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Full Name: Mazurek

Series: Original
Class: Monk

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Species: Lizardman - Iguana
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: Eight Feet
Weight: 350 Lbs

Short Description: Eight foot lizardman without scales, chocolate hide, four arms.

You look upon what can only be a specimen of the Iguana family, the long frills running from between the eyes down to the tip of the tail giving it away, as well as the characteristic fleshy neck, the sides of which sport a set of gills to allow underwater breathing. The spikes are spaced evenly, four inches long with five inches between each one and curved slightly like a sickle, or perhaps a scimitar, arced forward. The coloration of the creature is a uniform dark-chocolate brown, the thick hide giving him a fairly rough appearance from time to time despite being fairly smooth.

This Iguana stands roughly two feet at the shoulder when he chooses to move around in quadroped fashion, the length from snout to whip-tail being almost twelve feet. When deigning to walk upright, he stands at a noticable six feet on digitigrade-style legs. Almost immediately noticable to those that are viewing him is the fact that he is not like the typical reptile. Instead of having only five limbs, this iguana has seven, the extra pair of arms located roughly halfway between his first set of arms and his hips, equipped with their own shoulders as well. Each pectoral is capped with a nipple, noticable by their darker coloration. Down at his abdomen, his navel can be seen despite it being almost lost in the muscles there.

Each of his five-fingered, webbed hands sport a four inch, black, sickle-shaped talon, sharp enough to dig into almost any surface. The five toed, webbed feet each sport a seven-inch talon, looking almost identical to the other set of talons. The musculature of this beast is what would be found on a warrior, the biceps of each arm, as well as the thighs, are well built to hold up his weight while moving about.



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