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Christabella LaRoache
Full Name: Christabella LaRoache

Series: Silent Hill

Threat Level: Planet Breaker
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female
Species: human?
Age: 8?

Short Description: The angry spirit of a murdered girl and adversary of Alessa seeking to control Silent Hill.

Christabella LaRoache
Standing in the fog before you is a young innocent looking girl with shoulder length black hair. She may try to befriend you with smiles and laughs or search for your compassion with tears and heavy sobs - but that nagging voice in the back of your mind screams at you to be afraid. There's something in that soulless gaze of hers that warrants keeping your distance. Her age seems to be an eternal eight, but this blue eyed girl's actions befall nothing of someone her size. This is made most evident by how often she seems to be covered in blood which is not her own. In fact the tattered and worn burial dress she wears is usually heavily saturated with blood which seems to randomly vanish and return almost as quickly as the girl's temper. You may ask yourself should you realize what she's wearing, but burial dress? Possibly something to do with the large gaping hole in the middle of her stomach where her intestines tend to spill out unless she's concentrating. If you haven't guessed by now she is a citizen born of that horrible little nightmare town called Silent Hill and her appearance, much like her innocence, solely depends on what game she's decided to play with you at the time.

...and there will be games. This little girl can see your most coveted fears and desires, and worst of all she loves to remind you of them. Almost as much as she likes to watch people die...


Pre-Twisted History

Originating from the Silent Hill comic books by IDW, Christabella is portrayed as the reanimated corpse of a young girl who was brutally murdered in Silent Hill along with two young boys who had been deceived into helping the killers. Reawakened by the town with her thoughts and desires twisted, the girl soon discovered the nightmarish monstrosities roaming it and found that she had power over them. Instantly the town of Silent Hill became her devilish playground where she could stalk and kill anyone unfortunate enough to come across her. She also learned how to bring to life the jumbled memories of people from the minds of those she stalked adding their mangled forms to the army which she began to command.

Things where looking up for this foul-mouthed little monster until the day her older sister was lured into Silent Hill as well. Lauryn LaRoache had of course been the town's target because of the immense power she could wield. Christabella was simply a means to an end.

Not willing to accept that, the girl tried to turn the tides both against her sister and against the forces of Alessa Gillespie - the other little girl who had turned Silent Hill into the Nightmare it had become. In the end, however, she only managed to help awaken her older sister who forced her to return to life in a terrifying nightmare of her own. One where everyday was normal and boring and the monsters only existed in your dreams.

After a tiny eternity of going to school and being read bedtime stories, Christabella was ready for any alternative, and leapt at the chance to possibly return things to the way they where before. So when an offer was made she didn't hesitate signing up for the other team, only to discover that while the town went back to it's normal monsters and murder she was still alive and powerless. The other group struggling for control of the town is led by a witch named Lenora.

From here the story becomes incredibly hard to follow with Lenora being revealed to be a corrupted form of Lauryn and yet another power named Whately appearing while trying to resurrect the god-like Samael whom the town's cult, The Order, had also been trying to bring to life since before Silent Hill had become what it had. In the ensuing battle reality itself came crashing down and each person involved saw it reborn in the image they themselves had most desired.

Not that any of this mattered to the girl. Somehow Christabella was finally in total control of Silent Hill, or at least one possible version of it, and all was again right with the world.

Pre-Unification Twisted History

The breaking of realities allowed Dark Alessa to find her way onto Twisted, as such Señor Diablo was granted access to the realities of Silent Hill. When tasked to orchestrate a war on behalf of the Council of Twisted[1], Diablo decided to take matters into his own hands and start a war using Alessa's forces[2]. To that end he went into Silent Hill himself and sought out another version of Alessa - intending to retrieve the version responsible plunging the town into darkness in the first place.

Unfortunately for him, and his plans against the Council, the version he retrieved was actually Christabella in disguise. Eager to set off in a new world and bring it under her own rule she manipulated Alessa's servant Valtiel and used him to kill his master. At the same time she turned the undead maniac, Johnny C into her own personal servant. With the help of his friends, Johnny was eventually restored to his senses - just in time to intercept Valtiel before he gave Alessa's powers and seat on the Hell Council to Christabella. Robbed of her prize and nearly slain once again, the girl fled the scene leaving the new Judge of Retributions and his friends to clean up the mess.[3]

Post-Unification Twisted History

Traveling into the Netherworld, Tabitha Li-Bogard and Dante Sparda unknowingly released Christabella from her imprisonment beneath one of the abandoned cities of the endless wastes.[4] Releasing an army of monsters onto the streets, Christabella seems to be content to slowly turn Twisted City into her own new private Silent Hill - but will anyone be able to stop her?


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