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Invader Zim
Full Name: Invader Zim

Series: Invader Zim
Class: Invader
Threat Level: Street Sweeper

Gender: Male
Species: Irken
Age: 16 (in Irken Years) 169 (Earth Years)

Short Description: Originating from the same universe that birthed Johnny C Invader Zim is probably the worst invader ever to come from the planet Irk.

Invader Zim
You see nothing special.


With grand plans for destroying the Earth that always seemed to be thwarted by his own ignorance or that of those around him, Zim eventually crossed paths with TASK and was forced to join their ranks. Zim is easily identified by his green skin and huge eyes as well as his fondness of screaming. He's also known for terrible disguises and use of highly advanced technology.

Being a member of the Irken race, Zim has two genetic flaws - water and beans will dissolve his skin. The Irken race is also obsessed with the eating of snacks.

Zim is rarely seen without one of his two sidekicks - a useless robot named Gir and a floating multi-use Moose-thing called Mini-Moose.


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