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Excel Excel
Full Name: Excel Excel

Series: Excel Saga

Threat Level: Block Buster

Gender: Female

Short Description: A member of the Ideological Organization ACROSS, and maintainer of the ACME weapon shop. Speaks rapidly and breaks the fourth wall frequently. Rarely seen without Hat-chan somewhere close by.

Excel Excel
An average girl of eighteen, if you had to guess. She doesn't stand out too much, visually. Save for her black corsette, gloves, and socks all of her clothing is cream colored from her thigh high boots to her jacket and shorts. The only thing that really stands out, clothing wise, is her jacket's exaggerated shoulder pads which look like they belong more on a football player than a random girl. Excel has long blonde hair, tied back at the end to keep it from going out of control, and short bangs which frame her face well enough that her ears are almost always covered. Sometimes she can seem cat-like with her tiny fangs and piercing green eyes. Considering she's always happy and energetic one would think she lives up to her sterotype and is generaly friendly and willing to help, so why does her fingerless gloves seem overly wore out on top like she's been in too many fights? Maybe it's got something to do with this ACROSS thing she's always rambling on about...




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