With an almost infinite number of worlds connected to or find finding themselves connected to Twisted, it's nearly impossible to cataloge them all. But, we're trying! Listed below are some of the better known worlds. This list will likely be updated semi-randomly as new information is always becoming available. If you'd like to help us by researching these worlds further, please submit your data to any of our staff members and we'll get it sent to the right place.

[!] Colors shown represent gate colors. Remember, travel through red portals is prohibited by TASK. [!]

This world's status is one that has been questioned many times. Despite heavily temporal fluctuations and collisions with alternate versions of itself, this world was deemed locked by TASK due to the conflicting reports we've received. Until a satisfactory expedition can be made by officially certified agents, it's portal will remain restricted. Which is a shame given it's beautiful landscape beneath the two moons which watch over it.

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Named after the dominating kingdom established upon it the world of Hyurle is heavy with magic and war two things that seem to go hand and hand in the universe. For the most part it's a peaceful setting. There's little to no technology to be had, and fairies can be seen dancing and prancing about just out of sight. Despite this world's designation as a red portal world, the tiny fairies which live there have a habbit of turning up where they don't belong. Such as various areas of Twisted and behind other red portal worlds. The reason for this is still under investigation.

One of the first worlds connected to Twisted is referered to officialy as Mabase. Whether or not this is the name of the city or the world has been something of a debate for quite some time as only the city itself seems to be connected to Twisted. This is why most simply call it the City Ruins. Another name for this ruined metropolis that is becoming widely accepted is Twisted City but this is due to the people that visit the ruins, rather than those who live there. Oddly enough, even it's citizens seem to have mixed opinions of the city's true name or even how old the ruins actually are.

A large island set in the middle of an expansive ocean that seems to have no end; all sorts of climates can be found on this island: Tropical, desert, mountainous, subarctic, rain forests, etc. A beautiful world, with plenty of beautiful scenery. This land is inhabited by a small primitive tribe of locals, whom for the most part do not bother any newcomers. Mostly unexplored, not much is known of the land's disposition...however, it seems to draw newcomers in, and there is something not quite right about it...

New World
"This planet has seven moons that shine a twilight blue across the planet at all times of the day. It seems to mostly be inhabited by buffaloish type creatures known as Narf and vampires. There is also a large castle which Task hasn't explored. The portal on New World's side is guarded by a girl with wings on her head and back, species unknown, who doesn't let just anybody go wandering around the world! A guardian of some sort, I think! Be careful!"

"This planet is a dead world, storms come raging through it often, but from the small amounts of data collected, it seems to almost mirror New World in many ways, including landscape and geographical layouts! Rumors of a blonde girl with blue eyes haunts the entire planet, and a number of members of Task were killed after going through the portal! I wouldn't go there if I were you! It sounds like a place humans would refer to as haunted!"


By many names and many stories, Hell is very well known. It has it's own set of rules, laws, and has it's own Council. Best avoid it at all cost.

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