the character on as a ghost which only the insane or those that can see astral projections can interact with, or you can send them to Hell. If you wish to play your character in Hell please speak to a staff member first and we’ll have a character greet yours to escort it over to the other side and give it the basics of existing there. You also need to make sure you read all the information about Hell posted on it’s “corrupted” website accessed by clicking the “more information” link on the worlds page. Potentially there are other options for continuing characters past their expiration, but we won’t go into them here. That is something you should think about on your own.

Also keep in mind we do not have a Heaven region, nor will we. Underworlds, Other-sides, and Hells are generic enough in concept that it’s easy to create a place that encompasses all of them - especially here on Twisted. Heaven, however, is one area we simply will not touch. There are too many conflicted beliefs on the subject and there’s no way we can make one without offending -someone-. This doesn’t mean you can’t have characters FROM Heaven (like the Ah, My Goddess cast for example), but your not allowed to take characters back to your versions of Heaven, nor are you allowed to build small offshoots of them. If your character must return “home” leave what happens there ambiguous. More often than not you’ll find that this actually creates a more enjoyable RP experience for everyone involved this way. Typically we say ICly that passage to the heavens is not allowed because (deity name) decrees it. Who’s going to question that?


The rules listed here are not set in stone, and may be changed at any time. Situations not currently covered in these rules will be dealt with as the situation occurs. If you have a question about something that we do not have listed here, please contact a member of the wiz staff about it for further information.

On an unrelated note, the staff member currently known as Caliga is no longer allowed to convince our Head wiz to remove anything from the rules again. Period. Our rules are lengthy for good reason. What may seem like common sense to some is not always true to others…
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