2010-03-03 (PreU) Imbalance of Power

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Imbalance of Power

Summary: For the first time, the opposed Councils of Hell and Twisted meet upon the field of battle; though under circumstances radically different than was ever expected. The work of many long months ends here, and what follows will shape the very future of the world, for better or for worse...

Who: Caliga, Crux, Devi, Emi, Guarlesia, Herr_Major, Johnny_C, Kalean, Locke, Nancy, Senior_Diablo, Wolfe, Xue, Yoiko
When: March 3rd, 2010
Where: TwistedMUCK

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Twisted rocks once more as the creature known as Guarlesia sends a swipe with her sword down out of the sky. A giant crater opens itself upon the ground, black smoke and mist flooding up from the depths of the ground only to leave a gaping writhing hole of darkness. This only lasts a few moments however, when Twisted replaces that part of itself with a large flow of bubbling lava from another dimension. Still, with that last hit, all of Twisted is now steadily shaking. Portals flare in and out of existence, soul and existence devouring monsters bubble forth and drain away as quickly as they come. It seems as if the entire existence is coming apart with every cut the woman makes. Floating through the air, Guarlesia begins to move off, looking down at the street below her.

Annoyance. This doesn't describe Senior Diablo's mood as he arrives with the rest of the Hell Council. After hearing Nancy and Gegoshi explain why his plan for taking over Twisted's Council Chambers fell apart, no pun intended, and finding out that Caliga is now a member of his Council, well... Annoyance isn't even the tip of the iceberg. He appears infront of his crowd and growls darkly at Guarlesia. "My plans may not be going the way I intended them, but I'll be DAMNED if anyone destroys this Twisted Street before I have a chance to make it my own!"

A quick grin is given from Caliga towards Diablo. "Blah blah blah. You'll survive Hornboy." The man suddenly vanishes, only to reappear with a rather ornate looking sword. He tricked Diablo this much already, he also tricked half of Twisted as well, so what other things does he have up his sleeves. He takes a rather deep breath, and whistles rather shrilly, causing the sound to echo all across Twisted itself. "Now.. What is the plan of action, oh majestic leader?"

Herr_Major looks on complacently. He was right at home among the Hell council. They pretty much allowed him to get away with whatever kind of destruction he choose to inflict. Mostly, he enjoyed watching the way other people tore eachother apart in war. Even rational even handed people could be quickened by blood lust. If he knew anything about the plans of others that did not exactly align properly with the Hell Council, he certainly couldnt be relied on to put a stop to it. Still, he had been kept largely in the dark thanks to his other projects... simply focusing on the logistics for his army, orchestrating a symphony of screams to his own watchful conducting. He was largely a man who existed perhaps most prominently in his own world.

A dense fog abruptly rolls in and out, bringing Nancy and the UR patrons with her. She seems shaken up, but that's to be expected. She never thought anyone would just blindly start following her. She speaks to the group with her as if finishing a sentence, "...so if I follow where all the powers are, maybe we'll find Myra or..." She blinks as she realises where she's brought them. "Oh... um... uh oh." Sure, that sounds good. 'Uh oh' always fills people with confidence.

The newly promoted maniac grins as he spots Diablo and the rest of the Hell Council. Adjusting the black trench coat he's wearing, Johnny slides over to Devi. "Oooh, looky. Co-workers!" This is going to end bad, you can already see it. "Think I should go tell them the 'good' news now, or wait a bit and see if they figure it out?"

Devi grins, her head half lolled back against the collar of her own trenchcoat. She slides an eye towards Nny, a dark chuckle coming from her. "Oh, no, I think you should wait. But then again, I've got a bone to pick with Diablo for all the shit I've been put through. I say wait. Watching him fall on his face after someone else surprises him will be worth it." Her grin splits across her face widly in the way that only people from her world have managed to do.

Xue nods to Nancy as they appear "Got it.... we'll need all the support we can get in this one..... ". She doesn't even blink at being brought to the place, used to such mishaps. Fate, perhaps? Whatever the reason..... "Lets hope our list of casualties is low on this one.... and avoid collateral damage where possible. There ARE still some innocent people still around....". She shakes her head at all the destruction occuring needlessly. Something to which she is all to familiar, and still to this day not in favor of. She draws her sword, and awaits the word that everyone is ready.

Wolfe stares down at his feet as the fog rolls away, lifting first one then the other. "That was decidedly.. different. And it seems everything is in one... uh oh?" His head snaps up, eyes going right to Nancy, "Uh oh?" He finally takes a long look around him. "Oh.. I see." Already that second presence with him is swirling about him, not visible for the moment, but anyone sensitive could easily feel it's eagerness. With a small metalic clink, he grips the chain belt, letting on end fall to the ground around his feet.

As the tremulous earth shatters in the wake of Guarlesia's last devastating slash, the flow of power does not diminish. It rises and oscillates, throbbing and whining while the dimensions shift - bringing to bear that molten rock. The lava leaves little room for life, and yet as it rolls forth to fill the earth's scar, a single being is left behind in it's path; stood upon a jagged spur of ensorcelled rock. "Guarlesia." The word is softly spoken, ruby lips barely moving as Hell's own Goddess of Balance turns her stormy amber eyes heavenward. A slender thing clad only in a dress of black lace, the darkness of her hair bound up in a mass of shiny ringlets, she should not cut a forbidding figure. Least of all given those that gather nearby. But the sense of purpose radiating from her is a force unto itself, and the twitch of anxious fingertips at her side betrays a fierce depth of passion she has never before expressed... not so openly as this... "GUARLESIA!" This time it is a cry, clear and strong, the Diaduin Emepherea tossing her head back as she sings out to the being that would undo this world. A battle cry, to open proceedings on the final battle for Twisted. Her roar becomes an assault, a ripple of pure force moving against the grain of the airways to disrupt the destroyer's flight. Let it begin.

Guarlesia doesn't pay attention to anyone arriving until her name gets shouted by the woman. She turns towards the shout as the air ripples around her. The six wings on her back stir and ruffle, and her long thick white hair flutters behind her. Her hand turns, sword angling differently than before, as she considers the human beneath her. Her upper left wing tilts up slightly before she says, "Fragment." And swings her sword. The air in front of her comes apart, ripping into small square red boxes that unfold themselves into glowing feathers. The wave floods downwards in an air, changing everything it contacts into a massive column of changing boxes. It's probably a good fifty feet around once it hits Twisted, and the area the catgirl is in, and will continue on down into Twisted, changing the landscape into the same as well.

Senior Diablo turns his head as more voices suddenly chime in behind him. Reluctantly he takes this moment to respond to Caliga. "Well now, I suppose that depends on what our newly arrived friends are up to. But I'd imagine we just turn around and all of us show Guarlesia here the same courtsey we show the sinners in Hell." He raises an eyebrow at Caliga and smirks, "I trust you don't need me to demonstrate this for you, correct? Not too rusty on the whole punshiment buisness? Or are you simply going to be more of a door greeter in our little slice of the afterlife?" His voice drops as Emi makes her appearence and with a wicked smile he adds, "Well well well. The guest list just keeps growing." Somehow hearing Emi's emotion has managed to rekindle that usual good mood of his, or maybe it's just because he's getting to bash on Caliga some more. But of course Guarlesia spoils the fun and attacks. Diablo's body tightens up as his eyes narrow. "...back to work." Darkness spreads out from the demon's shadow, gravemarkers rise up from the ground around them, the sky darkens. Remember the ending to the first Poltergiest movie? That's not far from what's happening here, and it's only due to the demon's rage. For the moment he keeps his stance and does not attack. The changing scenery is only a sign of his building power and nothing more...

The fabric of Twisted shakes and shudders under the strain of its very reality being torn apart. It's fairly unusual to see something threaten this nexus of realities so greatly as to cause the whole of it to shudder, but it's nothing new to Kalean. He's seen multiversal hubs torn asunder more times than he's criticized his apprentice, and that's an awful lot. The man who has been called a dozen different gods doesn't really seem to be surprised by much anymore, and it shows. As he stands next to NNY without flair, he idly munches on a granola bar, looking rather unconcerned, as if the event was a spectator sport. Kalean leans over a few inches toward Johnny, whom he has very pointedly not introduced himself to, and finishes another bite of his food before speaking. No matter how nonchalantly he acts, the man stands out way too much to be just another face in the crowd. His jet black hair is uncontrollably spiked, and the tie that holds it in a bushy ponytail seems to be made of iron or steel, and straining at the task. He wears an obsidian breastplate, with crimson glows tracing a patch through the 'weak points' in the armor. Underneath seems to be a simple black jumpsuit, and a pair of rather solid looking black boots. His shoulders are adorned with plates that lend a regal look to his already significant bearing, and they fall down into a dark brown cloak behind him. Obviously someone thinks a lot of himself. When he speaks, the voice is powerful, and free of doubt, fear, concern, or anything but rock solid certainty, despite the fact that he is asking a question. It doesn't sound like he lacks the answer, but rather like he's asking for NNY's input. "Whom are you betting on?" ... Yeah, that's about as casual as he gets. It's a start.

As Johnny, Devi, and even Xue arrive, Caliga suddenly switches his temperment, choosing to follow suit after Emi and Diablo. "All right... Lets get /serious/." The words come out almost without feeling, however a slight grin remains on his face, only to fade away. A stern look crosses his face as he raises the sword into the air. The sword suddenly breaks apart, causing five small green orbs to appear in the air infront of him. The orbs slowly start to form a circle which rise upwards into the air above him. "Guarlesia must be stopped.." Caliga's voice drastically changes, as if there no longer were one voice, but now two. He winces slightly at this change however, only to rise up into the air as well. The orbs float down around him, as if they were forming some sort of barrier. "Ken." A bright light suddenly starts to eminate from Caliga's eyes, only to engulf his entire body. Sparks of energy suddenly start to fly off from the orbs surrounding the now brightly glowing body, as if they were meant solely to keep whats happening in check as best they can. The light fades, revealing what seems to be Caliga, only with snow white hair. The energy however continues to pour outward, and can easily be felt all around.

