Twisted MUCK Chat Channel information

Currently Twisted MUCK supports the following channels:

Public [Accessed by typing 'pub' or '+pub'] Used for general comunication and chatter.
Public has recently been updated. [pub #on] will activate the new system. [pub #help] will display available commands.

Newbie [Accessed by typing 'new'] Used for information about characters, setting, and questions about RP.

RP [Accessed by typing 'rp'] Used for discussing RP and requesting RP from other players.

Wiz [Need to know basis] You don't need to know.

Image used as inspiration for character: Oblivion
By popular request an all-mature channel has been added. This is an anything-goes channel so if you're offended by things said on it, please don't join it. To join the channel the command is [addcom mat=mature]. To leave the channel the command is [delcom mat].
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