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This section is under construction and does not yet fully reflect our grid as a whole.
Please check back for future updates.

Created from the ruins of Twisted City and the City of Neo-Edo, Mabase is the primary location on Twisted at this time. It is literally made up of chunks of the previous cities that have been strewn together. The areas closest to the city center have been restored to a proper working order around a location known as Truce Fountain. The outer areas are largely still under-construction and it is not uncommon to see streets that simply break off into the nothingness surrounding the city. In some places hand made bridges have been cobbled together connecting two land masses.

Above them all exists a large palace-type structure which was pulled from the bottom of the bay before the destruction of Twisted.

Simplified Map of Mabase

It should be noted that the below map despite being possible to load these images in game (feature currently under construction) is not to scale and should not be used as anything more than a method of quickly and hastily describing an area when entered. Twisted is as large as RP needs it to be and often there are many undocumented streets, buildings, and houses that are not mentioned in room descriptions or featured on the maps.

BLANK.png Cemetery Lane.PNG Blank Road EW.PNG Cemetery Ln and Nowhere Rd.PNG BLANK.png
BLANK.png Fukuoka Court North.PNG Integras Arms.PNG Blank Road NS.png Blank Grass.png
BLANK.png Truce Fountain Courtyard.PNG The Arena.png Park Avenue.png Nowhereto Park.png
BLANK.png Fukuoka Court South.PNG Blank Grass.png Park Avenue Empty.png Medical Mechanica Map.png
Twisted Street West.PNG Twisted St and Fukuoka Ct.png The Twisted Street.png Twisted St and Park Ave.PNG Twisted St and Mabase Dr.png
S-Mart Parking Lot.PNG BLANK.png BLANK.png Wastelands-South.png Mabase Drive.png
BLANK.png BLANK.png BLANK.png BLANK.png Wastelands-South.png

Establishments located in Mabase

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