In the distance, the stars are twinkling. Not metaphorically speaking, but rather actually flickering in and out of visibility, as if pulsing in rhythm with some unknown song. Not all of them, mind. Just the furthest ones at first. There's something physicists would have to say about the light from the stars not being able to reach a place at the same time, and yet they're all pulsing in the same rhythm nonetheless. Fascinating. And totally irrelevant to anything happening, apparently.

Herr_Major chuckles lowly to himself. "Why?" he asks... he was actually admiring Guarlesia's work. The sheer destructive nature of what was taking place consumed him. He simply loved it. However, it does occure to him the peacefulness that will decend if Guarlesia is allowed to completely dominate. Success in failure was the key priority. The harder they struggled against this kind of power, the more prolonged the destruction would become. Pitched battle... That was what would take place. Taking out a small cell phone from his pocket, he calmly dials in a number... waiting for the reciever on the other end. "Ahh... Lieutenant? Ragnarock is just around the corner. Could you kindly secure the area? All the players must stay on the field." he says with a calm businesslike fashion." He switched off the phone. At that moment, large zepplines began circling the area, decending from the clouds. Visible on the grounds, Major's vampiric soldiers begin to close off the perimeter, setting up small machine gun nests and grenade bunkers. They worked remarkably fast... "We will buy a little more time." he says calmly, smiling to Diablo"

With a heavy sweatdrop Nancy takes a step back from Guarlesia. She wasn't ready for this. She wanted to get things straightened out with Gegoshi before it came to this. As her eyes scan those around her a little more confidence returns to her. No one seems to panic. Everyone seems level-headed and ready. She should be too. Taking a deep breath she stomps forwards towards Guarlesia, coming to a halt beside Diablo. "S-sorry about earlier, Mr Devil." She refers to blaiming him for Concordance's planned attack. Before she can expect a response, assuming he heard it during all of his rambling, Guarlesia makes her first move and the Councilwoman jumps letting a small 'EEP' escape her. Then Caliga takes off into the air making Nancy once more feel small. For someone holding back so much power, she hardly shows it. Chalk it up to spending too much time having to pretend she's powerless. Sooner or later you begin to believe it. Slowly she makes her way backwards into the crowd behind her as her mind scrambles to think. She has to do SOMETHING... Still snickering from Devi's words, Johnny's head whips around at Emi's appearence and somehow his grin widens, "Allright!! Emi!!!" He waves frantically as if this was more of a social gathering than a battlefield. Before he can say anything further, Kalean speaks and the maniac twists his head around unaturally a moment before the rest of his body follows along. "Who..?" It takes him a moment, but he laughs at the question. "Well, US of course. I'm not going back to Chronos when I just got a promotion." He laughs more at his statement. well, at least HE thinks he's funny. One eye goes wide as the other narrows as his laughter is drowned out by footsteps. Johnny looks around them again and boggles, "So, hey... Devi... we have crazy zombie dudes everywhere. Maybe it's time we did something, huh? Y'think?" He raises a good point. He doesn't act yet, but he makes a good point.

As Guarlesia attacks Devi doesn't move, choosing instead to power up. Thankfully, the shaking ground hides the quake that comes from her sudden uproot of power. Her hair flutters sweetly in the breeze, though one could attribute that to any number of factors. She's here as back up only. Devi figures that if she can technically destroy a planet with a twitch of her finger, destroying a meer pawn of the former Council head shouldn't pose to much of a problem. More and more people appear, many of them powering up in the mist of the chaos of the wastelands. Devi idly wonders if anyone will be careless enough to fall into one of the floating worlds further in. She folds her arm, the force of her collected energy starting to lift her up off the ground to hover next to her comrads. Devi pays no attention to the rest of the Hell Council, although she is happy to see at least Diablo and Emi. She may not have any large love for Diablo, but she does respect his power. As Kalean appears, she leans around Johnny to look. "Hey. Don't I know you? Didn't you shine my boots one day? You did a hell of a job too." She completly ignores his narcissist mannerisms in favor of mistaking him for someone he's not. Oh well. His ego can handle a small blow. "Caliga. I don't think that's the wisest course of action." Great, that's all she needs. Something else to worry about. Emerald green eyes narrow at the gathered group. Wolfe, The ice bitch, Nny and Caliga are about the only ones Devi would really trust to watch her back, and Devi doesn't want it coming to that anyway. Devi sighs as the compounded energies in the area thicken the air, as though it got a lot more humid in the passing seconds. She looks back to Nny as he speaks to her. "Naw, not just yet. Those guys are on our side, I think." She rolls her neck, the trenchcoat disolving around her and the HELL kanji on her back glowing as she shifts her shoulders in time. Her hands clench and unclench as she shifts from foot to foot on the air. She grins that wide grin again, her eyes lighting up with glee as she says,"It's not long now, Johnny. We'll both be able to fill those dark needs, eh?" She laughs, her eyes locking on Guarlesia and narrowing slightly. Wow, she's feeling this one, ain't she?

Emepherea's stare remains level upon Guarlesia, watching her as though the six-winged woman had been her nemesis these ten aeons past. The swing of the sword, the summoning boxes, is all window dressing to her fury. Though she marks well the power that this creature of the Twisted Council wields, she reacts with a calm that may approach disdain, a thin hand rising gracefully and fluidly through the super-heated air to meet the first wave of the attack with a simple application of the palm. The First Lady of Hell would like to save what she can of Twisted's landscape, but the resisting field she calls into being only envelops the area around her person. It is another guilt to heap upon the rapidly forming pile, but the land will recover once it is ruled by one fair and just. Most of what Guarlesia demolishes would already have fallen prey to the lava flow, in any case. The conjured defence is a transparent and transient thing, yet it jars aside block after deadly block, each impact causing the tiny goddess' hair to billow and darken just a little further toward the void. Barely grunting as she weathers the last of the assault, Emi shifts her footing and launches herself into a skyward lunge. The ground that was beneath her gives away, retroactively enveloped by Guarlesia's efforts, and a beat later Hell's councillor hangs a hundred feet above the gathering, her dress billowing in the stricken winds. She may be perilously close to her foe, but she takes a moment to glance downward... toward a certain maniac. That endless amber gaze finds him for an instant, and she smiles, a soft expression which only turns the more deadly as she turns back to her quarry. "Guarlesia," she speaks harshly, tone measured and clipped, "Your mistress has passed into the place reserved for the most despicable of false prophets, and yet you persist in tearing this world apart. I will not bargain with you - I am no fool - but I /shall/ say that neither Hell nor void awaits you..." She tails off as Xue's spells reach their target, allowing a moment for the dust to clear before she once more raises her voice, unabated rage pouring into each snapped syllable. "Yours is to be a special kind of suffering!"

Xue begins the show with an attack of her own. Her eyes begin to glow with violet energy, as she summons the divine aspect of her power once more, something impossible had Caliga not healed her after the LAST incident. She begins to chant, weaving arcane power together with the divine. Ice bitch she may be, but ice isn't the ONLY thing she can do. True to her archmage title, she manages an impressive feat for a mortal, despite the divine assistance of her goddess. She casts two very powerful spells at once. Meteor swarm, which sends four large rocks hurtling at high speed towards Guarlesia, and Polar Ray, which sends a beam of pure icy chill. There is an added effect. On impact, the ice and fire should ALSO produce VERY hot steam, potentially causing FURTHER damage to the target.

If everyone else is powering up, why should Wolfe be the only one left out? Raising his free hand, Furfur materializes behind him, mimicing his pose. A spiraling light forms at his feet, spinning around him and the demon first at ground level then upwards until it floats for a moment above his head, giving a soft flash before flickering out. But the magical power it carried with it remains coiled around him, contained for the moment but straining to break free in a surge of magical energy. "Hold some back Furfur, don't use us all up in one go. And keep an eye on him will you?"

Guarlesia looks up towards the sky and the hurling meteors coming down towards her. She looks off into the distance and says, "Teleport." Calmly, the meteor impacting her body and turning it to ice, only to then disappear and reappear a few hundred feet away from the destruction raining down, which also moves her away from Emi and her shouting. "Reset." She says next, her skin being covered in burns, ice, and general pain if she was going to acknowledge it. At the word however, her body returns to normal, skin reshaping to be whole again, along with her clothing as well. Her eyes pass over everyone gathered, and decides that if Twisted erupts and stops existing, she won't have to bother with any of them anyway. She starts floating off, not attacking back against anyone for now.

Senior Diablo takes a moment to gaze at Herr Major's handywork and that smile returns to his face. "Excelent work as always, Major. It's a shame we never got to see that little war game you had brewing." His scowl returns, "Of course, nothing's gone right lately. I wonder if that's the reason Alessa hasn't returned yet..." If he only knew. Diablo's form seems to shift as his power continues to build. His height increases, the horns coming from his skull seem to lengthen. Nothing really impressive yet. We've still not seen what he's fully capable of however, but if this continues we just might. Darkness spreads across the land as far as the eye can see, as if Twisted has become nothing but a large black landmass. The upside is that it hides well the damage done to the landscape, although the cooling lava still burns it's way through, reflecting wickedly against the near shine of the blackness. The colors of the sky above seem to invert into a negative as the effect grows more solid. The demon seems to be getting ready more than a willingness to attack and that's exactly the case. Diablo doesn't want to strke unless he has to. Besides, why waste power when so many around him seem ready to go first? Beneath the inky blackness suddenly at everyone's feet it will be hard to notice, but the broken pieces of the landscape are reforging themselves together. Maybe Nancy has found someone to hold Twisted together so Gegoshi can be reset after all...

