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Flea Mayonnaise
Full Name: Flea Mayonnaise

Series: Chrono Trigger
Class: Void Mage

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male ... what?
Species: Mystic
Age: ....

Short Description: We can argue about gender... or you can avoid the headache. Your choice.

Flea Mayonnaise
An aura of mischievousness and awe pervades the human(oid?) you're looking at. He seems quite normal, fair skin, charming smile, though the ends of his ears narrow into an elfin point, suggesting a mixing of blood between some sort of magical or sub-race. A few thick-looking gold hoops dangle from the beginnings of each ear, giving a subtle sense of style and wealth. He doesn't seem short, rather just above average height, at around five-six. He has long, red braided hair, carefully and tightly wound into one long braid that runs down all the way to the small of his back, like a pony tail. A few hair strands lazily trail down the forehead, giving you the idea of antenna. A striking quality (besides the pink lips and fox-like grin) is this one's eyes, long-lashed and inked the color of dried blood.

Slung over his shoulders is a long white cloak, tethered by a leather draw-string, untattered and neat. Over the chest is a kind of strapless vest that ends in a modest but short skirt, fashioned of blood red cloth. You can't tell just by looking at it, but the front of the vest seems to puff out, or stick out, though you cannot tell for the life of you whether it just puffs out that way or if there's something under there. Below the skirt is a pair of lovely legs covered in what looks like dark brown tights, or stockings. On her feet is a pair of sturdy looking two-toned shoes, yellow at most with black for the tips, like a bumble bee.



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