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How Many Hands is a Blaster?

Summary: Rayne runs into Casdy in the S-Mart

Who: Casdy, Rayne
When: January 17th, 2016
Where: S-Mart


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The door to the S-mart opens as it always does... Automatically! Through this new, temporary opening to the building steps Rayne, and she looks around the S-mart as a woman with a goal. She eyes the shopping carts but shakes her head. No! No cart full of items to be purchased at low, low prices today! Rayne intends to go for one specific item! Now if only she had a clue where in the store it was... She frowns, then sighs, grabbing a cart anyway, knowing full well that on her hunt for a small purse to accompany her recently purchased dresses, she's going to come across... something else to buy.

The hustle and bustle of the local S-Mart. People moving this way, and that, picking things up and examining the package, and sometimes casting it into a buggy. A place where you can buy gas, guns, food, and even clothes. Thankfully, not many people think to look upwards. After all, what better way is there to watch someone and not be seen that to be in plain sight, just above where most would look... ...what has that to do with anything?? Well, on the ceiling is where Casdy is at the moment. She is able, it seems, to stride across it as though it were the floor... Despite being upside down, her hair and skirt seem unaffected by this... ...They stay in position, rather than being pulled dawn towards the ground. She is currently above the women's section of the store, eyeing downward as the women pull out clothing, many they hold to their person, and then place it back onto the isle again... She seems interested in, not what they are buying...but, why... ...and some people never shop alone... It is those people she listens to the most. Her ears turn this way, and that, just to listen to multiple conversations, picking up on key words...and learning.. ...some shop to impress, other to look professional, and some just to make a statement. The question becomes...how long has she been there...?? The people seem to not notice....which was her goal.

Rayne indeed is making her own way to the women's department, whistling as she goes. Due to her ability to magically clean and repair clothes (really, of all the spells she knows, that one is by far the most commonly used one), she hasn't needed to frequent this section of the store. Only on two occasions prior to her recent mall trip has she had a need for additional articles of clothing. But are the purses here? This is her first bet. She arrives at the section with already three items in her cart, and looks around. "Hrrrrm," she ponders, looking around. Clothing galore! Every type you can imagine, from underwear to heavy, overstuffed winter coats, and everything in between! And boy howdy is there a lot in between! She frowns, however, as she has yet to spot that which she is looking for.

A wonderful spell called 'Blink' allows Casdy to disappear from one spot, and reappear to another. For most mages, this is an annoying spell as it sheds off any advantageous spells cast before hand... ...but, for Casdy...it is perfect at points like this one... ...So she can, and does, 'blink' from the ceiling to the floor, and doesn't have to worry about falling upwards!! Currently behind Rayne, she sniffs at the air about her, taking in any foreign scents, perfume, food, alcohol, etc. Then....a mischievous smile spreads upon her features... ...why?? She reaches to tap Rayne on her right shoulder, while stepping off to the left side of her, keeping herself from the lady's view. Yes...she is being 'bad'... ...but, it is so much fun!! In a place like this...it could be anyone tapping at Rayne's shoulder.

"Hrm?" asks Rayne a split second after her shoulder is tapped, and she, predictably, looks off to her right. Unfortunately for Casdy, it seems someone has tried this on Rayne before, and she turns immediately to her left upon seeing no one there. "Damnit, Reptile, I told you to stop- Oh! Casdy!" She blinks, surprised to see the cat-girl. "You've been off hiding, working on your 'secret project' so much I was surprised to see you out and about," she says with a grin. "What's got you out in the S-Mart tonight?"

A wide smile is seen upon the cat-girl's features, thus exposing her sharp pointed teeth. "Who is Reptile?" Casdy questions as she slips her hands behind her back. The sound of a young girl's giggle causes Casdy's left ear to turn just a small ways to follow the sound. Her gold eyes look over, and behold the sight of a small girl chasing... ...wait for it... ...a stuffed bear that is ('somehow') animated, and playing 'hide and seek' with the girl. Uh oh! Here comes Mom!! Just as the girl catches the bear, it 'somehow' is lifeless once again. ...and Casdy lets her ear return to its usual position. Mom will think the kid is just imagining it all... ...but, Cas' knows better. ^.^ "People." Casdy gives a soft answer. "They come here for many things... ...and here, I can learn about the new world I am in..." Her eyes, for a second, dart away as she watches the small girl snuggled the stuffed bear...Seems mom is getting a girl a new toy. "People come here for more than just this and that... ...some use it as a time for bonding. Holding hands, cuddling, talking about family..." she describes.