"Us. Quite an original answer, I'm sure." Kalean straightens up, and continues munching at his bar, certain to finish it soon. "...But then, my apprentice will likely side with you, so there is truth in your words. Noone can stand against an Advent, after all." His piercing black eyes sparkle with amusement, and far too much self confidence to be possessed by any one man. He glances over towards Devi, and ignores her comment in the way that a human might ignore an ant's attempt to knock at his door. He turns his attention back to Johnny briefly. "A thousand pardons, I was unaware you had company. Pardon me for interrupting." And then he steps away. His image fades from the inside out, leaving simply an outline where he once stood. His voice rings out in that area, still, calm and quiet, yet completely audible despite the loud noises in the air. "I hope she's had her shots." Likewise, an outline appears next to Emi in the air above, filling in from the outside in, 2-dimensionally speaking. "Good... This one is where she needs to be." He fades out in that outline-manner of his, again, but his voice still carries to the area around Emi, at exactly normal volume in spite of the uproar. "...Rather cute, for one of her age." Above Caliga and Diablo, the figure next fades into view, glancing downward. "The rest of the backbone is here..." He fades almost immediately, as if his existence in this place was becoming more transient with every moment. Or perhaps he just has no attention span. "...If half ignorant." Behind Xue, Nancy, and Wolfe, Kalean appears again. "And even the bit players are in their place." Alright, that's just rude. He fades again, this time appearing next to the Major. Kalean says, "...But your vampires are an eyesore, Herr Major." Kalean lifts a hand, looking towards the troops that the man had brought in. Tiny lights sparkle into existence above that raised hand, and then shoot out towards each of the vampiric troops in question, including the ones in the zeppelins if there are any. Each light holds enough power to vaporize the individual it is sent towards, if not dodged, though they fortunately don't track or anything too ridiculous. Still, it's definitely an attack. "...Kindly don't make me tolerate their presence any longer." ...His predjudices are more important than Twisted's continued existence. Of course. He has that level of ego about him.

"Aegis." Caliga's voice continues to echo out as if there were two people speaking in tandem, only to suddenly launch himself forward. He comes to a stop infront of Guarlesia, staring directly into her eyes. A faint image of a tail slowly unwraps itself from his waist, only to idly wave around behind him. "Stop. Stop before you get yourself destroyed. Your master is gone." His hands however, start to glow brightly, as energy starts to gather in his hands. However, as the energy gathers, what appears to be another set of hands overlapping his suddenly starts to flicker in and out of view...

Herr_Major simply doenst care about the state of his troops, wether they existed at all. Crux could do whatever he liked. On their own, they would try to avoid being damaged by the attack, but it probably isnt likely, given their reaction abilities. Major simply ignores everyone's opinion and watches contently, almost as if he isnt even really a participant but a spectator. He simply laughs at Crux request, almost mockingly. The man really had the Major pegged wrong if he thought this was exacting some kind of influence over him. Once again, the Major simply exists in his own little world. Psychologically speaking, he was rather untouchable that way.

The stars continue their rhythmic pulse, and the ones that appear larger, and thus that are closest, are slowly beginning to join them. Again, they pulse in perfect synch with the others, and more are joining the rhythm every moment. It isn't long before almost the entire sky is pulsing, save the nearest star, the 'sun', which remains, almost stubbornly, bright and unwavering. It's a non-conformist, apparently.

Flight. Can Nancy accomplish flight? Is that one of her abilities? She ponders this rather seriously as she looks up into the sky at everything going on. Her voice seems to echo out from Diablo's growing darkness as she takes advantage of it to amply her voice. "GUARLESIA!?!? Stop this!! There's no reason for all of this!! If you keep this up everyone will get hurt... or worse..." The amplified voice dies off as she tries to slink away once again. "...I don't want to see my friends hurt..." If anyone pays attention to her words, the friend comment is directed towards Guarlesia. She only has two people on Twisted's Council she considered friends, and the other one seems to be dying back at the TASK building. The girl fights back tears as she strains for some form of solution... Her eyes glance briefly at the darkness below her. Somewhere in the back of her mind an idea begins to form, but she doesn't yet have the time to fully bring it to the surface. Johnny C shakes his head and laughs again at Devi's eagerness. He may not show it, but his eyes are focused on Emi. with everything they've been through he'll be damned if he lets Guarlesia lay a hand on her, but even still he doesn't feel the need to join the battle just yet. Besides, that would only spoil his surprise for the Hell Council. The maniac takes things into account. The zombies aren't attacking. Everyone seems to have their own agend...a. As the Nazis are abliterated Johnny draws his remaining Dread Dagger and spins towards Kalean's voice, "Hey now. I don't like skinheads either, but that's a bit extreme. Save the fighting for the guys attacking!" He's genuenly pissed. In other words, he no longer cares about the goings on around him. "Do it again and it'll be you lying in Hell next." One eye goes wide as a thought suddenly occurs to him. oO(When'd he move over there?)

A minor fluxuation in the astral composition occurs. A paper-thin pocket dimension, formed for the merest of seconds, and only of length and width to occupy the space occupied by the Majors neck. If it is undetected, it would serve to sever his head from his body, at least for a normal mortal.

Devi snorts at Kalean. "Worm." She turns her attention away from him. If he's going to ignore her honest question, then why bother with the bugger. Devi leans back around the crowd to eye Wolfe. "Nice Beast." Devi grins wider still, her hands glowing softly in the haze of attacks and lava. "Oh no way. I am not missing out on this. She is not running away." Devi disappers, coming back into sight in front of the retreating Guarlesia. "I don't think so." She stands behind the forming Aegis, her body quaking violently with the need to bash something in. "She won't listen. They never do." She tilts her head and suddenly a fist is flying towards the side of Guarlesia's head. The speed of the attack leaves a vacuum in it's wake, the air sucking to fill the void left by the fists' travel path trivial to the other sounds occuring in the area. The fist twists at the very last second, another opposing rush of power fluxing outwards towards the target. Devi's lips nearly buzz as she mutters incoherently to herself, her eyes glazed over, her vision a haze of rage and desire for the fight. She's getting as bad as Kaldrath. Within a half second of her first attack, her second fist strikes out in the same way, twisting and doling out another whoosh of power. Speed is something that Devi has, moving fast enough for the image of her arms to blur.

Xue watches the goings on, and looks to Nancy "Is there any way to neutralize her powers long enough to inflict some kind of damage? Talking won't solve the problem at this point, unfortunately......". She meanwhile throws a quickened acid orb at Guarlesia. The big guns didnt work, so best to take it slow and conserve the rest. It isnt the most powerful of spells, but its not weak, either. Just something to keep her busy at best....

Wolfe lowers his hand, holding it out, palm towards Guarlesia. Once more Furfur mimes Wolfe's actions exactly, except for one minor detail. A crackle of electricity form's around Furfur's outstretched hand, the glow of magic hovering around him finally breaking free to join with the lightning, making it glow even brighter, the stink of o-zone filling the air. With a sudden crack the bolt flies out towards Guarlesia, screaming as it rips through the air.

Emi follows the action with quick, darting motions of her eyes, falling silent once her threat is delivered to observe the others in this chaotic dance. So many arrayed against one; and even her derivative human senses are screaming at the pressure heaped upon them. Her heart thrums rapidly in her chest, hammering against her ribs, and her stomach rolls as a basso vibration permeates her being. Chi, magic, divine power, and that most basic and primal of energies; emotion, all well up within her. She begins to draw upon it, and the air starts to shift in a spiral centred upon her slender form. Her gaze flicks to Kalean when the man's form appears, and a frown creases her brow. There are cards here she has not yet seen played; and it is disquieting in light of a plan that cannot fail. But it will not. She will see to it. With a roll of her shoulders, she turns in the air with deceptive gentility, surveying the array of warriors set against Guarlesia as she replies to the saiyan's outline. "It is not I who needs to be in place, stranger." In contrast to her outburst moments before, this is a bare murmur - for his ears only. Her hands lift to her fore, fingertips beginning to reel an invisible reel of silk, tracing eldritch patterns in the air. It is not wholly a necessary gesture, and perhaps Kalean will sense that; but ceremony is important. With a hissing exhalation of breath, that leaves a cold fog in the air above Twisted, the Diaduin Emepherea thrusts her palms outward... And not toward Guarlesia. To one side of her, up in the sky. A rolling red-black cloud, hardly a rare sight in the tumultous airways of this world, strays aside with a grumble of distant thunder. It reveals a rooftop, complete with a chimney and rather prettily painted slates. Upon it, the small and insignificant form of a young girl. A nobody. A non-issue. A shudder runs through Emi's body, and she draws a breath that has been held for several moments. Tears prickle in her amber eyes as she draws a hand down to her hip, preparing to put into motion her greatest regret... with a hope for salvation... Her heart goes out with her mind, reaching a ravaged mind with words that will hold firm over any nightmare. ~Open your eyes, and see.~

Guarlesia brings her sword up before herself and stops her forward floating motion as Caliga stops in front of her. The runes along her blade flicker briefly, "Gone?" She questions him, as she feels Diablo trying to bring Twisteds...twisted underneath back into shape. She'll have to talk to Dimension in a moment to fix that problem. There certainly are a lot of people here. Of course, they all have to die and be destroyed. "I have no ma--" She doesn't finish her sentance as Devi's punch impacts against the right side of her face. The left half bubbles outwards and then explodes in a shower of bones and brain matter, which does help her dodge that second punch, since most of her head has been blown away by the impact. Acid from Xue then coats her body, smoke and the smell of burning flesh and materials wafting into the air, followed by an impact of lightning that crackles around the decapitated body. It hangs in the air for a few moments before it then begins to plummet out of the sky towards the ground.

