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The Town Hall is a Parthenon-like structure built to act as a public forum and arena for various events.


Grid Description

Town Hall - South Entrance (#3832R)

Looking like it belongs in a classical epic, rather than on a city street, this theater-style arena obviously serves more than a single purpose. This entrance chamber has an empty ticket booth for events and various posters adorn the walls. From here a large gate hangs open looking down over the large arena in the building's center.

Just inside the door from the street sit two slotted wooden boxes, signs attached to the front of each.

Town Hall - Arena (#4390R)

Referred to as 'the Arena' by citizens of Twisted, the center of the Town Hall is a large sandy area surrounded by tall pillars which hold up the angled celing overhead. The arena area is actually about ten feet lower than the rest of the building with a stone walkway beneath the pillars allowing people to stand and look down at whatever events may be hosted at the time. From the North and South are stone steps leading to the two main entrances of the building. The one to the South leads back to the main street of Twisted, the one to the North leads to the TASK building.

Often times people have asked why such a parthenon-looking structure would be named the Town Hall, at which point Senior Diablo would simply smile and walk away leaving it to the imagination. Hanging from the pillars are colorful banners representing the season, viewable only from the inside of the building.

An interesting feature of the building is that the area around the sandy arena is somehow protected against attacks. Meaning if a fight where to break out in the arena itself, anyone standing along the walkways would be completely safe should the fight get out of control. Because of this seeing people wildly testing their abilities here is not uncommon.

Town Hall - North Entrance (#4374R)

The Northern entrance of the parthenon known as the Town Hall looks almost exactly the same as the Southern entrance. There are still several empty ticket booths and posters on the walls advertising various events. There is still a large gate which can be closed to restrict entrance to the Arena in the heart of the building. However the noticeable difference is that this side gives the impression that it's rarely used. Dust and cobwebs cover everything. Likely because this side only serves one purpose - passage to the TASK building outside...

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