Adam Weissman

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Adam Weissman
Full Name: Adam Weissman (AD-əm VIES-mən)
Alias: Adam

Occupation: Ace Pilot
Series: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: Sandy brown hair, brown skin, heterochromia, and burnmarks

Misc: When a hostile alien species called the Galra attacked (his) Earth, Adam Weissman's superior, Admiral Sanda, did not initially meet the attack with the full brunt of the new fighters that had been built out of Earth technology fused with Altean (a peaceful race that had been almost eradicated by the Galra). Instead she sent a normal squad of fighters, with Adam, ace pilot and officer of the Galaxy Garrison, leading them. Though they were massacred, Adam survived against the superior Galra craft the longest. But at the last second, something plucked him from the seat of his exploding craft and dropped him here in Twisted -- injured, but alive.

Adam Weissman
Age: 23 Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'9" Weight: 150-ish

        About average height and average build for a human male in his 20s. His hair is short and a light, sandy brown color; his skin is a warm, earthy brown. His eyes are also brown... at least, one eye is. The other is a bleached sort of beige color.

        Of course, the reason for the strange eye color is located directly below the beige eye -- a scarred burnmark across the bridge of his nose that becomes wider as it moves to the left. If one looks, one can see the rest of the burnmark on the left side of his neck.

        He's generally wearing something that covers at least the left side of his body well. If it's a short-sleeved shirt, there will be a tightly-fitting, longer "sleeve" underneath... perhaps something reminiscent of a pressure garment?

        It's generally the same below the waist too, except he doesn't tend towards shorter pants lengths. When he does, again, there's a longer, more tightly fitting thing underneath. Again, much like a pressure garment.

        At least his shoes are normal -- generally a pair of hiking boots with good ankle support. On dressy occasions he'll go with loafers, and if he's trying to be more casual... well, the hiking boots. He seems to need the ankle support, since they're laced quite tightly.

  • Adam is very pragmatic and logical, to the point of seeming cold or aloof to those that don't know him. He can also nag or come off as passive aggressive when he is arguing for a point he deeply believes to be true.
  • Due to the trauma inflicted during the destruction of his craft, the vision in his left eye is often temperamental. He's not completely blind in that eye, but he finds it difficult to distinguish colors with his left eye. The vision continues to deteriorate, despite surgery. Eventually he will need to either face blindness in that eye or find a replacement.
  • Between having essentially "fallen at the first charge" against the Galra in his world, and now being a completely normal human being in a world of super-powered people, Adam is beginning to develop an inferiority complex. It can lead him to be reckless on rare occasions -- or, more likely, fail to act when he could have done something to help, because "there are more effective people".

Adam Weissman


        Little is known about Adam's childhood (he's a background character that's seen twice). His actual last name has never even been given. But it is known that Adam and Takashi Shirogane -- who would later pilot the Black Lion of Voltron -- were cadets in the Garrison, and grew close. By the time they were junior officers, the pair had engaged to marry.

        However, Shiro's muscular disease would rear its ugly head, both in Shiro's life and in their conversations. Adam wanted Shiro to take it easy so he wouldn't strain his condition; Shiro felt that if he didn't get into space NOW, his condition would make it impossible later on. Adam pointed out that he had stood by Shiro for every one of these missions where Shiro pushed himself, worrying each time that it would be the mission that killed Shiro. But there, in their last official conversation, Adam made a decision -- "I can't keep doing this", he said. And he punctated it by offering the following parting words as he left the room: "If you go, don't expect me to be here when you get back".

        His words would be morbidly prophetic, as it turned out.

        Shiro went on the mission, was captured by the Galra, and declared dead... due to "pilot error". Adam did not believe this, but couldn't risk anyone else digging; if the Garrison was closing the case this early, something was fishy. He did search for what information he could, but alone there wasn't much to go on. He and Keith Kogane, the young teen that Shiro took in after his mother disappeared and his father died, grew apart due to Keith's resentment towards him.

        Some time later, Sendak, the commander of the Galran military, attacked Earth. Admiral Sanda refused to immediately deploy their brand new hybrid Earth/alien fighters (they had been built with Altean technology, the tech of Princess Allura's home), but instead deployed Adam's squad in normal Earth fighter planes.

        They were almost instantly slaughtered, to the man. They simply could not stand against the Galran's much superior fighters. Adam, to his credit, was the last of his squad to be shot down. He realized with horror that he was the last one alive. A moment later, light filled his vision, and his plane exploded.

        But that wasn't the end for Adam. Maybe it was the reaction of the Galra fighter's ion beams with the engines of his own plane. But as the craft exploded, he was pulled away from his world and dropped -- quite literally -- into Twisted. He was injured, bleeding, burnt, and confused... but he was alive, which is more than he would have expected. The only question now was... would he survive his injuries...?


        Adam was the grounded logic to Shiro's impulsive drive, reminding him of the reality of a situation before Shiro could jump feet-first into trouble. This gave the appearance of Adam being "team mom", in a way, since he did that to his whole squad. But those who knew him, knew he only did it because he cared. He could also fall into nagging if allowed, and could definitely be a Debbie Downer, even to himself at times. Conversely, Shiro taught him to be a bit spontaneous and to enjoy himself a little.

        He was pragmatic and clever, and often read between the lines of conversation, paying attention to what was ACTUALLY being said, and extrapolating (generally correctly) that which was NOT said. He didn't like to act or make decisions until he had all the facts, and this made him seem indecisive to those who were more willing and/or able to make snap decisions based on "gut feeling". To say nothing of seeming cold and passive-aggressive due to refusing to let his emotions get the better of him.

        Despite how different the two of them were, he and Shiro are alike in at least one way -- they are both unwilling to show it when they're experiencing negative feelings. Adam is unfailingly calm and collected, and the thing that would make him lose his precious cool, at least visibly, would be a serious thing indeed. Like Shiro, Adam tends to do his screaming on the inside.


Adam Weissman
  • Graduated from a military school, and at the time of his "death" was a commander in the Galaxy Garrison, as such he's more than competent in a variety of weapon and close-quarter combat techniques.
  • Despite his poor vision (he wears corrective glasses), Adam is also apparently a good enough pilot that the garrison was willing to allow him to do so. It's worth noting that he survives against the Galra's first wave of attack the longest.
  • Another defiance of his poor (unaided) vision, Adam is a crack shot and one of the best snipers in the Garrison.

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