"...If only you knew how often I have heard similar threats." Kalean turns to look at Johnny, pleased to see that he has the man's attention. Narcissist. He's even smiling, just a bit. "... But alas, I do not think you have any say in the matter." It is at this moment, precisely, that an aberrant shift brings a pocket dimension to bear exactly in the space where it would sever the Major's head from his shoulders. Kalean glances back at the major for a moment, and the glee that still reflects on the nazi's face. Well, if the man's going to die, Kalean might as well make it look like it was his doing. He lifts a hand towards the Major, empty palm facing outward, and turns his fingers to face the sky. A massive pillar of energy bursts forth from the ground below everyone's favorite nazi. (Note: The opinions expressed in this narrative do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Twisted and its players in their entirety, and are void where prohibited by law.) The pillar is an all consuming force, and, unless the Major dodges the incoming pocket dimension headed his way, it will engulf his corpse, causing him to go out like a roman candle. It is, on the other hand, exactly as wide as the major, and not a bit wider, so if the man does avoid the decapitation, he'll likely avoid the blast as well. That's the price of assuming noone will ever dodge your attack, though, isn't it? Egotist. Kalean turns to look back at Johnny with an amused expression, yet somehow he still manages to look indifferent at the same time. His black eyes shine with a golden gleam for a moment, and it's as if he can see everything. As Guarlesia falls from the sky, he turns to face Johnny fully, despite being a ways away now. "...Come, though, show me the strength of your newfound position, child. It shall amuse me before this world ends." Before the world ends? Didn't Guarlesia just fall? Kalean's eyes glance past Johnny towards Emi for just a moment, and his grin broadens, just a bit. When his eyes fall upon the raging devil, that grin just grows further, as if he was privy to some secret meant only for him. "...If you can touch me, perhaps I shall even stop the Aegis, and afford this place a few more brief moments." ... Zuh?

As Guarlesia falls to the ground, Caliga suddenly vanishes, only to re-appear above her as she falls. "Shin." His hands suddenly move together, forming a square with his fingers touching. "Kikoho." A faint trail of energy suddenly launches itself forward, moving to strike the body of Guarlesia into the ground. A large square crater suddenly appears beneath her, as wave after wave of this energy pours forward, only causing the crater in the ground to grow deeper and deeper with each strike. His body however starts to glow once more as one of the orbs suddenly shatters, causing the overlapping features to become more apparent. Even as Diablo starts to kick the woman's body, Caliga continues the onslaught with the blasts.

Herr_Major is of course, overdetermined to die. His distracted nature and detatched sense of self simply allows him to drift even as he becomes to focus of an attack. Major never saw himself as central to anything or any sort of plan. He enjoyed destruction and war as long as it would last, thriving in the chaos of combat. And for him, it ended today. Returned to the eternal, Major's corpse is consumed by the enchantments that drove him to become detatched from the last material thing he ever possessed (kudos to anyone who gets the double meaning here). His last thoughts were not any different than those he shared while he was still bound in form... "What wonderful destruction..." he thought to himself before the Major passed into the state which rendered him unable to care about anything whatsoever.

Senior Diablo turns from the destruction caused by Caliga, his clothes burning off as well as his form. What is his true form anyways? The demon's height reduces as he walks away, his wounds seeming to mend themselves as even more of the wounds and clothing burn away. It's all for show, after all. His entire purpose of being and that show seems to have been brought to an abrupt conclusion... Nancy's eyes widen as tears begin to freely fall from her face. Her friend seems to have just been killed and once again there was nothing she could do about it. Caliga's onslaught makes it worse. Insult to injury if nothing more. She turns away from the scene only to see that the Major meets a similar demise. Her eyes go wide once more as she burries her face in her hands. Diablo was right, nothing was supposed to happen this way. Johnny laughs. Loudly. At the destruction, at Devi's attack, at Kalean's comments, at Diablo's misery. This is all pretty funny from his perspective. Best to just ignore him for now.

The quickened beat of her heart deafens Devi to anything else but the hunt. Preadetor and prey. Perhaps she's sick, and perhaps she's drawing to deeply in on the maniac's old mind set. The sight of blood, the smell of war, the air of fight sends her blood boiling, pushing her to destroy. *~Finish it. END IT~* Something in the back of her mind shudders, snaping under the shear weight of bloodlust. Her hands swing wide, arking around her as she puts her wrists together, palms flashing out towards the falling Council Servent. Thin lines of electricity cackle around her arms, snaking their way up her body, the kanji on her back burning. Devi feels no pain right now, no whispers of moral ideals. She's converted back into what she was before, when Oblivion was her master. War starved and overly eager, although this time, she's got a whole no bag of tricks. A ball of power snaps into exsitance, having been built since she started powering up. Deep green eyes narrow and start to sink in as she drains herself for the attack. "Hu-HAAAA!" She keys up, the ball blasting out, growing larger as it rockets towards Guarlesia. Waves of heat distort the air in the wastelands, floating sand crystalising from the heat. The image is very nice though, millions of what looks like tiny dimonds catching the light and refracting every color in the prisim. They hang in the air for a brief second, before flying outward as the ball passes down through the glass fog. With Caliga and Diablo and whomever else is within sigh distance from the sight of attack, someone needs to find refuge. The flowing lava even bends to the force of might as Devi watches her ball decend, the people below enveloped underneth it's glow. Devi says, "This is the last, the final, and the end. I will not play this game again. I will not ruin what has been created in this hell hole. May you be damned." Devi looks tired. More then that, she looks half dead, dropping altitude dramtically as she struggles to keep herself upright. "I hope at least some of you make it." Her eyes roll up, a finger twitching out as she falls unconcious. She shimmers from the air, into nothingness, back to safety, if anywhere is safe. Devi is currently unconcerned with the aftermath of her biggest attack, and just making sure she doesn't start drawing on her life energy has become her main focus.

Xue's eyes widen at this. Bad mojo comin! She instantly casts the most powerful defensive bubble of force she can around herself, Wolfe, and anyone else within close proximity to her, and focuses entirely on maintaining it!

Wolfe can't do anything but stare wide eyed as the attack descends on the area. He looks over to Xue, and does something he rarely does, he prays, prays she can maintain that shield. All the while he mutters to himself, mostly nonsensicle babble about cards.

If the rage on Emi's face was staggering, then the horror as she watches Guarlesia fall is even more so. The tears begin to cascade down her cheeks as a heated flush consumes pale flesh. The joints in her fingertips crackle and pop as she closes each hand tight, the distant cloud beginning to close over her betrayed friend's hiding place. But she stays it with a thought. This cannot be over; even with the attacks that rain down in sequence, hammering the six-winged destroyed into the earth... nothing so huge could be so easy... And, finally, selfishly, she thinks that she cannot have done what she has in vain. Was it unnecessary? Has she betrayed her boundless past and her precariously balanced present, has she betrayed... the thought dies with a choked sound from her throat. Destruction soars to meet her, and her entire being turns to a black-within-black void, rippling in the manner normally reserved only for the hair upon her dainty head. The eyelid of the universe shutters. Every being, no matter their power, will see a single instant of pure nothing as the rules of reality are momentarily rewritten, transporting each and every one of the warriors to a point just outside the blaze. It's an invasion of privacy, and something she would not normally do; but she will lose nobody else over this. She will not allow any further mistakes. ~This ends.~ Emepherea's voice floats into each and every head - barring the one she has already addressed in this manner. That is left to observe, to see what continues to unfold. ~And it ends /well/.~

A kick from Diablo into Guarlesia's body, then continued impacts from Caliga, sending her down into the cracked pieces of Twisted, fragments of the street flying out from the edges as she goes down deeper, and then finally the massive explosion brought down from Devi. Nothing is left of Guarlesia's body after all of this destruction, save her sword, of course. A rune upon it flares and the sword teleports into the air, floating. It turns once, swinging downwards, and a single, thin line of Power flies from the blade, darting down towards the surface of Twisted. If no one stops the ripple of power, that even a normal human could feel was there, even if they couldn't see it, it will dive down beneath the ground, twirling and writhing its way throughout Twisted Street, sliding itself between piece after piece of fragmented dimension and materials, like a great sewing string. The sword, or well, really, Guarlesia, pulls itself backwards, and the string of power snaps. The dimensions of Twisted all start to come apart, one after another, worlds and dimensions each cry out to the other, as their fabrics are torn and destroyed. The Twisted Street, a long road of black stone, begins to seperate, pieces shooting off into the nothingness of chaos, while others simply evaporate into nothingness.

When Johnny seems to descend into nothing but fits of laughter, Kalean's grin shrinks a bit. He looks smug, but no longer all that pleased. "... A shame. Noone has tried to kill me in a while, it is becoming an exercise that I remember fondly, but am destined to have little of in the future." ... And he wants people to attack him. So he's full of himself /and/ insane. Good to know, good to know. "...As I thought, none of you understand. It is to be expected. But I suspect that you will, soon." Kalean looks up to the stars, stars whose pulsing is growing more intense. He turns his view back to Emi and Caliga, giving only a moment's pause to whistle at Devi's descending attack. Now that's a respectable way to handle things. Pour your entire being into it, give it your all. He can respect that. It won't work... but he can respect it. A nice attack. His eyes don't remain on it long enough to watch its finale, however. After all, it's not like he imagines it can hurt him, the arrogant jerk. He just looks at Caliga and Emi for a few moments, before smiling again, and crossing his arms. "...Or you will die. Either way is the same to me." The blast hits, and everyone is pulled away, though Kalean, somehow, remains. Was he /that/ powerful, to resist Emi's pull? Or did he move back so quickly it appeared that he never left? Either way, he remains. He will not be pulled about like a figurine on someone's chess board. He is not a player. He is a watcher, despite his inability to abide by those undead abominations. There is one more player who has not yet taken the stage, but Kalean never credited his apprentice with a talent for seeing beyond the surface. His thoughts are interrupted as the force of the blast actually strikes him, and he pauses for a moment, admiring it. It's strong. It's hardly a pitched battle, but it shall have to do. He disappears into the blast, and is not able to be seen within it. When it ends, he is not visible any longer. Perhaps he died. ... But probably not.

As Emi forcefully teleports Caliga away, another one of the orbs shatters, and he vanishes, only to reappear upon the battlefield once more. "Concordance. That's enough." The voices suddenly ring out, once more echoing across Twisted as he vanishes and reappears next to the sword, moving to grab its hilt. His body starts to shake violently however, as his hair starts to grow, becoming rather messy and spikey at the same time. The tail however, seems to be fully apparent. "We're done with this fight."

