Twisted MUCK Wizstaff Information

WIZ-ALT: Johnny_C
STATUS: Resident maniac, and head Wiz. RAR!
NAME: Jason Skaggs

AIM: marr0w
Y!: marr0w
ICQ: 15964586
XFIRE: marr0w

ALTS:Yoiko/Yoiko_Hibiki (AOL, Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK), Johnny_C (Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK), Nancy (ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK), Azul_y_Rosa, Excel (and sometimes Hyatt), Flynn, Freakazoid, Gaspar, Grim, Happosai, Harleen, Lain_Iwakura, Mamo, Setsuna, Senior_Diablo, Spangler, Stew, Tabitha, Tenna, Valtiel, Wesker, Xipe_Totec (Twisted MUCK)

RETIRED CHARACTERS: Marr0w (AOL, Twisted MUCK), ZIM (Metropolis, Twisted MUCK), Death (Metropolis), Frylock (Twisted Muck), Meatwad (Neo Tokyo), Burn, Crono, Lavos, Polly, QueenZeal, Ranma, Rimmer, Sally, Yoko (Twisted MUCK)

IC INFORMATION: Originating from the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics by Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny (or Nny as he likes to be called) has seen heaven and hell. He's been corrupted by demons and given unlimited powers. He's had his memories and abilities sealed away, stolen, used as money, and he's eaten a large number of burritos. Now this confused and abused maniac is simply fighting not to forget who he is. Very few characters have been both the hero and the villan at the same time...

OOC INFORMATION: Besides making videos and websites under the name, Marr0w_Productions, this former clerk of many years now dedicates nearly all of his free time to overseeing Twisted MUCK and making sure it's players remain happy and content, even if that means taking on hundreds of alts to give people someone to RP with. Contact me for -ANYTHING-. (Well, anything but TS.)

QUOTE: "My work is a game, a very serious game." ~ M.C. Escher

STATUS: Builder Wiz, Arb Wiz, Series Wiz, Jack of all Trades Wiz
NAME: Ashley Stap

AIM: Devithegirl
XBOX LIVE: Dajensa
XFIRE: Dajensa

ALTS: Devi, Nami, Cassie, Kid, Dark_Alessa, Shigure (Twisted MUCK)

RETIRED CHARACTERS: Dansha, Arlene, Bellerphon, Zaknafein (Twisted MUCK)

IC INFORMATION: A former normal girl, given power by the Great Oblivion. Watch out, she's got a sharp mouth.

OOC INFORMATION: If you ever need anything, find a way to get into contact! I help with anything I can.


WIZ-ALT: Munin
STATUS: TP wiz, build wiz, player help wiz, smartass, and chaos wiz!
NAME: Wolf
EMAIL: Died. To Be Announced.

ALTS: Xue_Qian (NeoTokyoMUCK, Metropolis, Twisted MUCK), Tsukiko (Metropolis), Kyoko (Metropolis), Oblivion, Rezo the Pink (Twisted Muck)


IC INFORMATION: Not much is known about her. Appearently, she has some link to Zeals upper hierarchy, maybe even to Zeal herself. What IS known is that, via eye-witnesses, is that she CAN cast magic, has an energy weapon of likely-Zealian technology, and wields a pair of razor-sharp sickles to deadly effect. Unfortunately, the most important information, her motives, rate the unknown category.

OOC INFORMATION: TP wiz, player assistance wiz, and somewhat capable building wiz when needed. Beware, im quite often as blunt as a club with my opinions.

QUOTE: "Hide it in the plothole!"

WIZ-ALT: Caliga
STATUS: TP Development, Player Relations.. and stuff.
NAME: Aaron Crabtree

AIM: Vashofthedawn
XBOX LIVE: PheobusKilathos
XFIRE: pheobus

ALTS: Blues, Caliga, Crono, Melchior, Speedy, Polly, Luffy, Vash Kobayashi, Sonic, Sailor Mars, Ashton, Ray Stantz, "Good 'ol Uncle J!"--(insert diabolical laughter here)

RETIRED CHARACTERS: Caden, Saitaku, Mew Strawberry, Fujiwara Ikki (Magical Destiny) Vash Kobayashi (Angelic Layer MUSH), Pheobus Kilathos (Gundam Wing Mud), Pheobus Kilathos, Caliga Satanas, Alexander Ryan Kilathos (Gundam Wing: Code Blue), Pheobus (Beyond Exiled), Pheobus, Zelda (Realms of the Exiled)

IC INFORMATION: One of the most hated residents of Twisted, with numerous residents clammering to get have his head on a stick by some point in their immediate future. Has also been described as being like a hamster with godlike powers...

OOC INFORMATION: Far to many things to list... Avid Roleplayer, member of a Manga scantalation group called "DBR Scans", and really just generally a nice guy overall.. To most people. I really suck at writing these things. Like... this one time, at bandcamp......

QUOTE: "Is it safe?" ~ Randal Graves

WIZ-ALT: Zarek
STATUS: Builder Wiz of Niftahness
NAME: Derek Matte

AIM: ekartia1802
XFIRE: ekartia

ALTS: Ekartia, Sabin, Tomuru, Heimdal (Metropolis Universalis); Ekartia(Prodigy Academy)

IC INFORMATION: A hard to read, impossible to not distinguish, a cheery assassin who appears and leaves with a smile.

OOC INFORMATION: Ummmm I'm an RP lover, and came aboard to help out and grab myself some good old fashioned RP!