"Oh, people watching..." Rayne tilts her head slightly. "I would actually suggest the mall across the bridge for that more... Have you been over to Neo-Edo yet? I was over there last week finally getting some clothes to wear other than my usual green tunic and armor." She takes a step back to let Casdy get a better look at her outfit, though no doubt Casdy was aware of this before Rayne was aware she was there. "Reptile is... A co-worker. He's worked with Kotal before they came to Twisted, so they apparently go way back. But Reptile likes sneaking up on people... It's..." The expression on her face falls a bit. "-annoying sometimes. Or most of the time. He seems to enjoy doing that at least once a day." She sighs, but shakes her head to clear that thought away. "You sure are taking your time, though. Why not actually take part in the world, rather than just observe it? I'm sure you'll learn much more that way."

Casdy lifts her hands up, and slips them behind her back. "...my training." she explains. "...'we' are trained not to be seen, unless 'we' should be seen..." While Casdy doesn't openly express who 'we' are, she guesses Rayne will figure it out, or ask if she needs more info. After all, all out saying 'necromancer'....prolly not the best idea, in Casdy's mind, at least. But as to what the lady is wearing, Cas' can only see that it is not as hard, and exposes more skin... Armor and clothing appear as a grey 'shell' over the spirit of life she can see before her... Keeping her hands behind her head, she regains her smile as she comments, "...it is good that you take a break from combat, and work... ...Too much of any one thing is never good for you. ...and being free of the armor lets you express..." Now she just looks confused... ...what was that word she heard earlier..??? It is there... ...so many words, so much data... ...ACK! "....well...yourself!" she comes up with, and seems genuinely pleased. "...What a person chooses to place on their person, and inside, dictates who they are, and their likes. ....or, so I understand....." Her ears flicker a few times, and her smile remains as she adds, "...I see only shades of grey. So I have to express myself through other ways. ...usually verbally." she explains.

Rayne just frowns at Casdy saying she should remain hidden. "We're not on your world anymore, Casdy. Here on Twisted, no one cares what you are, just who you are. Well, no one decent cares," she amends. "But yes! I'm trying to get a bit more out of my shell... almost literally where armor is concerned. I've finally gotten over that particular anxiety!" She grins a bit again. She just can't help but feel a bit giddy at finally being mentally able to be out and about without her armor on again, and is oh-so relieved to be in an outfit that lets her breathe again, as she'd put it. "Truth be told, I let someone else pick out a few outfits for me, including this one, so I'm not sure how much of this is really me expressing myself rather than Silencia expressing what she thinks of me... Or something along those lines. Still, if you want, I'd be glad to help you make sure you're not clashing colors if you wanted to change up your own look some." She nods to herself, then raises a hand with her index finger extended. "But perhaps, now that I've run into you, you can help me out with something. Have you seen where the purses are?"

Casdy mews as she nods her head, and relaxes her hands down to her sides. "Why do women use them??" she questions as she turns about. She begins to walk...each step is heard as her claws lightly tap against the waxed floors. "I have heard accessory... ...but, they seem to be a tool to hold things." Even as she questions this, and tries to make 1+1=2...It somehow doesn't register. Her tail sways this way and that as she leads Rayne through the isles, and onwards towards her destination, "...Humans, many of them...not all, fear what they can not explain. ... ...and someone with ties to the Underworld... ...well..." She giggles none the less, as she slides her hands back behind herself and adds, "...what I do not tell them is something they don't know. It allows me to be more.....open?" It doesn't take long before Cas' starts to notice, people are looking at the cat-girl as she walks by. She doesn't seem bothered, tho... She seems happy! ...no-one has (yet) to tug at her tail and see if it is real or not.

Rayne hrms and nods. "I can't say I've witnessed anyone's bad reaction to that before. And women use them because many fancier outfits don't include the wonderful invention known as 'pockets.' One of the dresses I picked up the other day happens to be one of said outfits, and I would like something to carry things like my money and ID with me as I go out wearing it. Because I really do like the dress!" She nods to herself, and then realizes another reason Casdy doesn't get why it's needed. "...And most people don't have access to extradimensional space to keep their things." She then takes a look at the purses, frowning as she spies the higher prices than she was hoping for. "Man, I'm almost already broke from that shopping trip," she complains to herself as she finds one she likes. Of course it's one of the more expensive ones, but it matches the shoes!

Casdy nods her head, and smiles. "It is both, then." she says as she understands. Lifting her hand upwards, she scritches herself behind her right ear, and lets her eyes scan the isles closely as Rayne finds one she likes. Her ear twitches as she hears the sounds of coins clashing at the register, and the sound of it opening and closing. Shaking her head after the scritch, she looks at the purse, and then raises both ears at the sound of Rayne's voice. She slips her hands into the pockets of her skirt, and tilts her head a small ways, "...I always enchant my skirts to have access to storage... A good wizard always keeps spell components. You never know what spell you will want to cast, or if it needs something. My 'art'... ...almost demands spell components for each spell." Her eyes then cast a look off to the right side a bit, and she lets out a soft, "Hmm... Your dress doesn't have pockets... ...do the shoes??" She can't help but ask... ...she doesn't wear shoes. "...I could enchant a pocket for you, and teach you how they work."