Xue maintains her telekenetic sphere of force, even when teleported and out of the way. Wolfe would be able to stand within it unharmed, while she maintains its location in space, even as the ground drops out from underneath and away. This is DEFINATELY bad..... she looks to wherever Nancy is, not bothering to wait to see what happens. "Can you get me back to the Usual?". She sounds definately urgent.

The moment Xue asks her question, Nancy snaps out of her state of shock an nods. A dense fog rolls in from nowhere and takes anyone who happens to be standing beside her away. She need to think and clearly that won't happen here. This is as good of an excuse as any...

The stars in the sky continue to pulse, and now, finally, the 'sun' joins them, darkening and brightening with the other stars in that simultaneous, impossibly choreographed rhythm. This time, because it's the sun, every time the rhythm pulses dark, almost all light seems to fade, save that given off by things on Twisted itself, such as the lava and any lights that might still be on. It's ... actually /very/ distracting. Fortunately, it doesn't last very long. From the sky itself, a figure of pure light makes contact with an intact portion of Twisted Street. It hits with the force of a mack truck, cratering, as things around here often do. The form of Crux Caedon resolves itself behind that light, crouching on one knee and one hand. As the light fades to reveal his form, however, something seems a bit... unusual. For one, that arm and leg seem to be the only limbs he has at the moment. His other two seem to simply cease at the joints, as if they never existed in the first place. He's breathing hard, he looks like he broke a few ribs... and perhaps most disturbingly, he's not bleeding. "... Son of a bitch." ... Oh... kay? Well, at least the stars stopped their pulsing. They all seem to be lit, now.

~From the fertile soil of civilization, to the blaze of its fires...~ The voice of the goddess continues to pour forth into each mind not prepared and shielded, no longer consciously forcing - but carrying a compulsive force that begins to enter more minds as it is amplified. Wild and panicking maltravellers across the length and breadth of this dying world hear it, women and children hear it as they cling to each other for comfort. There is no stopping her. Not now. ~In the dawn-spirit of my mother, out of the chill breeze of madness, and for the impending twilight of my father... for those I have loved... and those I may come to love...~ Far in the skies above, still fluttering in the fading maelstrom left behind by the unconscious - and divinely preserved - Devi and her fellows, the black ribbon of Emi begins to turn slowly to trace the sword's trail. Guarlesia's physical body may be dead, but all things can be unmade. She focuses her very astral core upon the essence of the fallen 'angel'. In the darkness, twin glints of amber. ~For my actions I am truly sorry. But the outcome shall be my gift.~ As Crux appears, the voice intones also in his skull. It even gains a surge of warmth somewhat removed from the distant, dread calm that has overtaken the Diaduin Emepherea. Her shadow's hands twist and writhe suddenly, and the rooftop is struck by a ray of orange-gold light. Holy energy explodes in a pulsing, semi-transparent ripple as the shielding about the girl, about Yoiko Hibiki, is opened. Across a link made by the tiny goddess streams every thought and emotion, every memory and every experience past and present. Everything that is negative in Twisted, that has been negative these past three weeks, hits a dimunitive form that could never handle such pressure. Not alone. But Yoiko Hibiki is not alone. Something sits alongside her, guiding, comforting, even as the Balance swings, becoming dark. Becoming destruction. Embracing the most vicious human emotion of all. ~My wrath shall be my price. Goodbye, Guarlesia.~ With that, the emotions of the goddess herself sweep forth in a torrent. They are all the more potent for being a crime against nature itself.

Guarlesia doesn't care if Caliga grabs onto her, thought he will find his hand can't actually touch the hilt, an invisible field keeping him from actually making contact, though he can grip the field like it was the hilt nonetheless. Guarlesia's voice speaks from the area of the sword, the runes upon it flickering, "I am not Concordance. I'm Guarlesia." She says, as Twisted continues to come apart at the seems, even the chaos itself it starting to lose its own chaos, turning into nothing but spasmic lights of darkness. Wells of air begin to suck downwards out and, tornadro's beginning to form and rip through the area. ||| Gegoshi appears with a flash of teleporting light near...hmm...Nancy's gone...between Crux and Caliga, floating in the air. She glances between the both of them and says, "Hello! I have finally exceeded my limits and am no longer able to hold the integrity of Twisted together and have relinquished all such boundaries put in place by Concordance. This does leave me quite relieved however! Is there anything I can help either of you with?" She asks, quite cheerfully! Despite the worlds end going on around her. ^_^

With a look of concern for Devi's dissaperance, Johnny tries to watch the scene going on with more and more distraction. He bites his lip and vanishes in the middle of the scene. He has to check on her. No matter how bad this looks, he can't comprehend that the people involved can't handle things on his own. Part of the reason he's made no effort to join before now. Yoiko has only one ability that makes her unique beyond the average 'normal' people of Twisted, well, beyond her ability to get hopelessly lost at a moment's notice. That would be the ability to use her brother's technique. She's only used it once, and much like before she's too out of her skull to even comprehend what's she's doing. As Emi magnifies the horrors she's been watching all day, her hands move on their own as if by instinct. Or, perhaps from Emepheria's guidance. The blast should look familar to those that know of her world, but the power, the stength is magnified so brilliantly that it looks like it could unmake the world in the span of a heartbeat. Hopefully Emi knows what she's doing, because Yoiko has no control over what happens next. All one can do is watch as the depression wave rockets across Twisted along with the scream, "SHI-SHI-HOKOUDAN!!!"

"Gegoshi. Crux knows the coordinates to the Virgo Cluster, an area that suits your price. Please institute dimensional stability please. The contract has been paid. Thirteen hundred mineral rich galaxies, folded by fourty thousand shards of the multiverse. Begin purchase contract, and then start stabilzing Twisted!" However, the rest of the orbs shatter around Caliga, as he suddenly is enveloped in a blinding white light. His the light fades, however his body is no longer there. Those not present to witness this first hand, find themselves within a garden, the most fertile and beautiful garden one can imagine. Almost as if one had died, and found themselves in heaven. However, they aren't alone. Off in the distance, a large house, with an even larger gathering of women can be spotted, only to then vanish as the sky starts to show just what is happening upon Twisted.

In the UR, Violet light spills from its windows. The road, within roughly a block around it, reforms and is held together by this same purple light. Anyone in this range that cant help themselves is pulled to the road, and the safety of the UR. This effect maintains itself for the time being, until such time as stability is returned to the area long-term.

The stars hold steady for a brief time, the only stability in this chaotic tumult of unraveling dimensions and eroding worlds. Just when one might have time to wonder why they're still bright, one of them quite simply winks out, and does not brighten again. For his part, Crux looks up to the skies, a cold sweat on his face. His eyes take on their familiar golden glow, and he blinks once, as if just then noticing everything happening around him. He turns at Emi's voice, then again at Caliga's, looking in several directions. Xue, Johnny, and people he doesn't know. He wears a look of revelation, sadness, and regret all at the same time. The stars above start to wink out in rapid succession. There's a lot of them, so rapid is really a relative term, but there's a slowly spreading hole in the sky where the stars once were. Not comforting. Crux glances at Gegoshi last in the list of people that he glances at, Guarlesia not really fitting that bill. As the stars in the sky start to wink out at an increasing rate, his first word is ... not inspiring. "...Oh." He blinks as Caliga offers up his knowledge as a purchase price, and then everyone disappears, reappearing somewhere... else. Crux looks down at himself, wondering why he's still here. And then, it becomes clear. She's already here. "{Crux Caedon}," The voice speaks, in immaculate and flowing Japanese, more beautiful in and of itself than any native speaker of the language has ever managed. "{Your flight ends now. Death has come for you, my dear. And she shall hold you tight, for she and I are one in the same...}" A beautiful, raven-haired woman drifts down from the sky, in an unfamiliar ceremonial dress. The rest of the stars wink out behind her, and the sun struggles, but does manage to stay lit. "{I've found you.}"

Guidance is key to Yoiko's plight, her salvation and to the destruction of Guarlesia. Because the soul sleeping alongside Hibiki's own is the soul of the girl Emi, rather than the goddess Emepherea, it forms a natural conduit for that incredible power. The two have been one for a long time; as they are one now. The child feeds the woman, the maiden feeds the mother, and as that blast resounds out over Twisted it begins to buck and twist under a control that will not be relinquished. With a soaring howl, the Shi-Shi-Hokoudan is torn from it's unruly path and collapsed into a tight meteor. Every single resident of Twisted has unwittingly lent their power to this abomination - it is a sin of it's own, so much hatred, sadness and anger compounded into a thing of an energy so pure it transcends viable description. But we can try. Imagine the deepest despair, suffered by the most wracked and ruined individual, and amplify that thousand times... a hundred thousand times... more, spiralling upward until numbers lose meaning. Because the whole is capped off with the tears of a goddess. One who could create and destroy worlds, were she allowed. Would she allow herself. This is the most that Emi can do, and it comes close to destroying her, the very fabric of her vague shadow image tearing away into particles as she guides Yoiko's cowing blast with pinpoint precision for an impact with Guarlesia. And this is only the beginning. As it flies, the Diaduin Emepherea calls out to the underworld, to the Daughter of Time that resides there. ~Setsuna. The moment has come. /Now/.~

Guarlesia doesn't disappear when Caliga does, she isn't leaving until the destruction is complete. In fact, as he disappears, the blades runes glow and flow down along the edge, gathering at the hilt and then splurting outwards into Guarlesia's body. "I'm glad my Seals are off." She says, to herself, and looks down at Twisted coming apart around her. She pulls the sword up a bit, then looks towards the sudden oncoming massive blast of destruction and power surging towards her. There's a few moments, where she considers her life, coming into existence as Twisted formed around her, Concordance appearing and immediately throwing upon her the hundred Seals. Locking away her memory of existence, of her true creator. Of everything. Then now, destroying the thing that brought her too life, having been turned by Concordance into an object of her will and desire. Perhaps, that did make Concordance her creator as well? Despite all of that, and all of this, there is only one thing she has to say, and only one thing she remembers so very fondly through all that has occured in her existence, "I really, really like and would enjoy some wine." And then the blast hits her. Her body is the first to go, though that's just her other half, since she's really the sword, having been sealed in that hilt the whole time, never allowed to come out until now. Runes explode off of the sword as it tries to deny its own desutrction, words of creation, life, death, love, and hope flaring into life through the runes, but each is eradicated by the blast. And soon, the sword itself comes apart, flying into nothingness. ||| Gegoshi smiles brightly and teleports herself down next to Crux with a flash of white light. "Hello!" She says, and the clothing on her body swirls silver, changing into an exact mimicry of the woman who has begun to speak with Crux! She smiles even bigger and holds out a hand, "I accept your contract and your offer! Please note that this is a pending transaction, and the further details must be worked out before a final consensus can be found. Until then, all of my systems and resources are yours! The world seems to be falling apart, so let's stop it together!" She says, "Please begin using any type of standard creationism you can perform, Crux Caedon. I will begin to catalog your events and copy them onto Twisted."

