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Wolfe Brodie
Full Name: Wolfe Brodie

Series: Original
Class: Persona User

Alignment: XVI Tower
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Birthdate: August 13
Height: 6'
Weight: 155

Short Description: A scruffy teen, in worn clothes and wearing a chain about his waist.
Miscellaneous: Wolfe dabbles in fortune telling via tarot. Usually it just glazes the surface, but if you want to hit something deep, or use it for plot reasons, just poke me and we'll work something out.

Wolfe Brodie
An older teen, he stands at the six foot mark, his build however is rather on the average side. Black hair rests atop his head in a disheveled mop, his blue eyes almost constantly half lidded giving him a sleepy look. His clothes are definately all about comfort. A well worn grey tee is worn under a jacket in army camo, odd patches sewn to it that have absolutely nothing to do with the military, the jacket looks older than the teen wearing it even. He also wears a pair of jeans, and an old pair of brown leather work boots. The only real oddity to his dress is a thick metal industrial chain he wears around his waist.
Wolfe Brodie
Persona - Furfur: This persona takes the shape of Furfur, a fallen angel with power over storms and love, and with a nack for lying unless forced to tell the truth by magic. Physically it appears as a humanoid shape, with the lower body and head of a stag, large feathered wings, and a long tail tipped with flame. As a persona Furfur allows Wolfe to use spells of electrical and wind elements, as well as making his resistant to those. The persona also keeps his mind guarded to a degree. However the demonic nature of the persona weakens him to holy based spells.



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