Rayne blinks and looks up from the purse. "You can just do that? Hrm. That would be a lot better, so long as it's not visible when they're not in use." She blinks, remembering something once again later than she should. "I'd really appreciate that, Casdy!" she says as she cautiously reaches up to scritch the cat-girl's head behind her ears. She's still just not very good at the whole touching people thing. The scritching continues for a moment as she looks a little longingly at the purse, but then shakes her own head. "I probably should just save my money for now, shouldn't I?"

Casdy purrs a bit as she is scritched. Her head leans into the scritching hand as long as it continues. Once stopped, she shakes her hear to reposition her hair, and her fur along that area. Her eyes look over the purse for a dangling tag, and when she has found it, she catches it in her fingers. The tiny impression left from the machine when it printed the tag's price is felt by the girl, and she quotes off what she has read from the tag. She can't see...but, she has learned to adapt. "...there is a second option." she tells Rayne as she swishes her tail behind herself. "There are always more paths to one outcome." she then chirps.

Rayne tilts her head as Casdy mentions a second option. "Oh? what did you have in mind?" she asks. "Because the magical pockets thing sounds pretty good to me. It'd make having my weapons a bit easier, too... Not sure I like what I did here out of necessity." She taps the handle of her left sword, still hanging from a set of belts around her waist. "If I've got extradimensional pockets, I can wear this outfit as Silencia intended. I can't really hide things under my skirt like I can with my dresses." She blinks and flushes slightly, realizing how that might sound. "I mean weapons! I've got a thigh holster for my blaster..."

The kitty girl can't see the blush...but, she can sense the emotion. It serves only to return that bright smile. It is hard to say as to why it made Casdy smile...but, she seems amused. "Well...Sometimes pockets aren't a reality... ...but, I am working on a ring for you... I could do something a bit more...bigger.... ...a bracelet?? With the additional size, I could add an extra enchantment." It is easy to tell that the girl's mind is working out the details, especially since she starts pacing in a circle, and muttering, "...I could add in enough 'space' to carry something that is a good 300 hands in size..." softly as her tail spins about behind her. "A sword is a good 9 hands... ...and a blaster..." Okay...now she stops pacing. Her ears stand up straight, twitch, and then twitch again. "What in the name of the void is a blaster...??" she asks as she spins about, and tilts her head to the left a bit.

Rayne says, "Well... I don't actually have it on me. It's a ranged weapon, a small one. Are you familiar with guns? Kind of like a small... crossbow, but it doesn't need the... bow part?" She's motioning with her hands as she tries to come up with the words. "It shoots bolts of energy bolts. Cohesive light energy, I think I've heard it called. But it's capable of just stunning instead of killing, which is why I purchased it... for a non-lethal takedown method. Hey, if it's going to distract you from your secret project, don't worry about it, right? Unless you wanted a break from it."

Casdy nods as she takes all of this in... It actually makes her smile, as she compares the size to a crossbow. "...Crossbow, 9 hands to 20 hands..." she nods again, and keeps her smile. Then she hears something about 'distraction'. "I don't mind." she chirps. Slipping her right hand behind her back, she wags the finger of her left hand side to side as she playfully chirps, "...I have to have more than one project... ...I don't want to get bored." A small giggle comes from her before she then states, "...I like making things... It is a hobby!!" Slipping the left hand behind her back where the right one resides, just to twine her fingers she adds in, "...my Zaria shouldn't take much longer." giving the secret project a name. She then offers, "...you can see it when it is finished, if you want...??"

Rayne says, "Well... Of course I'd love to see it! But don't plan anything in detail on my blaster until you've actually seen it. It's fairly small, compared to a real crossbow." She tries to show the size with her hands, roughly defining a block the size of a pistol. "It's just a pistol, not a full rifle. But it's good that you've got some hobbies." She smiles. "I've probably got too many hobbies. Fishing, drawing, some video games I've picked up for my laptop..." She now frowns a bit. "And then add my work load on top of it. I sometimes wonder how I find the time to sleep."

Casdy blinks at the new information on size. Smaller?? That is easier. "300 hands should be plenty of space." she says then as she nods her head. Wait...you gave her another new word...A few of them... "...video game?? Rifle??" She shakes her head, and mews as she does. A local shopper chuckles at the display, and makes his way from the two... ...At any rate, Casdy lifts that left finger again, this time as a counting gesture. As she calls off her hobbies, her fingers on her left hand keep a count of them, "Spending time with my friends, enchanting, fishing, and..." There is a small pause as she returns her left hand behind her back, and for the last hobby she leaves it blank... ...is eating fish REALLY a hobby?? She has her eyes turned up in thought on this one. "...!?