The mother's cry does not go unheeded. What remains of the ground is torn open as the flow of time is suddenly laid bare upon the fragmented remains of Twisted. All that once was and all that will be become a blanket of energy washing out over Guarlesia as the blast from the depression wave hits it's mark. For an instant, time stops - the after-effects of the blast freeze, the fragments of the disintegrating blade hanging in the air. Had Twisted's gods not already stood up and been counted, they might have cause to hold their collective breath... And then time resumes with a jarring shudder, an effort of will from the dwindling Emepherea banishing Guarlesia and her doom to a dimension not so far removed from Twisted, through a hole in time and space. To the very border of the world known as Chronos she goes, separating into her respective molecules inside a pocket dimension held through sheer force of determination. The black shadow of Emi begins to colour as her twin souls reunite, revealing a rather haggard and drawn echo of the pale woman. Her pleasing slenderness has turned to a dangerous dearth of life, as though the fat were drawn from her flesh, and the blood drawn from her veins. Her amber eyes sit in sunken sockets, and her breathing is laboured. But despite it all, she smiles, wavering in the sky of Twisted as she surveys a planet on the mend. For all the effort it will take to maintain the new pillar between worlds, she is only too relieved that those around her live, and may continue to thrive... Until her mind turns to Yoiko. Fresh tears blossom, and with a gasp she flickers and fades, appearing atop the elevated rooftop of the Hibiki household. Weak fingers are soon cradling the unconscious form of the girl, and the portion of her mind that she can spare probes for signs of damage. She may have helped save Twisted, but at what cost remains to be seen.

Crux simply stares at the woman as she descends from the sky, and tries to stand up. The lack of a second arm or leg does make it difficult. But difficult is for people with limitations, and Crux's never been very good at accepting his. He manages to right himself, somehow standing with one leg and one arm, and not looking at all off balance when he does so. The man can hold it together, one has to grant him that. His head snaps up as he recognizes Yoiko, and what she and Emi are doing. He turns to look towards Guarlesia, and his eyes soften at her final words. "...Sorry. I tried to tell you." He looks ... sad to see her go, not happy. Well, his perspective has always been a bit skewed. Gegoshi's words don't really seem to penetrate his skull, as he simply looks up towards the woman descending from the sky once more. Like his, hers are alight with gold, and a crystal hangs on a chain from her neck, just like one rests embedded in the flesh of his hand. Few have ever seen the one in his hand, however, so it's unlikely anyone will make that particular connection. "...Locke. This world has nothing to do with us. Don't call Him. Please." His words are hoarse, and it sounds like maybe there's liquid in his lungs. Fantastic. The woman just offers a soft smile towards Crux as she lowers, taking her own sweet time, as if she were savoring this moment. She glances towards Gegoshi, imitating her clothing, and her smile softens a bit more. "{How flattering.}" She's only about twenty feet above the ground, now, and she hovers there, smiling. "{The Exile told me to summon him when I found you. You've given him ever so much trouble, dear. But I think... just this once... I want you all to myself. Like old times.}" Her voice sounds sweet, and even if one didn't understand what she was saying, they could hear the emotion in her words. She loves the person she's talking to. Dearly. So why is there an unsettling air about her? Why did the stars go out with her presence? Crux looks just a bit relieved, hearing that Extinction is avoided for the moment, and looks over to Gegoshi sidelong. "..." He doesn't look like he knows what to do, now. On the contrary, the woman floating above closes her hands around something, and two ebon blades of darkness spring out of her hands, watou-length, and pulsating with the very opposite of life. She starts to drift towards Crux, and her smile grows. She looks ecstatic... Clearly she has some issues.

Gegoshi looks up towards the woman known as Locke, the halo above her head starting to spin rapidly as she considers various options. Looking at Crux again now, she reaches out and tries to put a hand on his shoulder, "Crux Caedon, after considering various mythologies and religions, I have decided that the best way to stop Him from being called would be to stop the unmaking of Twisted." She hops over to be between Crux and Locke, though really so Crux will look at her. The hair upon her head shimmering from gold to bleach white. "We can restore creation!" She whispers, softly, as if the world were not ending and they were in a small room all alone. Her fingers move down to try and lace with Crux's own, and she tries to draw in close towards him, eyes seeking his own. "We can break down deaths door. We can prevail against the unending tide. We can halt the unmaking of existence." She whispers, then giggles slightly, clearing her throught, "Ahem.." She gets back -into character-, whispering again, "All you have but to do, Crux Caedon, is create something, anything, so I might use it as a focus point for all of Twisted's restructuring. Please...save me...save everyone...!"

Through her grief, the Diaduin Emepherea at least remains conscious of the outside world. In her actions today she has irrevocably become part of Twisted - part of the mind of it's residents, one with their darker passions. She has ascended from an overseeing Councillor of the Hells to something else entirely. Just what, she does not know; she does want to know, because one of her only desires has been fulfilled. Only two remain. Yoiko, and the future safety of this dimension. It is the latter that causes her to look from the former, casting her impossibly deep gaze to the figures of Crux, Gegoshi and Locke. She lets the conversation flood over her, sensing the undercurrent of the events that are transpiring, but not interfering any further - because fundamental a part of her is aware that she has already done more than she should. Still. In spite of the goodwill she bears, and the morality she abides by, she cannot stay the human emotions that she has allowed to guide her. Her voice floats out to the man she met so very long ago. ~Crux. I believe in you. You're all we have left. Make the right decision...~

"Jesus. I turn my head for ONE minute, and look at you..." Caliga suddenly reappears above Crux, floating upside down and looking like he's finally returned to normal. "Christ. You think a doctor would take better care of himself..." He reaches into his coat pocket, and pulls out a small green bean, which he immediatly thrusts into Crux's mouth. "Chew. Swallow. Good boy." He glances at Gegoshi, thinking for a moment. "Gegoshi, sweety.. Crux's a bit busy.. So how about you just focus on making Twisted like it was before Connie snapped, okay?" He quickly grabs ahold of Gegoshi's hand, moving her out of Locke's line of sight, and pulling her to where she might be a little safer.

As Emi floats there, wracked with guilt, wondering about whether she's destroyed Yoiko, and possibly herself, the form of Kalean fades back into view near her, looking at the poor child in her arms. He turns his gaze to Emi after a moment, and his voice sounds ... well, like it always does. Certain. "...And the witness lives, unable to interfere, only able to lay witness to what is about to take place." Of course, it's all about something else with him, never mind the epic struggle that just happened, how Emi and Yoiko may have sacrificed roughly everything they are to stop Guarlesia. With a gesture of Kalean's hand, a wall of the house seems to fade away, and he gestures towards the lit fireplace. Did the house have a fireplace before? If not, it does now. "...Warm yourself by the fire, Emepherea. The morning will come soon. Let me tell you a story about a young man that I once knew." Crux actually manages to be distracted somewhat by Gegoshi's words, now, particularly after her hair changed color, and while he knows she's... well... Gegoshi, it takes him a moment to return to himself. He doesn't take Gegoshi's hand when she interlaces her fingers with his, but he doesn't stop her, either. Emi's voice washes over him, and he shakes his head once, coming to. He takes the proferred bean from Caliga, and munches it down without a second thought. His arm and leg grow back in much the same way Kalean fades in and out of places, outline first, and then they fill in. He waves Caliga off when the man tries to move Gegoshi, though, and he turns towards Locke again, determination showing on his face. "You want to see me create something, eh?" He reaches a hand up to the sky, and wings of light flare into existence behind him. "...As you wish." With that lifted hand, the sun pulses to life, brighter than ever, and Kalean speaks in that confident voice that only he can use, not brooking discussion or interruption. "He lost his home... his family... his very world. The planet, indeed his entire solar system was reduced along with his sun into a neutron star while he was off trying to help those in need. Do you know what he did, then, Emepherea?" He keeps using her name, but it's not like they've met before. Crux's hand widens, fingers out-stretching as if trying to take a hold of the entire sky. They tremble and shake, and it looks like he's exerting himself. "... He took it back." That hand closes into a fist with great force, and Crux's wings flare out, bright enough to be blinding if one was looking at them directly. All at once, every single star in the sky returns. It's not like a light switch, though. Fragments of nebulous dust swirl into place, until the hydrogen in them reaches critical mass, and fusion begins once more. Nevermind that it would take billions of years for their light to reach Twisted, they're visible in the night sky again, as each of them is born anew. Crux's eyes blaze golden, and his voice echoes, even as he looks like he'll have an aneurysm. "BURN." And the stars do just that... as if they never went out. That's ... physics defying, but rather neat. Locke watches with what seems like adoration and pride, despite exuding a very intense desire to kill Crux, and continues approaching. Kalean looks up at the sky, as if he was hardly surprised, and then chuckles. "Let there be light." ... Dick. Crux just stands there, his entire body trembling, the veins bulging, and he looks like a picture with the transparency turned down just a tad. "... ...Beat... that." ... And he falls to the ground, unconscious.