QUOTE: "...So anyway, the guy says to me, he says, he says "Well it ain't -MY- poodle!" GAHAHHAHA..... Ehh ya hadda be there."

WIZ-ALT: Charis
STATUS: Insane? Co-Head Wiz / Server Wiz
NAME: Dragonmaster Cale

AIM: DragonmasterCale
ICQ: Dragonmaster Cale
MSN: Dragonmaster Cale
XBOX LIVE: Dragonmaster Cale
XFIRE: Dragonmaster Cale

ALTS: Second, Miff, Vashtearnia, Luna, Iloken, Concordance, Miriam, Charis, Lalorien, Rigwroth, Aquariu, Blemish, Satyrn, Cale, Arshiva, Gegoshi, Purple, Ruination, Airashisa, Lithinaniya, Hope, Forinfel, Talinfar, Puredance, Myra, Tsuki_Hikari, Sipharin, Fya

IC INFORMATION: A big black dragon who stays in his cave with his treasure. HOARDING IT.

OOC INFORMATION: Immortal 17 year old!

QUOTE: "Eh heh. ^_^;;"

WIZ-ALT: Skeeve
STATUS: Player Relations and Resident Old Guy

IM: Balderdash! In my day, we used tin cans and string and we liked it!

ALTS: Lucca@here, Skeeve@MU


IC INFORMATION: Wizard extraordinare who's main agenda seems to be staying away from TASK any more than is actively necessary.

OOC INFORMATION: Canadian helper-type guy. Swears he's not as much of a perv as his character.

QUOTE: "You know, when things get bad, I always say to myself 'self, at least it can't get worse'. And you know what? It usually gets worse."

WIZ-ALT: Datenshi
STATUS: Builder Wiz and Chaos Maker
NAME: Adam Ipsen

ALTS: Sauza, Trilby_Trang, Xander, Phyllis, Enma-O, Yukina, Genma, Morgen, Suzumi, Datenshi (Metropolis Universalis, NeoTokyo, NerimaMUCK), Dairyn (PernMUSH, Dragonsfire)

IC INFORMATION: Well, what is there to say? Datenshi Wraithshadow is a Dark angel, a unique and singular species native to the world of Akushuuan and a living avatar of chaos. Summoned by Necromancers in a bungled ceremony fourteen years ago to bring forth death, the evil and ominous being has walked multiple worlds and slain many. Bad idea, necromancers!

OOC INFORMATION: An Australian RPer with 14 years of experience, always available for RP as long as I'm not already in it! Constantly trying to balance RL, RP and GMing.

QUOTE: "When life gives you lemons, go find a damn supermarket."

STATUS: Helper Wiz - Note: Has Narcoleps--zzz
NAME: David Ferguson

AIM: SSKalean
ICQ: 31300043
XFIRE: ssjkalean

ALTS: Rystan, Frog, and Nuu (Twisted MUCK), Kaen (Metropolis Universalis), Crux Caedon (Neo Tokyo, Twisted MUCK), Kalean (Sephiros), Kalean, Soma (Neo Tokyo), Driftwood (#AnimeRPG @, Lucas Korbin (Marvel Extreme), John Preston (Private RP), Raien Kourei (Naruto RP), Naaya (Darker Half), Vegeta ( *Eleven years ago* #DBZRPG @ ), Kieran (Exalted Online), Taryn (Ironclaw MU*)

IC INFORMATION: Silver-haired former doctor and former human, Crux's youthful looks and kind demeanor hide the power to affect the lower six dimensions of space/time at will, and a very complex mind. Older than most countries, and the cheapest fair-fighter ever known to exist. Possibly the Muck's only officially pardoned twink. But he'll give you the shirt off his back.

OOC INFORMATION: 11 years of RP experience, and Crux's player still can't make a character without giving them some kind of ace in the hole in combat. Still, he's a decent enough guy, and he'll help out anyone who needs help. A veteran gamer, if you've heard of it, he's played it, and, odds are, beaten it. He likes to spread RP like a plague when he escapes the clutches of reality.

QUOTE: "You're simply not thinking sixth-dimensionally. It's not your fault. Well, maybe just a little."

STATUS: Chrono Wiz, Builder, and all around helper.

XFIRE: rpgflea

ALTS: Flea@just about everywhere, Pancake, Sayoko Tanaka, Schala, Fujin, Herr_Major

IC INFORMATION: IC? Beauty is power and she has the power. Many people seem to miss this point when considering the character, but Flea is supposed to be remarkably beautiful despite being male. That's the point. If you treat her like a burly truck driver in heels, you're going about it the wrong way. I'm not saying your character has to like her, but it's not supposed to be obvious that she is a guy. Please take that into consideration. That's all you really need to know about this tricksy Mystic.

OOC INFORMATION: I love philosophy, especially ethics, and history. You wanna get into an ethical debate? Bring the heat. I love to poke holes in other people's theories, even if they agree with me, so expect this from me. I am usually very pleasant to talk to and, while I can get mad at people over little things, I usually get over it in 3 hours-2 days at most, as I usually forget why I am angry. Come talk to me, and lets have a wonderful time. (AND PLEASE a note on Metaphysics: it is NOT about 'energy crystals' or 'meditation' or any other new-age garbage. The true philosophical discipline, as I use it, has nothing to do with any kind of psychic or witchcraft nonsense, as the term predates either of these notions. You will incur my wrath if you insist otherwise.)

QUOTE: "To teach how to live without certainty, and yet without being paralysed by hesitation, is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy, in our age, can do for those who study it." ~ Bertrand Russell

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