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Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.

Full Name: Kon-El

Codename: Superboy
Affiliation: Superman, Teen Titans, Young Justice
Occupation: Superhero
Series: DC Comics

Tier: Tier 2
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Kryptonian Hybrid

Short Description: It was the world's darkest hour! It's greatest champion had been struck down! But in that darkness... A spark of hope! Using their vast knowledge of cloning and D.N.A. the hardworking Cadmus scientists struggled to replace... Rebuild... RECREATE the hero! Then - DISASTER! The maturing process was interrupted - halted! But the young hero survived! And continues his never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!

Miscellaneous: I once spent a week getting trained by Batman himself. Well, I say 'trained' but really it was more like being his personal punching bag. By the way, did you know that he can find anyone's weak spots? Even weak spots you didn't know you had? Yeah. Serious. He doesn't like being called 'Old Chum' either.

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.

Age: 16-ish? Birthdate: June 1993
Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Jumpsuit? Check. Leather jacket? Check. Sunglasses? Hell yes. Alright dudes and dudettes, the one and only Superboy has decided to grace you with his appearance. Don't be fooled by those other chumps who think they have what it takes to wear this S-shield on his Cadmus designed skin-tight red and blue suit. Yeah? Oh yeah. The one and only. Supervillains beware!

And ladies, if you'd like to see what I've got underneath this total package, well you can just come down and unwrap me thi-what? There's already someone trying to corner this market on Twisted? OH COME ON! I was here first! Fine, whatever. I'm sure there's a crime going on somewhere...

Up, up, and I'm outta here...

Like many characters, his ego is always an easily exploitable flaw. Feelings of being second-rate or a cheap knockoff of Superman will almost always send him into a fit of rage that he has problems controlling. He also does not have the same level of physical resistance his namesake carries. Because his abilities had to be largely simulated Superboy's resistances waver when he's not focused. Distracting him is enough to get him to drop his guard enough to inflict some serious damage on the so-called Boy of Steel.

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.

Following the death of Superman at the hands of the planet-smasher Doomsday, Superboy was created as part of a secret Cadmus project to replace him. Broken out of the lab before he reached full maturity (and before he could be programmed to be obedient) Superboy tried to convince people he was the original Man of Steel. In the subsequent chaos that followed resulting in Superman being revived, the Metropolis Kid was forced to accept the name Superboy. At least until he can earn the title of Superman.

This version of Superboy is heavily influenced by the comics - specifically the self-titled Superboy and the two Young Justice series. While not specifically coming from any particular point, elements of all have been mingled in where appropriate taking into account the more family friendly nature of the DCAU. This Superboy is founding member of Young Justice alongside Impulse and Robin. He claims the events from the self-titled Superboy Comics and some of the less dark stories from Young Justice. As for the matter of his possible stay in Gemworld, it has been decided it's best to wait and see what other characters, if any, should arrive before making that decision.

Ultimately the intention is to capture the attitude and personality of the 90's Superboy as he began to finally mature but was still highly sarcastic and quick tempered. As seen when he came back to Twisted a second time and promptly started a huge battle with TASK taking out a sizable chunk of the TASK Building in the process. Not to mention slamming Kotal Kahn through part of Twisted City.[1].

Most recently Superboy has found himself returning to Twisted only to find it shattered in his absence, something he's taking as though it was his own fault for not being there to help. The guilt of which pushed him straight to the MCPD and to Chief Rayne's desk demanding a position on the force to ensure he would be there to help if anything else should happen to this world. It might actually be one of the most responsible things he's ever done that didn't involve him being coerced into it first.

Originally Superboy visited Twisted back when Concordance was still in control of the Council. At the time he was sent to study Twisted for Batman who had discovered a portal here after following Harley Quinn and The Joker.


  1. Kung Fury
Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.

Grown in a lab using DNA from the last son of Krypton (and some random human DNA that isn't important *spoilers*), Superboy awoke with a head full of information - a literal walking encyclopedia - who was misinformed to believe he was Superman. You see, unfortunately for Project Superman, the real Man of Steel only seemed to be knocked out by the beast known as Doomsday. Of course, this secret project was embarrassed further when "the Kid" was broken out of the lab before he'd even reached maturity.

With a head full of hormones and a mouth to match, this hot headed Superboy was quick to challenge Superman... and lost due not only to lack of experience but by a lack of powers and development. Cloning someone to look like the Man of Steel was one thing, but copying his powers was another story. Now, living in the shadow of one of the world's biggest heroes Superboy seeks to make his name known in the world and to rise above the namesake still reluctant to accept him.

Despite flight Superboy shares nothing else in common with Superman except for a limited weakness to Kryptonite. One of those major differences is his "patented" Tactile Telekinesis - the ability to extend an aura from his body around anything he focuses on allowing him to not only lift objects or stop bullets, but disrupt and destroy electronics and other devices. While this allows him to emulate Superman's strength and invulnerability it also requires him to concentrate on it at all times or the connection is lost and the boy of steel becomes vulnerable. He also might have vision-powers, but so far that's nothing more than wishful thinking on his behalf.

Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.

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