Gegoshi looks over at Caliga appears and starts trying to pull her away from Crux, "Caliga, we're having a -moment-!" She giggles, giving a roll of her eyes and a shake of her head, "Oh, thank you!" She says to Crux as he waves Caliga off. The synth takes a slight step backwards as Crux brings his hand up towards the sky and the wings on his back blaze with light. She looks upwards, blue text flickering rapidly over her eyes, then returns her gaze onto Crux. The halo above her head starts spinning much faster than normal, a gentle humming sound coming from it as she processes everything Crux is doing. The girl rushes forward and catches ahold of Crux before he can hit the ground! She whispers in his ear, "My noble sir, you are supposed to be catching the swooning girl! It's okay." She says, patting his back as she gently lowers him to the ground, "Next time." She says with a wink, straightening up. "Analysis complete! Restructure commencing." The synth dips down into what's left of the ground of Twisted, her body turning slightly sliver as she sinks down, the ground around it wobbling like it was water. There's the light beep sound, like the error warning a BIOS gives, before in a wide circle, the street of Twisted takes shape, the black stone reforming and coming to existence again, dimensions reforming, buildings restructuring, and chaos, while not ending, becoming more subdued. The Twisted Street extends across into infinity again, although if one were to view it from high above, it may look more like a twisting network of black wings writhing about itself. The girl then turns and looks up towards Locke. "Hello! I'm Gegoshi! I'm afraid I can't allow you to conduct any harm upon my owner, per the current contract and the default settings it contains. How about we have some tea instead?" She asks as she rises up out of the ground, solidifying again. A small table appears, with a tea set upon it with four places. The cups are black with small red designs trailing across them. She inclines her head slightly, and her voice grows more dramatic and overly serious, "Or must I play on the art of the dance, and learn the steps of death to stop you?"

"Huh. I always wondered if you were a cutie or not.. Then again, with the good Doctor's taste in people... its such a hard thing to guess." Caliga rights his body, to where he's now floating above Crux. He suddenly leans down, picking the Advent of Light's body up, and tossing it over his shoulder. "Sorry sweetums.. I can't quite let you have him, or end this realm.. So, if you'll play with Gegoshi, she'll show you a really nice time, all right?" He suddenly starts to fade, before looking to Gegoshi. "I'll make sure to tell your mother you're doing quite well. She'll be happy to know you're back up to speed. She was quite worried when she saw how bad you had gotten." He vanishes, then reappears once more, the Advent of Light seemingly tucked away somewhere safe. "Of course. If you'd like, you could play with me." He winks at Locke, always having a bit of a weak spot for pretty girls.

Crux offers no resistance to Gegoshi catching him, or to Caliga picking him up. He's quite out. One would certainly HOPE so, considering what he just did. And he claims to be human. At any rate, Caliga is able to stash Crux away, but whatever method of transportation he uses, he'll find it's actually /difficult/ to do so. There's no way he could have managed it when he was transporting Twisted's population at the same time. It's like trying to pull apart an electromagnet powered by the sun. Not. Easy. Locke, for her part, slows when she sees Crux pass out, and turns her eyes upon Gegoshi as the synth catches him. She seems to assess the situation in a moment, and one of those two blades dissipates. She doesn't actually speak to Gegoshi, and before Caliga grabs Crux, she begins to float towards the downed Advent. "Such a beautiful death for you, my dear. Even when you moved down the path of evil, you were always so noble and sacrificial about it. Saving this entire place... It's so like you." She has /got/ to be messed up in the head if she's spouting her unending adoration while she's moving to kill him. But once Caliga separates the two of them, she looks a bit stricken, and her eyes fall to Gegoshi, and then to Caliga, widening as if in shock. "You took him from me... How could you? How /DARE/ you?" Her voice changes in an instant, from sweet to venomous, and those eyes widen further. One moment she is one of the most beautiful things on this side of the Usual Restaurant, the next she looks insane with rage. "You have no right! You... You..." Her breaths come heavy, and her eyes just blaze even more brightly for a moment, before she places her empty hand to her forehead, trying to calm herself. A moment passes, and it seems to work, as when she lowers her hand she's not ugly with rage anymore. "... I'm sorry... I don't know either of you, and I shouldn't judge you based on your flaws." Her voice is sweet again, honey, even, and she offers a warm smile. "... It's nice to meet you, Gegoshi... and..." She looks towards Caliga. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

Gegoshi blinks over as Caliga mentions her mother. She cocks her head to the side, "I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to interact with my mother. Please refrain from speaking to her again." She says with a cheerful smile, before moving over to begin pouring tea once Crux has disappeared and Locke is talking with Caliga. Pour pour pour. Well, Crux is gone, but she still pours a cup for him anyway! Pour. She then turns and does a formal japanese bow to Locke when she's greeted properly. "It is nice to meet you, as well! I just love your outfit!" She sends out a quick scan to where Caliga was and where he went to, so she can keep proper tabs on Crux's current location! Well, if possible anyway! If Crux for some reason has a Gegoshi pad, it shouldn't be a problem to find him even without following Caliga's trail.

"Oh, I've got many names. You can call me honey if you'd like." Caliga seems to enjoy messing with those who have the ability to destroy entire universes, almost as if it made it all that much more fun. "Also. I have every right. Considerin' that the good Doctor hasn't quite finished his job for me. It'd be kind of hard for him to do it if he's dead. Not to mention I still have to get him to realize the error of his ways, and go back to working with Kalean. So. Its just too soon for him to die yet, okay?" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette, deftly lighting it with his left index finger. "Gegoshi. Don't go after Crux. Not until he comes to get you." He smiles at the Synth, before returning his attention to Locke. "All right cutiepie. My name is Caliga. You'll just have to be patient on killing my doctor. I mean, whats a few more years?"

"I think I'd prefer to call you by your name, charmer. Caliga, then." Locke turns those golden eyes fully on him for a moment, as if she's looking into his mind, though in actuality, it's just his temporal trail, looking through the events of the last few minutes first, and then intending to pour over a summary of his life as best she can. It's rather fuzzy at the splitting, and she can't see anything when Caliga was fused with his other. Still, what she sees is enough for her, even if summaries are hardly accurate estimations of someone's abilities when one has been around as long as Caliga. "...Whatever promises my fiancee made you are hardly relevant now. I will take him back, now." Locke continues forward, towards Caliga, and glances at Gegoshi for a moment. "Please keep the tea warm for me, Gegoshi. I will be happy to share a drink with you in a moment." Her voice is still pleasant, and then she slowly moves her 'sword' forward. It's not pointed at Caliga, and the movement is nothing more than a simple swaying of her hand, as it's been swaying since she first started holding the blade. But this time, it stabs into a ripple in the air, and emerges from behind Caliga by about an inch, aiming for his back. It's not really a blade, of course, just a concentrated amount of un-life. To simplify, it's purely death. Not a pleasant thing to be stabbed with.

Gegoshi gasps suddenly, holding her hands to her mouth and taking a step back! "Fiance! Oh my!" She says in faux shock and amazement! The wings on her back flutter a moment as she tries to decide what would best suit the current situation. A jealous lover? No, not with this one, she doesn't think Locke would like that as much as... "Well..." She exhales and then digs her foot into the ground, clasping her hands beneath her back and twisting slightly from side to side in shyness, "...I guess, if you wanted him first..." She says, looking over at Locke as she moves towards Caliga, "...but...maybe...we could share?" Her cheeks grow flush before she bobs her head! "Oh, I'm glad!" She says about the tea, smiling suddenly!

The moment Locke gets behind Caliga, something rather strange happens. Almost as if Crux himself were standing there, wings of pure light suddenly appear on the man, resonating almost as if it were infact, the good doctor. He suddenly spins around, his eyes burning with energy, only to poke at Locke's head, then vanish. He reappears once more at the table, kneeling down next to it, happily sipping at the tea. The wings are gone, and he smiles sweetly at Locke. "Dear girl. You're a few thousand years to young if you really want to go at it with me. I've already beaten Cruxie-chan. And obviously, he's managed to keep you hopping for years and years. So. Come. Sit, and relax. Drink some tea, then head home, and just wait. I already told you. You /can't/ have him. Not yet at least."

Locke passes through the portal behind her sword, and sees familiar wings on the man. Strangely, this doesn't really seem to stop her, and that sword still glides forward. Whether Caliga dodges it or not is a different question entirely. She pauses as he pokes at her head, and decides to back through the portal once more, returning to her original place. She looks down when Caliga ends up at the table, and pauses for a moment, those golden eyes of hers looking thoughtful. "...I see. A mischief maker /and/ a charmer." She offers a musical little laugh, holding one hand up to her mouth. "Though I have to wonder at the wisdom if imitating someone I intend to kill." She sounds a bit amused, and then drifts down through another portal to land opposite the table from Caliga. Looking to Gegoshi, Locke offers another smile. "You're quite the entertaining construct, but I don't know if I can share him with anyone." She stabs her 'sword' backward into the air, without ever taking her eyes off Gegoshi, and at least a dozen tiny portals open around Caliga, each of them wide enough for that blade, and matches with another portal, so that each 'set' seems to hold a fraction of that blade. Each portal pair zips about through the air, obviously intending to slash Caliga to ribbons, though if they should hit, they wouldn't actually do any physical damage, simply directly damaging his life. It's a neat trick. And she's not really paying attention while she does it, either. How... special. The delight in her eyes could probably be likened to someone playing with a child. But she doesn't say anything to that effect. That would be rude.

Gegoshi quickly kneels herself down at the table as well. She takes the teacup in both of her hands, blowing on it lightly and making a little puff of steam float from it. She watches the portals and the stabbings towards Caliga, but doesn't pay it too much mind just now! There's a whole lot of responsibilities she doesn't have to deal with anymore, so it's quite refreshing for her! "Well..." She says, at Locke's words of not being able to share Crux, and she looks down at her tea, swirling its contents before taking a sip, "...I am able to perform quite a number of services." She says, looking back to Locke with a large smile, "I'm sure if we think hard enough there will be a place for me with the both of you!" She hops up to her feet after setting her tea down. "Would you like to go through a checklist of preferences or should I continue with the default options?" She asks Locke.