Rayne sighs as she facepalms. "I'm not good at explaining this stuff, sorry. A rifle is a longer gun, a pistol is a short, smaller one. So a blaster rifle would be about the size of a proper crossbow, but the one I have is a pistol, so about... half the size? and I'm not even going to go into video games..." A frown makes its way to her face as she realizes the problem. "I'm afraid you'd not be able to partake in them due to your issue. But yeah, if one of these swords is 9 hands, three hundred should be more than I would ever need. But I'm not sure spending time with friends is really a hobby, so much as... life."

Casdy reaches out that left hand again. ....destination? ...Rayne's nose! <<tap>> An attempt to tap the girl on her nose is made as the cat just smiles. "...I wasn't created to be social." she then tells her. "...Cat-kin were created to be servants... We are kept in our quarters when guests arrive, and only come out when called, or ordered to battle, or work." Casdy smiles, despite all of these things, "...here, things are different. I am more... ...'alive' here. I have learned I like entertaining people. Helping people... ...being with people." Casdy closes her eyes, and leans forwards, whispering she says, "...I would have been more than scolded for just coming here without permission in my world..." Straightening her posture, she again attempts to tap Rayne....not on her nose, this time... ...her chin, pointing at her mouth, "...but, when you took my leash, you told me that you don't like certain things... ...and those things classified me to be on my own, in a larger way than before." Now she slides her hands behind herself, and adds, "I still follow your orders, and come when you call..." To demonstrate, she brings one of her hands to the front of her, and makes a tugging gesture, as if tugging a leash... "...so for me, seeing those I care for, it's a hobby. It is something I wasn't allowed to do before." ...which explains why she is so dry sometimes. ...and why she seems to be becoming more social.

Rayne recoils slightly as the hand is brought towards her nose, but no. She told Casdy she would try to get over that, and lets the cat-girl touch her nose. She doesn't look entirely comfortable with it, even still wincing slightly, but she lets it happen. "Should I call on you more often? Is that why I so rarely see you, you think that me not actually calling you means I don't want to see you?" She looks a bit worried, perhaps overthinking things. She grips her right hand as if holding the leash, but she doesn't summon it. "I guess I still don't fully understand all this very well, I'm sorry. I try to... avoid using it." She forces a more positive expression to her face now, finding the positive in it. "But I'm glad I've allowed you to open up yourself to more hobbies, then, if you see it that way." She reaches out and... places her hand on Casdy's shoulder, squeezing it slightly. Sorry, Rayne still doesn't hug well, this is about as close as she gets. "I don't need any servants. Just friends." She gives Casdy a bigger smile before removing her hand from the cat-girl's shoulder.

Casdy shakes her head, "You don't see me because I am working on my Zaria." Cas' slips her hands behind her back, and closes her eyes in thought, "A circle of 6 life sized stone statues... ...each delicately carved.. ...each representing something that makes up my spirit state." she says very softly. "They take a lot of time to carve, more time to enchant, and more time to connect to." It is now that her eyes open, and she further adds, "It houses my memories, emotions, and magnifies, when I am in the circle, my magical powers. To someone else who enters the circle, it is almost useless... ...almost." She smiles widely, and states, "...you call me when you choose too. When my Zaria is finished, I will see to it you get a better understanding. What I am, why my people exist... Though, I am sure there will be things you will not want to see, Rayne... Just remember, you can't change what you see...you will only be able to see..."

Rayne sighs, and nods. "I know. I know. I guess I'm just being a bit selfish?" She frowns looking towards the ground and shaking her head. "No, that's stupid. If I were selfish I'd be using you more like the people from your world. Maybe naive is the better word." She looks back to Casdy again. "I won't close my eyes to what you have to show me. I'll... I'll have to accept it, even if I might not like it. But!" She now pushes for a change of subject. "If you're going to enchant a bracelet to act as a dimensional pocket for me, I'm going to need to make sure the bracelet matches my dress! Do I need to supply you with one, or is its creation part of the process?"

Casdy looks up in thought, and mews softly, "I will let you choose." she chimes then. Of course, since she has now told you that she can carve stone, it should not be a surprise she can goldsmith also. "It is not part of the process at all." She looks over at the people whom gaze towards the two, some shocked at seeing a cat girl, some who think it is a costume, and others just gawk. She grins, and then looks back at Rayne, and says, "You are not selfish... ...I will be around more when the Zaria is finished." She draws in a deep breath and then she adds, "A Zaria is important for me to have... ...You will understand when you see it." she assures.

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