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Yukina Wraithshadow?
Full Name: Yukina Wraithshadow?

Series: Chronicles Of Thorne
Class: Talented mistreated youth

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Half Dragon, Half Dark Angel
Age: None of your beeswax!
Birthdate: Mom won't tell us...
Weight: Hey!

Short Description:

Yukina Wraithshadow?
Yukina is a ghostly pale slip-of-a-girl whose appearance is like an expensive porcelain doll, though if this is because she appears deceptively fragile or simply because she's not prone to speaking so much without being spoken too first. The first strangely beautiful thing is her wavy platinum white hair that is naturally draped back over her shoulders - showing openly her strange crimson red eyes that seem remarkably sharp of her surroundings for a girl who is seemingly only in her early teens. Here and there are a few golden white strands that fall across these seemingly-innocent eyes, and cling about her face with static. Her petite and delicate features are covered by black dress, torn in shreds and decorated with equally pitch-black feathers. Where did she get them? From the very large and obvious death black wings on her back! (Not only two but eight it would seem at the moment) They all seem to shift and move as if they possess a mind of thier own, objecting to being so close together. In the end it leaves you wondering what exactly Yukina is; and considering her mixed lineage it's assured that there's no-one in this world or any other like her except for her 'twin' sister Blemish.
Yukina Wraithshadow?
SPONTANEOUS CREATION: Yukina has the ability to assemble matter, souls and magic to create any object she understands in an instant. This can be as simple as paper or as complex as a living biology. She doesn't know the limits of her powers, but she knows the largest acts of creation sap her strength and can render her unconcious. She suspects (correctly) that a large enough act of creation would probably throw her into a comatose state for a long, or unending, period of time. Smaller acts are not really taxing, though she hates to use her powers frivolously.

She treats all her biological creations (or ones with personality that aren't biological, like robots) as her friends. While she acknowledges she created them, she doesn't like being paid homage - though she respects their individuality. She dislikes using her powers when she could just do the same thing without them, even if it took more time.

Her power of creation is limited to creation, and does not extend to manipulation or destruction. Once she has created something, it exists as it is. She can add to it (as long as it doesn't involve overly manipulating anything, like removing skin or a chunk of metal) but she cannot remake it. A metal pole is always a metal pole, an imp is always an imp. And once she creates it, it has a life of its own - she is no longer able to decide how it thinks or acts. This means creating 'destruction' is nearly impossible, because if she created a fireball she couldn't control it the instant after it manifested. She can, however, create a block over someone's head and drop it on them - or blades that skewer a person, or tools to manipulate an object traditionally.

This power of creation isn't magical in nature but mollecular and powered by force of will. She basically wills things into coming together in a certain location, therefore anti-magic fields have no effect on this power.

EYES OF CREATION: Like her mother, who had eyes that could turn purple and appraise any type of magic, and their father who could see directly on to the spirit plane at will and analyse people's souls, Yukina has been gifted with special eyes. She may not have inherited their mother's gift of magic or their father's shadow-twisting abilities, but her eyes can change color to a multicolor spectrum and percieve how something is made up. She uses this skill to analyse the makeup of an object or person, sometimes to remake it later (usually objects, not people, because then she's responsible for creating another life-form). Mostly she uses this power to determine who to steer clear of.

SHAPESHIFTING: Just like her mother and most dragons, she can shapeshift her body to a form that she finds suitable. Her limit is something three times larger than herself (her dragon form) or three times smaller than herself (a tiny little fae). She can change but doesn't gain the supernatural benefits of this shapeshift, only the biological ones (dragon breath, golem hardiness, fae wings - but not dragon magic, wizard's spells or fae spells). Shapeshifting takes approximately 5 seconds per size shift (15 for full dragon or fae size, 5 for normal to normal size).

DRAKEN ANGEL (?): Due to her birth she's gifted with immortal life span, body-sized black wings and a speed most humans can't match. However, just like her sister she completely lacks the constitution of her able-bodied parents. Her body is for all other purposes mortal. Stab her in the heart or vital organ and she dies, cut off her arm and it won't grow back. However when she shapeshifts she can return to full health (since she's changing her body to have the arm back again). In a life or death situation though, this isn't really very time effective as a defense (See Shapeshifting Time).


Yukina is one of two children born of one of the strangest pairings in the multiverse. Their father, the dark angel Datenshi, was caught under a spell after being framed for a murderous rampage that their mother, the dragon Rigwroth, perpetrated. After cutting off her arm and several attempts on her life, Rigwroth used her powers to make Datenshi feel the emotion of love for her - and that night Yukina and her sister Blemish were concieved.

Eventually their father broke free of this spell while attempting to steal Rigwroth's creator's favorite treasure, a genie, in a bid for ultimate power. Thrown to another world by his actions, Rigwroth and her two children (of which he was unaware) grew to adolescence in a short time amongst their mother's people (Which included not just dragons, but vampires who constantly craved for their blood, living golems, elves and all manner of beasts). In short, Blemish and Yukina were brought into the world with hate from one parent, nonchalance from a second, and all manner of supernatural creature trying to eat them since the moment they were born.

The reason for this was thus; not only was their father unique to their mother's people, but Rigwroth had been rewarded with the ultimate prize for capturing Datenshi and attempting to release her creator from his bondage. She was allowed to drink from the last living Alacorn, a unicorn-like creature that holds the power of the gods. A dragon who eats Alacorn can grow to the size of a kingdom, Damon the Overlord (Rigwroth's creator) had ingested the power of the Alacorns to create the several races that populated the world of their birth.

This made Blemish, a profuse bleeder, and Yukina look extremely tasty. Yukina travelled with a mop constantly cleaning up after her anemic sister, this lead to a kindness and protective nature completely at odds with that of her parents.

When their father found out about their existence he was livid, more so when their mother put him under a spell to protect and care for them. The first thing he did was kill their mother. The second thing he did was create an organization of evil beings with the sole purpose to destroy her creator and scatter her people to the winds - using her sister as a tool to this end. The third thing he did was take Yukina and Blemish, explaning little, and hole them up in a creepy mansion in the depths of a forest in Twisted.

Alone, only able to rely on each other, they then lived amongst the many villains that their father would recruit to his cause of 'New Wraithshadows'. Occasionally he would condescend to teach them something, but not often. That was until he lost interest in recruiting others, got bored and wandered off into the multiverse looking for greater challenges.

Freed from their burdens, Yukina and Blemish wandered off into the world... until cruel fate seperated them. Then Yukina was hunted down by a mad black dragon. Not long after that, she hit the equivalent of dragon teenagehood - and her powers began to manifest in strange, uncontrollable ways.

While Blemish had always had the power of destruction (Wearing special gloves to cover her dimension cutting claws), Yukina had always been gifted with the opposite. Capable of acts of spontaneous creation, she found creatures popping into existence around her whether she wanted them to or not. Slowly a crowd of creatures began to form, mostly cute, which called her creator.

Distressed by this still, she wanders the streets of Twisted - hoping this phenomenon of spontaneous unwilling creation will ebb away with time. Or at least she hopes.


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