Small portals suddenly open up around Caliga, directly infront of each of the portals Locke opened, causing the blades to end up somewhere else. Of course, for the sake of theatrics, he drops his tea and clutches at his heart. "Oh no. You have killed me. I am dying." He slumps forward over the table, "Blargh. I have died. Bleah." He lets his tongue fall out of his mouth, only remaining that way for a few moments. "I told you cutiepie. You're far to young if you think you can kill me. Damn.. I had to spill my tea for that." He immediatly sits up and grabs his cup, smiling sweetly at Gegoshi. "May I have a refill?" To her great credit, Locke keeps that smile on her face for now, even though Caliga is a bit much for anyone to handle smoothly upon the first encounter. "Oh a list of your abilities would be most helpful! Such a sweet darling." She pauses, closing the portals and letting the blade reform itself. She turns that smiling gaze towards Caliga, and her eyes lid, just a little bit, as though she were about to do something other than smile again. She manages to hold it off, though. "... Perhaps you don't quite understand the situation." And with that simple declarative, Locke turns the blade around in her hand. With smooth grace, and absolutely no hesitation, she glides the 'blade of death' into the back of her hand, a clean stab. No blood flows, but it certainly looks painful. And feels painful, too. Yes, when she stabs herself in the hand, and it's clear she's being very gentle about it, everyone in Twisted, which probably only includes Kalean, Emi, Caliga, and any newcomers, will feel as though they were stabbed there as well. It's not a voodoo doll effect, or anything that simple, either. It's like every bit of life in the nexus has just gotten a tiny bit weaker. As Locke pulls the blade back out, she smiles politely at Caliga, and lets it extinguish. "I am Life. I've been able to kill you from the moment I drew near. The challenge is taking my fiancee without killing you. I abhor genocide." And how exactly would killing Caliga equate to genocide?

Gegoshi rushes over to Caliga's side as he slumps over dead! "Oh tragedy! Who shall care for the children and mourn the passing of Concordance?" As he goes back to normal, she gasps, "A miracle! A miracle!" And her wings flutter behind her, but then her attention is brought back to Locke, who has a higher priority level than Caliga right now, since she's claiming fiance status. She moves over near Locke, "My abilities range depending on the current situation, and under my current contract I am able to use all of the resources at my disposal. Unfortunately, since the contract has not been officially accepted and is still pending approval by both parties, some of them are unaccessible at this time!" Her clothing silver shifts away from the mimcry of Locke's and returns to her normal default clothing, as well as her hair returning to blonde. "I am able to clean, cook, access a variety of communication languages, translate nearly any kind of written language, as well as a completely adapatable personality making sure I am able to please any owner, no matter what the type! Furthermore, with my synth technology I am able to interface with nearly any substance in order to convert it into another. I also excel at many games, and do not require any sleep! These are just a small part of my services that I can fulfull! I am even able to take on family roles, such as sister, mother, daughter, or lover. I have detailed files on psychological personality types, and am able to continually assess conversations so I can better estimate my opposites desires before they voice them! I can also change my appearance quite easily!" She stops, then giggles, "Syntha Tek prototype 3.0 licensed under The Core!" Finshing her little sales pitch of...herself.

"No, you're a crazy woman." Caliga continues to smile at Locke, before reaching into his jacket, and pulling out a rather impressive looking scroll. He unfurls it, only smirking slightly as the end goes rolling off in the distance, until it can no longer be seen. "Ki mastery, magic mastery, chi mastery, awesome in bed, lessee.." He reaches into his jacket once more and pulls out a pair of reading glasses, which he then slides onto his face. "Ah. Yes." He merely mimics the same motions as Locke did with the blade, only with his finger. And once more, that feeling of being stabbed is noticed, even with Locke. He retracts his finger from his hand, only to pick the scroll back up, and start looking through it once more. "Well. The last one I just kind of got, but its still there on the list... huh. Wonder how often this thing updates itself..."

Locke listens to Gegoshi with a polite smile, though she still hasn't touched the tea. "Fascinating. I've always wanted a sister. Such a construct must cost quite a pretty penny." She doesn't actually know what a penny is, it's just a phrase she picked up from her transference with Crux, so long ago. Maybe she'll ask before she kills him, but she doubts it. Hardly fitting last words. In the end, though, Locke doesn't give Gegoshi much to work with, simply holding that smile and making her one offhand remark before turning back to Caliga. "A crazy woman. Perhaps I'll have to teach you some courtesy, as well." She stretches her arms above her head, and then smiles a bit as she glances at her fingertip. Noone's ever successfully done that before. "Oh, and you're quite powerful. Perhaps I'll just let Him sort you out after all. I've never had much of a head for battle." She laughs at that, as if she's making a joke, but her laughter stops cold with the sound of a single footstep. Behind her, Kalean is suddenly standing. He reaches past her and takes the tea that Gegoshi prepared for Crux, as if it was obviously prepared for him instead. "Morning, Caliga." And just like that, Locke is holding very still. Caliga is an unknown and powerful quantity, but to Locke at least, Kalean represents a known one. It's no surprise then, that Kalean speaks before Locke manages anything else. "Go home, child. You've had your fun, and you know your master won't forgive you if you don't report my miraculous resurrection to him immediately." Locke can only swallow at that, and her eyes soften, with a few tears welling up. "...Damn you." She slams her hand into the air behind her, which punches open like wall being hit with a tank shell -- violently, and messily. She steps back into the rift she made, and it closes behind her. She won't let the bastard get the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Honestly though, both Locke and Crux have trouble tolerating Kalean, at least that's something they have in common. Where's the love? ... The real love, not the creepy kill you stalker love, anyway.

Gegoshi quickly waves to Locke as she runs off through a portal, "Farewell!" She says cheerfully! She'll just have to start shifting through personalities until she finds one Locke actually enjoys talking too. Well, no need for that now since she's gone! She looks over to Kalean and says, "Hello!" Before then looking over towards Caliga, "Please take me to my current owner now, as I have a number of settings that need to be decided, and the finalization of my contract must take place within a suitable amount of time from its creation. Otherwise, I will have to begin an intensive scan which could delay my response times unneccessairly." She says with a big smile!

A single hand is raised towards Kalean in greeting, as the scroll suddenly vanishes. "Yo!" He glances over at Locke however, continuing his ever annoying smile. "Him! OH! HIM! Yeah. That guy." He nods knowingly, before grinning brightly towards Kalean. "She kept tryin' to stab me. Is that how the Advents say 'I want you'?" He glances over at Gegoshi, and holds the tea cup up expectingly. "I'll bring Cruxie back once I know for sure little miss psycho isn't going to come back and start stabbing at the world again. Well.. then again since Kalean went and scared her away..." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small ball. He causes the ball to grow to roughly the size of a baseball, and merely tosses it at Kalean. "CRUXIE-CHAN~ I CHOOSE YOU!" The ball suddenly pops, and hurtling towards Kalean, is the poor Doctor.

Kalean takes a few steps back after taking the tea, and has a sip while Gegoshi and Caliga talk. When Caliga throws out the Master Ball, Kalean smirks a bit. Crux comes hurtling out, still very much unconscious. Given the trouble of having to actually reveal himself to one of their enemies, Kalean treats Crux's arrival rather kindly. With a boot to the head. Crux's neck snaps in several places as his motion is halted at the face by an immovable object, and he just sort of lays there for a few moments before those bones start re-knitting themselves. It's a painful-sounding experience. The joys of limited immortality Kalean just shakes his head. "The girl was simply inverted when her master took her. She was no good to Extinction with her obsessive need to keep Caedon safe. The opposite seems to do the creature quite a bit of good, though. It was a good decision on its part." ... That sounds a bit too much like approval to be comfortable. Finally, Kalean turns to look at Gegoshi for a moment. His eyes blaze golden, and unlike the two rookies, he peers right through to Gegoshi's beginning, and sees to the beginning of her creators, and their creators, ad infinitum. It's a gift. "... Marvelous automaton. The multiverse still presents a pleasant surprise from time to time, when I keep my eyes closed." .. But his eyes are open? ...

Gegoshi gasps, maybe for real this time, though it's hard to tell if anything she really does is really her or not, as Crux's neck snaps, though of course she knows it won't kill him! Still, proper responses and all! She rushes over to Crux's downed body, her clothing shifting over into a black nurses' outfit. She reaches over and checks his temperature with her hand and shakes her head, "Tsk tsk, physician heal thyself. Poor Crux Caedon." She says and then reaches down to touch his shoulder with her hand, and attempt to teleport the both of them away with a flash of light!

"Bye bye!" Caliga merely waves at Gegoshi as she attempts to flee with Crux, only to turn his attention towards Kalean once more. "Crux is a bit of a show off. Of course, I'm rather sure I irked her immensely with my act." He grins slyly at this, only to set the cup down on the table. "Such a pretty thing too. Its a shame she's so messed up. But, alas.. I will keep the doctor alive for as long as I can. Its not every day someone makes me hurt. And hit me with time itself." He picks the cup back up, which seems to have refilled itself with tea, only to take a long sip. "He even decided to skip his usual antics, and just get straight to the heart of the matter. Oh... Right.." He closes his eyes for a second, and once more, those who were taken from Twisted, find themselves returned, and things back to some form of normalacy. "And, with that Kalean, I think we let the young ones enjoy their victory... Until you student finds out what I did to him." Kalean just shrugs at that, being as noncomittal as he can. "The girl is not unattractive, for a human." ... How complimentary. He moves on quickly, as if the subject were without taste. "He will kill her someday, though. Foolish child." He shakes his head, and looks about as people return to the world. "... He really hit you with Time? Perhaps he's not as useless as I thought." Useless, huh? Kalean seemed quite proud of his apprentice when he was explaining it to Emi. Ah well, they must just have that sort of relationship. At that, Kalean turns, as if to walk away. "... I did not intend to save this dismal nexus. That makes two battles you owe me now, hellboy." ... Hell boy. Cute. Real cute. "...Don't forget." And with that, he fades away, but doesn't seem to fade in anywhere nearby. Well, that was... 'educational'.

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