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Tabitha Li-Bogard
Full Name: Tabitha Li-Bogard

Series: Original
Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Nekojin
Age: 7
Birthdate: March 29th, 2007
Height: 4'10" (122cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)

Short Description: The granddaughter of the late Samantha Li-Bogard, Tabitha is currently the apprentice of Señior Diablo - although the position often leaves her as nothing more than his servant. Even still she's proud of her position and eager to make her way up the ranks to become greater than the heritage she's descended from.

Tabitha Li-Bogard
A young girl who appears about 14 years old. Not a human child, but a Nekojin identified by dark grey cat ears and a matching tail. Often seen wearing a short red jacket and matching baggy pants, her clothes making her look more like a professional mercenary than a apprentace to the head of Twisted - this look made worse by the equipment she keeps tied around her waist and across her back, an old habbit from her years of training to be an explorer. Beneath her shoulder-length greyish purple hair peers two unusually blue eyes showing far more experience than her appearence or age should show.
Tabitha Li-Bogard
Tabitha was born with the ability to control create and manipulate fire from her mind, a gift from her half-dragon mother (and not one she can control to any useful extent). Spending her life training for whatever may come along while exploring the Wastelands, the girl is a practiced survivalist with a high threshold for pain and a pro at basic combat skills. Unfortunately for her she's never been able to put any of these skills to a real test... yet.

Her position as an apprentice to Diablo also puts her into unique situations and lets her have diplomatic immunity in most areas of Twisted, even those locked from the general public. For some reason Señior Diablo insists she carries one of the black-bladed daggers stolen from her grandfather (the same person Samantha had slept with and killed so many years before) and with it she is granted access past the barbed wire tree leading into Hell. But the weapon and the mysteries it contains are still beyond her understanding. Recently the weapon's influence has granted her new abilities which echo the powers and skills of Johnny C. These abilities hint at a demonic power buried just beneath her skin. ...if only she was conscious of these new skills when they've surfaced.


ChronoMUCK Logs

Pre Unification Logs

Twisted Logs


Pre-Unification History

Originally Tabitha was created by Johnny C as a means of controlling Sun abusing the image of Samantha Li-Bogard.[1] After the puppet began to think for itself and was granted her own name, thanks to Devi,[2] she was given a proper body in an exchange of power between Johnny and Sun inside the Usual Restaurant. [3] Due to the influences of her "parents"[4] she quickly became extremely powerful[5] and drew the attention of several of Twisted's Powers including Señior Diablo and Oblivion. [6] Eventually making a pact with the later,[7] Tabitha's body was regressed to that of a small child and proceeded to try and live a "normal" life with her mother.[8] [9]

This new life was short lived as Johnny physically threw her off of Twisted in a fit of rage and sealed her away with only one of his Dread Daggers for protection.[10] This was the last time she was seen in over a year.

Eventually Samantha coerced Johnny to go and look for the girl[11] and together they brought her back to Twisted, only to discover that a combination of her time alone and the influence of the dagger had driven her over the edge[12]. In a carefully concealed attack she murdered Samantha in cold blood, finally bringing an end to the woman's story. [13]

Unified Twisted Background

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother Samantha, Tabitha wanted to become an explorer spending most of her early childhood trying to ready herself to do just that. But despite over seven years of training all she managed to discover on her own was the truth about her hero - she didn't discover the gateway to Hell in the Wastelands on purpose or even by intent. She was a mercenary taking random jobs and found it completely at random. In fact, the nekojin senior had been paid to play bodyguard for a half-demon murderer who resided in the Wastelands and protect him from people who where trying to kill him.[14] After a one-night stand she not only slept with him, but robbed him blind and killed him herself to collect on the bounty the other group had placed on his head.

Upset over the shame she'd descended from and the lies she was raised believing, and further more convinced that it was a secret kept only from her about public knowledge that everyone on Twisted knew about, Tabitha went into seclusion wanting to hide from the world and more importantly from all the people she'd defended her ancestor's memory from so violently over the years. It was then that she was found by Señior Diablo and recruited to make a name for herself as his apprentice.[15] He'd told her it was because he couldn't stand seeing anyone so distraught over something he called 'trivial' but assured her that she'd be able to not only raise herself to a better place in society but to also bring justice to her family name.

Unfortunately for her the entire story was fabricated by Señior Diablo from start to finish just to make her loyal to him. In reality she was the same Tabitha who existed before the reboot of Twisted. Possibly with Gegoshi's assistance, Diablo buried her real memories and replaced them all with what he felt she needed to be what he wanted - an obedient servant with potential access the same sorts of abilities as the two who created her in the first place.

At the request of Señior Diablo, Tabitha was set to be trained by Caliga Satanas.[16] However, due to events that occurred during the first day of training,[17] Tabitha found herself so dramatically traumatized[18] that versions of herself began to manifest within her[19] in the form of multiple personalities with each personality representing a different aspect of her now convoluted past. Thanks to the efforts of Xue Qian, the girl became aware of that past and glimpsed briefly at the person she was prior to Diablo's influence[20]. While still struggling to understand the details of what the devil had done to her, she at least could begin to accept what had happened to her[21]. Even though to that end she vanished from the public eye until she could fully come to grips with who she's become.[22]

Further information: Personalities in Tabitha

Twisting the rules a little, Tabitha was briefly granted the ability to live outside of normal time with Samantha during her last moments by Lady Setsuna.[23] There she learned of Samantha's abilities and began the work of actually mastering her own, eventually viewing her own biological template as a sister instead of a grandparent. Since then Tabitha seems to have (mostly) come to grip with her other personalities. Possibly because of this she was also recruited for the new Council of Twisted by Caliga to serve guidance to Setsuna.[24] Of course, she wasn't actually informed of any of this.[25]


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