Hell is a vastly changing expanse filled with souls from various worlds, all united under one governing council. Unlike Twisted where worlds seem to connect via portals, here in Hell they simply join and merge. As such, listing locations within it is often more sucessful than trying to list the worlds it contains. Thanks to the combined knowledge of the various worlds merged to become Twisted's Hell there rests a massive library from which the following information was taken from...

Floating ominiously in the skies above the Endless Wastelands of Hell is the fabled "lost" Union Aerospace Corporation Deimos Base. How this city sized chunk of the Mars moon Deimos found itself here is a subject of mystery to all but the most powerful denizens of Hell due to the chaotic and powerful demons which have claimed the base for themselves. From the broken reports of those few who've stepped inside and survived, the base appears to be a mix between some form of living mass which is slowly absorbing all it touches and a blend of several broken and disjointed buildngs ripped from various points along a similar timeline.

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