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Full Name: Minu

Series: Original
Threat Level: Civilian
Alignment: good
Gender: Female
Species: Wood Elf
Age: 200
Height: 4'0" even

Short Description: A dainty little elf girl with brown hair and golden eyes, that blink at you from behind her glasses.

Sprightly is the first word that comes to mind when one looks upon this little lady. Diminutive in stature at only a scant 4 foot tall the dainty miss is perfectly proportioned to her height, appearing rather doll like. Long nutmeg brown hair is bundled up into a messy coil and held in place with what appears to be a pencil of some sort. Large golden hued eyes are made to look even larger as they peer out from a pair of wide gold rimmed spectacles. A pert little nose and rosebud mouth completes her appealing countenance . A pair of delicately pointed ear tips can just be seen poking through the strands of her hair. It is clear the little lady is some manner of elf but there seems to be more to her as well. Minu's attire is simple, a dress that looks like it was made in the medieval tradition with snug tapered sleeves and a bodice fitted snugly to her upper body then flowing down to a floor length skirt. The dress is a warm chocolate brown and there is a braided golden sash of sorts around her narrow waist. Dainty feet can just be seen peeking out from under her skirt when she walks clad in simple leather slippers.
Open portals to and from the Great Archive(likely broken by the powers of Twisted), Eidetic Memory, ability to take the form of an elf owl at will. Slightly obsessed with organizing things and categorizing them.





Minu grew up in the silvan woods as all of her kind does. From an exceptionally young age the little elfling was driven to collect and read everything that crossed her path. Aided by an eidetic memory(she literally remembers everything she has ever read, if something calls the need for the memory to mind.), the little elves mind grew and with it her desire for ever more information and knowledge. Wandering the woods on her 50th birthday the young elfling was approached by an unnamed god and offered a place as a Collector for the Great Archives. She accepted and was granted the knowledge and ability to shape shift into an owl, good for moving easily from place to place and collecting that which needs to be gathered for the archive, as well as the ability to call a portal from the Archive to a given realm and back.

The Great Archive houses all written knowledge that has been created through all time in all places. Anything deemed important and worth saving has ended up in the great archive. Minu spent the next 50 years going from realm to realm collecting written things chosen by the great spirit and bringing them back to the Archive. When she turned 100 the little elf was gifted with a new job for the archive. Keeper. She became one of many beings set with the task of organizing and protecting all the saved things that ended up in the Archives. This of course was the perfect job for one who never got her fill of reading and so she spent her next hundred years tending the Great Archive, reading everything she could, her own mind becoming a store house of information. Being what it is the Great Archive has everything ever written from the first scratches on cave walls to the new glowing blips and bits of information that has come of the digital age and beyond. This includes many magical texts and ancient grimoires. Minu has read a good number of all of these things having a voracious apatite for books and though she has read such things and know they exist she has no direct skill with magic other then the gifts given her by the Great Spirit.

This brings us to why Minu ends up in Twisted. It would seem that every realm which houses sentient life forms has a section in the Great Archive filled with its knowledge and lore. Somehow, someway, the place where the knowledge of the realm of Twisted should ,be is empty, as in there is nothing there. How is this possible, how can a place exist and have not one book, or any writing native to that land available in the Archive. Finding this to be so the young Keeper takes it upon herself to grab the first portal she can to this new place in search of something to bring back, something to show for this undocumented realm.

Minu's owl form is that of, you guessed it, and elf owl. A small owl no bigger then ones hand. She has the ability to fly and is just strong enough in that form to carry a large book in her talons while doing so. The shift is purely magical and instant from elf to owl and back again, her clothing being transformed along with her body.


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